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  1. Not much power tbh because mapping became a big issue. It was starting to run lean and I couldn't afford a standalone. There is no-one who can map the phase 1 ecu. My Holset was also much smaller, a billet HE221W. Only good for 360-390 max at big boost. I had 285bhp 320lbft but it had loads more to give.
  2. And yes you can use the Japan manifold from the post 2001 5 cylinder turbos. Doesn't have to be a T5 one iirc
  3. Hi, great to see you are having a go with a custom turbo swap. VEMS will be a must as the HY35 will flow up to 500bhp of air so even at 7psi it will probably saturate the MAF @ 195G/S (250bhp). Bigger injectors, a fuel return and adjustable fpr can compensate to a point but you will run rich open loop at low rpm and lean up top. I will be watching this with interest! Good luck.
  4. T4's are very good on fuel for the performance. Compared to my T5 all mine were pretty frugal. 29mpg average and up to 40 on a run. The N/A 2.0 is actually worse on fuel from what I've read.
  5. Very very nice!!
  6. It's for sale on ebay atm I think.
  7. Ha yes it is loads of fun and there is a lot of options with regards to tuning which can sometimes be a pain in the Volvos. Standard discs are 314mm, genuine discs and pads are only £80 which is a bargain and they stop pretty well. I'm liking it so far. I want to adjust the map as it's very aggressive, hitting over 460lbft at a little over 2k. I know the boxes are strong but I think this is pushing it a bit. It hits positive pressure at 1krpm and just flys any speed any gear.
  8. It needs quite a few odds and sods sorting. -Windscreen washer doesn't work. -Aircon regas -Passenger window regulator. -Splitter and bumper -New front tyres (surprisingly) -New front pads -A knob on the radio (no not Nick Grimshaw) Probably some more but that's all I can think of so far.
  9. I had a go at machine polishing the flat paint on the bonnet but it's too far gone and needs spraying. Need a new bumper and splitter too.
  10. Ok excellent. He is in Scotland. I have messaged him to make sure it is ok for me to give out his number. If it's ok I will PM you today.
  11. I picked up my new wheels today which I bought when the tuning bug kicked in again. I have had my standard 850R for a year now and although I want to make it quicker it is a shame to mess with it as standard ones are getting rare. The Saab is a 9-3 Sportwagon Aero V6 2.8T. Stage 5 JZW tuned using a 20T turbo from the states. Do88 intercooler, SMF conversion by Regal with a paddle clutch, 550cc injectors, custom intake pipework by CBM Customs and a full stainless exhaust. It is circa 400bhp and 500lb/ft (670nm). Full torque hits at a little over 2krpm and still holds onto 400lb/ft at peak power around 5000rpm. It really pulls like a train from nothing. Very effortless and a definite license loser but also very fun lol. I never knew these engines were so strong until recently. There is one in the states running a Holset at over 500bhp on standard internals and exhaust! I picked the car up cheapish as it's a little cosmetically challenged. The front splittler has been ripped clean off and the paint on the bonnet is dull and needs a machine polish or repainting. Who cares though really when you have 500lb/ft of torque to play with. I'm definitely a happy chappy with my purchase so far! Mitch.
  12. Intercooler is by KL racing so should be a straight drop in.
  13. He has an ME7 Japanifold converted for a T4, full 3" Stainless only a few months old, brand new boxed alloy IC and silicone hoses, a 75k mile 16T and gaskets. It was all ready to be fitted when his car got rear ended and written off.
  14. I know someone who has a lot a of bits you may need. Think his car was a phase 2 though. Most parts will be interchangeable though.