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  1. I have a genuine spoiler with led centre brake light It's not silver £60 delivered
  2. This loom and sub amp came from my 2001 v70 t5 I ran a JBL 10" custom box from it but you will be able to run the Volvo sub if you can find one £55 delivered
  3. £150 inc p&p
  4. I have a set of plods 320mm, carriers and Goodridge hoses
  5. Good work Jack
  6. Thanks Shem Now got the proper aluminium IC pipe fitted before it went dark thanks to Tony for swapping Xxxx
  7. Pm sent
  8. The rears are up to 238 on Amazon now the discount changes just keep checking
  9. You can have them, I will dig them out tomorrow just Let me know when you are round and about
  10. I have and I am working at George's dock next to the Liver building at the moment
  11. Me 2 i got two rears from Amazon last month for £168as well C2501
  12. Go round and torch her car Job done!
  13. see you lunch time saturday cheers
  14. Can I have a set No can I pick them up I only live in Hindley Green?
  15. Thanks for not ringing back or emailing with a quote I called Monday evening