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  1. Hi and welcome along
  2. Sorry to hear about the Puma Ben
  3. I've driven Transfargarsan Twice... Hell of a road its must to do if you like driving and the scenery is out of this world !!! You just keep saying Wow with a big grin Pumas might fly off the road lol that is what the brother in law had before his S60 If I left the T4 over there it would cost £££££££££££ plus when we went back there wouldn't even be a skeleton left. Plus I love driving it there and not really about the money cost etc Its only me and the Mrs and Its not bad about £1400 with all hotels fuel ferry there and back
  4. That's what the Mrs keeps telling me but don't think i could fit all my tools into the luggage plus its no fun You have to drive in the Romanians mountains before you die. You get some proper serpentine's you almost have to reverse to got around them . Well the brother in law with his S60 has to.
  5. Really but then mine has a stage 2 map 3 inch down pipe race cat and an auto and I do get to work very quickly Your has been mapped to if im not wrong?
  6. my T4 does 160 miles to a tank round town. Usually we drive from Bournemouth and stop in Austria for a sleep so would be pretty hard driving well high speeds anyway
  7. Does anyone know what P2 T5 does to the gallon? The T4 does about 40 miles to a gallon cruising at 80mph but in Germany we stop to fill up a few good times, but worth every penny Its great to overtake with, even if you let a dacia over take a truck wait a few 4-5 sec's and kick down, you'll end up over taking both of them. I have been looking at a few T5's but on auto trader but it says that they do 34 miles to a gallon when you look at specs. So don't know what truth there is in that?
  8. Hmmm i'll have a look into that
  9. Mine is a 2001 on Koni's and lowered, my brother in law has a 2006 S60D5 but he doesn't keep up. He catches me at the petrol stations His is a lot more like pipe and slippers comfy We drive a lot in the Mountains in Romania and there are loads of trucks and old Dacia's so you need something quick to over take with.
  10. I guess I'm thinking out loud I need something reliable that can do long journeys, like 4-5000 miles a go. And that can hold 120-130 mph for ten hours straight near enough We've just bought a place in Romania and we will be doing that trip 2-3 times a year now. We have been a few times with the T4 but the last time the drive shaft went in Germany, didn't brake down on the side of the road but limped doing 80-90 all the way there. It was like driving a washing machine on spin Lucky for me I had a few spare ones over here and had one sent out 24 hr delivery and fixed for £40 at Volvo Bucharest. But it was a tense 24 hr driving like that!! So my options are do I buy a 335d or 535d estate and get in debt. Or do I spend about £4000 on the T4 getting it done up a bit. Economy wise the T4 isn't a problem but its an auto so I'd probably get a low mileage auto box and drive shafts from Sweden. Any ideas most welcome
  11. Off to MRG to pick up my T4 its been a long hard two weeks driving a D5 :))

  12. Cheers:) got the stickers yesterday:))
  13. so can I get 2 like that but external one's plus the payment details:)