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  1. all cured. new volvo 316mm discs/pads on front, and new volvo pads on the rear, along with wire brushing calipers, sliders and rear discs, and greasing sliders. Also wire brushed all faces of hub and wheel hub. feels perfect now. also fully flushed brake fluid. 100 miles in, and it now bites brilliantly when the brakes are deployed. i stuck with the 316mm as i didn't fancy spending out on XC90 carriers which are fairly pricey, and i was a bit worried about needing xc90 calipers as i read that the xc90 discs and pads are a couple of mm wider than the 316mm discs/pads. after spending £1k on an audi s6 to porsche cayenne (brembo 6 pot) 2 years ago, and all the hassle that involved, i chickened out and stuck with the standard. ended up buying from Caffyns Volvo via ebay - they were about £20 cheaper than other dealers i tried, and had everything in stock for next day delivery the 4C suspension also felt a bit wallowey and unstable when i first bought it, and didn't give confidence when motoring down a bumpy b road. Noted that 1 front 4C shock was replaced last year at a small backstreet garage, with no evidence to say it had been calibrated. i reset via vida, and now feels great.
  2. thanks for the tip. i noted that one of the rears looks a bit worse for wear. i'll have to wait a month or 2 for more funds before i sort that. just seen that i can get 2 x Monroe rear 4C shocks for £400, and 2 x rear springs for £94. not as bad as i was fearing when i first saw the invoice for 1 front shock at £450 ish.
  3. thanks for the reply Morgan. i've ordered the 316mm setup. i'll have to have a look at the new shocks and springs with i get a bit of money back. the previous owner replaces a shock last year - volvo invoice for £450 ish, but then a back street garage did the labour, as it was the same time as they changed the discs and pads, which makes me think they never re calibrated it. i'll give that a go, then see if i need to change any of the others.
  4. Hi All, i've been trawling various forums for the past couple of days trying to find an answer. i've previously had 5 phase 1 S60/V70/C70 T5's, but having recently acquired a 2008 2.4 T5, i am a little confused on the brakes. i believe that the previous owner replaced discs and pads in 2016, but think they went budget as the invoice for them was cheap as chips, and wondering if the 316mm they fitted are not the original intended size. When do a big stop, i find a slight brake wobble through the steering wheel. I've rotated wheels from front to rear, so fairly sure its the brakes. i'll be pulling the discs and pads off at the weekend and will give them and the hub a good clean. in the meantime i'm costing out replacement parts in, so i can upgrade them at the same time. i measured the discs yesterday, and they appear to be 316mm. i'm debating on whether to stick to the 316mm, find the 320mm, or try the 336mm. the caliper on my car is very similar/identical to the one i had on a 2006 D5 185 XC90 a few years back. there appears to be a bit of debate over whether the xc90 discs and pads will fit the t5 caliper with just the xc90 caliper carrier fitted, or if a new XC90 caliper is needed too. If the latter, i'll just go with the 320/316mm replacement. i'd obviously prefer the bigger/better option, but want to keep costs sensible whilst also keeping with volvo parts. i will also be flushing brake fluid, and may get some stainless hoses too for the front. finally, do the plod pads fit the 316mm and 320mm? i'm not worried about overhang or extra dusting as long as they work. wheel wise, i'm running 18" bbs nebulas so should have plenty of clearance. thanks in advance. one final thing, the car has 4c suspension which i am about to recalibrate through vida as it feels a bit too wallowy in comfort mode, so hoping a reset might improve things.