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  1. The last lot of meth i got was only 99.85% pure so i run 0.15% something else
  2. This is the worst bit i would describe it as good condition (specially when its over 20years old) if your interested il try and work out what i should be asking for it and postage costs
  3. I have one not 100% on condition, royal steering wheels will recover it for not a lot if it needs it though will get some pics n stuff tomorrow
  4. Dont know about with spacers Tbh ive just switched to the 320 plod set up and on a P2 its easily as good as my AP set up on the 850 for road usage the 336 setup above should be better too if you are looking for a track setup then im afraid you are more then likely going to need to ditch the orestes (my fav P2 wheel also so i get wanting to keep them)
  5. Im 90% sure thats a no the brembos are a ridiculously wide caliper
  6. In the projects section just start a thread and put all the juicy bits in there have a poke around some others to get a feel for it
  7. Good point Andy theres normally free instructors floating about do a few sessions to settle everything down and then try and grab one they will make a huge differance to your laps
  8. All of this 👍🏻
  9. Welcome to the forum not a van of astras astra vans even less but i do like a good engenering project so get a project thread on the go with pics T4 in addition to the engine in the front or just the T4 lump
  10. Sign up to photobucket here http://photobucket.com/ search your app store for the photobucket app and download it, sign in and upload pics then either post the links or wrap the links in img tags so it will post the pic
  11. By the controller i assume you mean the bit in my drivers foot well that adjusts the quantity and cut in point if so thats not exactly convenient for testing without an assistant
  12. Welcome to the forum im sure ive met you before at Combe imo -fresh good quality oil - maybe Tim Williams could recomend whats best for your engine must of use shell helix 10-60 but that may not suit yours -uprated brake fluid to stop yourself getting a spongey peddle i use ate type200 (used to be blue and called ate superblue) -decent brake pads to stop them fadeing carbotechs are the best if your budget can stretch but there are some other ok cheaper options -maybe some track day tyres Federal RSR's are fairly cheap but on a light car like yours good quality road tyres should be fine but the less tread the better -make sure everything else on your car is tip top as it can be with no fluid leaks see you at Combe
  13. It might be handy to have a switch near the nozzle in the engine bay to test and make sure the pump is working as no doubt you will be joining the club of "is the meth working?"
  14. Is this why you dont do pictures
  15. 215 tyres are prolly the best solution though you just need to find a 7j wheel that will clear