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  1. That must be awful mate, such a chore to drive the Merc across Germany Joking aside I hope the C30 is done in time, if not then maybe for combe?
  2. Sounds like he's cleaned it then! Yours all sorted?
  3. paid, cheers alex!
  4. Yes! Ridiculously so! The computer on a trip to London from Wiltshire was showing 72mpg when I got there and 69 when I got back. I believe it's inaccurate but the R tends to get between 26-32. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Got a surplus pair of NA cams from a pre ME7 20 valve engine. Drop in upgrade for T5, can be timed up for a higher revving power band. Pics can be uploaded. £100 and can be collected from Wiltshire or Leicestershire, or plus postage if required. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have to say I do miss the driving position of my P1 V70R and the reassurance of the seats, being M4.4 the driveability is fantastic and almost as refined as a modern car. As much as the P2 D5 has comfy seats the position is just a big high and slippery compared to the part leathers. Both cars I can get out of at the other end and feel perfect even after a couple of hundred mile trip, the D5 perhaps a bit better on long hauls due to how quiet it is. The economy of a diesel is great, however I'm not sold on the narrow power band.
  7. I'm not sure what's worse, you eating cake in my CLEAN car or leaving a cake in my car!
  8. Wow, that is absolutely stunning! Although I think Cansito's are my least favourite Volvo wheel they actually look great on the 245! I might be able to help you with an M90, I know of a couple sitting in a container for a rainy day. Cheers, Ryan
  9. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your build updates! Have you managed to find a gearbox for it? I believe it's a 900 series 6 cylinder white block box which is required, although I have read somewhere people have used BMW parts. Any pictures of the 245? That certainly is a late one
  10. Just thought I would check the forum this morning and see this!
  11. 4 weeks today! Here are the crossing times for us leaving on the Tuesday, as usual the premier inn the night before! Tues 09/05/17 07:50 departure Mon 15/05/17 14:50 departure
  12. Sounds like a winner I don't need cake though, that's just Tim!
  13. Those codes are MAF related which is what my first suggestion was from your initial fault description (is the connector pushed in securely)? I would suggest going back to basics and checking all hoses, pipes and vacuum lines for air leaks. I cannot answer about the fuel pump duty cycle, maybe it runs at this level to create the correct fuel pressure at idle. That wouldn't surprise me, if you said injector duty cycle then that would be a different story lol. Tim's video is just his signature, perhaps he can shed some light on those codes
  14. I never replied as the OP didn't state which car they are talking about. First guesses with be cleaning the MAF or trying a different MAF, does it run better with the MAF unplugged, I know this can be the case on a 4.4 car but not sure about a ME7. Ryan
  15. no idea who V60D4 is on about! But it looks like he is recommending Meguirs shampoo plus.