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  1. Really looking forward to hearing how you get on, good bad and ugly. Huge credit to you.
  2. Jeez Chris, not sure what the word is, anal, crazy, fucking nuts or what but that is amazing. A credit to you Tim!
  3. Yeah! Im so fat
  4. A karting seat? You're having a laugh surely? Do you not remember when certain people on this forum tried to sit in the bucket seat I had in my Volvo! They sat on it, certainly not in it.
  5. I second that motion. the one time I was a passenger I got more drives then I've ever had!
  6. Awwww maaan. I actually wouldn't put it past ashok to start a thread and do a moderator thing where I can't even see it!
  7. Just wondering when the thread will go up to put our names down?
  8. Oooooh harsh! but fair. Welcome to jump in my car for some pax laps anytime Chris if you want to.
  9. But surely you wanna know about 4 NEW 185/60-14 OHTSU FP0612 A/S 60R R14 TIRES 31084?
  10. Yeah but just can't get hold of the gold tissue box holders that I like anymore. Fuck off.
  11. It's a pain in the arse. Most of the cars I'm interested in for when the time comes just don't seem to be depreciating and in some cases are appreciating.
  12. Well, that was close! Booked the time off work for this on the 3rd or 4th and just yesterday got an email saying that holidays between the 26th June and 6th July will now not be allowed as there's some event going on. Obviously those that have already booked it are fine. Phew!
  13. I fitted a rear brace to my estate, think it was a qbm or something (was a long time ago), no noticeable difference. The fronts are effective though as you know.
  14. Already booked the time off work