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  1. I was lead to believe you needed a wifi dongle to work with iOS. Be interesting how it works. Which software will you use?
  2. straight methanol.
  3. Oooh that's a lump idle. Which car is it? If ME7 perhaps a VVT issue? I would check for air leaks all the way from the MAF to the cylinder head including recirc, servo and TCV vac lines, I have had a leak on the compressor inlet pipe before causing similar results. Checking fuel trim can give an indication that something is wrong.
  4. Your door handle looks like it has had the Chris G treatment!
  5. Hello mate, I really cannot think of much apart from the basics. I would recommend Ferodo ds2500 pads as a suitable upgrade, they're great high performance / fast road pads but give excellent pedal feel and performance when hot, I doubt you'll over heat them as there's not much weight to chuck around (passenger dependant). I use them on the road and all 4 corners was about £150. Brake fluid ATE type200 of Motul RBF600 seem to be popular choices. A decent 10w40 oil should allow you to manage the oil temp. Will you install VTS/GTi clocks so you have the oil temp and coolant gauge? Shell Helix racing or Castrol Magntec are popular choices. Tyres I would say allow you to have the most fun, if you come on budgets you'll get pissed off with the squealing round corners all day long. Ideally you'll want semi slicks, Federal RSR and Nankang NS2R's are good budget slicks or go balls out with Toyo R888R's. Or as tingy said decent road tyres would allow you to have a lot of fun, e.g. Michelin PS2's. Lastly a selection of awful stickers for added banter, maybe a racing stripe? Big wing? This should be a great laugh, 3 months to get it all done, just don't forget it must be under something like 102dB!
  6. Do you plan to start using the 850 a lot more? e.g. in the wet? I have a spare set of comets if you want to borrow them running the correct sized tyres 215/45/17. Although you will probably find decent tyres are more expensive than RSR's and probably less grippy - even in the wet being 20mm narrower... I never had a problem with RSR's in the went, only standing water when they were worn below 4mm, but most tyres are. Solution - R888R's, they seem to be stable in the wet with the new tread pattern. However in the winter I wouldn't keep them outside as the minimum storage temp is about 3C.
  7. I run Vrestein Vorti's in 225/45/17's £50 each, what's stopping you?
  8. All I saw was 20T and 22T. Just remember its till a TD04, foggyjames will elaborate
  9. Now that is an interestingly funny thought, so to gain power via WI the car may engage the AC compressor Although I am pretty sure on the grand tour Jeremy showed that the M2 has a tank in the boot floor you fill with 'water'.
  10. Surely that defeats the whole point of having water meth injection? The spraying of a fine mist into the hot charge air to lower the IAT's, therefore suppressing detonation. I assume adding methanol to the tank will just raise the octane rating without having any additional cooling effect to the IAT's, the whole reason why we run WMI. What confuses me the most is why you need a sensor to read the fuel mixture to adjust it in real time? If you're adding the same petrol/meth mixture to the tank each time then it's the same mixture behind injected? Hmm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The car does looks very smart in black, almost stealthy. Personal preference I don't like either pair of wheels, but then again I drive a Ginger Volvo, I think it does sit better a bit higher like the first images. The sub install is smart, but where do you put anything?
  12. Premier inn at Eureka park is at £41 on the spring deals. Just booked in for Monday 8th, the night before the departure for those who are going on the Tuesday morning [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I watched one of these yesterday, he let off into the foxhole and has some funny lines into corners, like very early turn in points. Is this the best line for the car or is the car capable of more?
  14. The band's have been the same for years. 2 or 3 years ago I got a class B doing an apparent 81 in a 60. I was lucky with no points but a 14 day disqual and a hefty fine. The worst thing was it was overtaking an unmarked police car doing 50 in a 60, safe overtake said the officer but apparently my passing speed was too fast?? The magistrates pretty much laughed at how pathetic the booking was. The evidence was video footage and radar on the unmarked car, the driver was the top dog of the traffic division, dotted all his i's and crossed all his t's. Now I am so reluctant to overtake any car which is common for the police to be in and clean looking, it's not worth the penalties... right? I believe if the road conditions are good and the car is roadworthy then going a couple of mph over the limit isn't dangerous, after all speed never killed anyone, its suddenly becoming stationary which gets you. They need to look at how the Germans operate.
  15. Such a good read as always Chris. I think this must be the freshest fiddy around, I think being the colour it is really makes it look the part. On the other hand it makes me feel really sad about mine, not that its gay gold, but that its got plenty of imperfections... but then I look at Tim's roof/tailgate and feel happy again lol. I will try to make it to ace café (never been) although I am not sure whether I'll be in my car or one of Tim's.