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  1. Blurrgh not really. Got that loud knock from subframe area that needs to be diagnosed. Problem is I haven't been able to get the noise properly on the road. Not too fussed but it'll probably be a day of not too many laps from me.
  2. ill send you a pm. No-one is gonna put his number up on an open forum.
  3. On a quick google it suggests maf or o2 sensor. on a previous car I owned that didn't like to start when warm it turned out to be a camshaft or crankshaft sensor but that didn't stall. the standard answer on this forum and for good reason is to just get it down to Tim Williams. He's a member on here, his forum name is his actual name. Forget the dealers imvho, you won't go wrong with Tim. He's in Leicestershire. I go up to him from London and I haven't had a Volvo in years. Chris on here goes to him from Southampton but he's a pretty fucked up individual. welcome to the forum. edit. Just realised I had changed my sig pic. That's Tim in the Volvo chasing me. Either 1. He never got pastme. Ever. Or 2. He came past me the very next corner so close he shaved paint off the car and then his car farted a flame at mine. Bastid.
  4. Haven't booked anything this year as I still don't know what my plans are. Might just come on the day, maybe have my daughter with me or maybe book travelodge for 1 or 2 nights.
  5. 1. Stop acting so innocent, I do have your texts. 2. My screaming probably slowed you down.
  6. In other words, Ashok is a fatty boom boom.
  7. Chris, that has to be one of the funniest vids I've seen for a very long time, the commentary was brilliant!
  8. and heres the other two videos. first one with steve this next one is when tim catches me just after the karussell. i should explain that i laugh out quite loudly cos when he passed me there was probably enough room between us for a gnats cock but no more then that. then he shoots out a big flame so i laugh again! no more videos from me even though i did 8 laps blasted camera.
  9. first video. 5.45 i miss the gear
  10. some pics while the vids uploading Tims revenge for last year. Still on the car actually bumper looks a little dirty ahh thats why, its been flame grilled the obligatory M3. why would you buy this colour? puke. couple of pics that i just like, particularly the volvo. and a crazy assed porsche
  11. i'm back and uploading video as we speak Had an awesome time as always. Tim, Andy and Aidan are absolute fucking animals! seriously Let me just say with regard to my laps. Not all of them were saved for whatever reason. The lap i really wanted was where i took Tim out. I asked Tim to press a button named "start" which he was miraculously able to do. But i also asked him to press a button at gantry. he pressed a different button. By the time i was able to press a simple button marked "stop" i was (im guessing ) a couple of hundred metres past the gantry and the stopwatch read 9.00 point something so as far as i'm concerned i've done a sub 9 and am actually content with that. The video i'm uploading is where i chased Aidan. i was behind him at the ticket barrier although he hadn't seen me. A few cars got between us but i chased him. It looks VERY tame on video but i was honestly going as fast i could. I think he missed a gear around adenau somewhere and then let me pass. I carried on driving as hard as i possibly could because hes's now chasing me! Going up the back straight i'm in fifth gear and i go for fourth. It goes in to sixth so i straight away lose momentum, he nearly goes in to the back of me and now because i'm going so slow i have to let the whole world and his dog through before i'm back up to speed. Anyway, just before the mini karussell he slows down more then i for a yellow flag and once through we have another chase and he has a moment going round the last bend while i can hardly keep my car straight cos i'm pissing myself Lastly, to give you an idea of speeds, my speedo is partly visible and when it's pointing straight up it's at 80mph. the next numeral is 100.As i say, it's uploading right now....
  12. Same here! nice photos, car looks gooood.
  13. Tim, if you haven't tightened the suspension bolts, guess who's gonna be fixing it when I go down the road and everything falls apart? I think it's the right decision Chris. can I take your atr now?
  14. What on earth are you talking about? Ooops.