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  1. No its spliced into a plug at the ABS unit end to be fair its unlikely to be that if you identify the correct wores at the plug end and unplug both ends you can use a multi-meter on ohms to make sure each wire has good continuity and the wires arnt touching each other, as i said its unlikely to be the wiring but its good to rule it out
  2. Couldnt you swap the sensor from the other side and see if the fault transfers? Have you traced all the wiring from the suspect on back to the abs unit?
  3. Its sky channel 447 for those on sky glad to hear you will be compeating good luck i would ask what your ambitions for the race are but i suppose "finishing" would be the answer
  4. I take it you have googled that code? https://www.autocodes.com/p0727.html crank angle sensor will stop it starting but it wont stop it turning over just going click suggests dead battery (which you have alreaddy ruled out by trying to jump it) or immobiliser which i wouldnt even know where to start trying to fix
  5. Had a quick look not uk based but better then the states https://ecu.eu/volvo/throttle-body-131 Uk based bba reman on ebay doing a repair service rather then DIY (although if you search the internet this company doesnt seam to have a great reputation that may be just limited to the states though?) http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/171954757942?_trksid=p2349526.m2548.l4275&_mwBanner=1
  6. Dont you just swap the contacts for a contactless system im sure there are uk based companys doing it or even a DIY thingy available i know had mine given me issues thats what i would have been doing
  7. Perhaps my phrasing isnt correct im not sure they are super expensive to actually maintain just that it adds an additional cost that a 2WD doesnt have so by comparison its expensive
  8. Thats potentially a fairly wide spread of cars to which shape V70R are you referring P1 or P2? the P2 4WD set up is good if working and maintained properly something that can be a fairly expensive task so try to ensure the one you get is at least working Again P2 V70 im not sure about handling tbh i would assume the 850 to be better as its lighter but the 850 cant fit as wide of tyres and has a narrower rear track (good or bad thing? Not sure it certainly makes it fun though) but DSTC on a P2 really allows you to take some liberties (as anyone who saw my D5 at Combe particularly in the wet can verify)
  9. make your mind up lol fingers crossed it will be sorted
  10. Im just jokeing tbh if you want a T4 go for a T4 i just know very little about them plenty on here do though so do your research on what T4 you want or if you do end up wanting a T5 instead then there will be even more info and opinions available
  11. that sucks
  12. Yes i couldnt get them out of my D5 fast enough they transmitted noise and vibration into the cabin and made the car way more diesely even to the point where my missus commented on the noise (normally she doesnt notice anything about the car) but all my other engine/suspension mounts are standard so if you already have other mounts polly'd then they wont make any differance id have thought they worked great on my T5 for making the front end feel (maybe in my head?) tighter
  13. I get that, i did my 1 lap in the D5 and put a sticker on it happy days but that was a small part of a differant holiday if it was a ring trip id have been climbing the walls not being able to lap it like the T5, sort out a road trip with the missus and swing by the ring in the merc I very nearly did more laps in my D5 it was only the missus complaining that stopped me and thats way less fun to drive then your merc if you bring the merc on a ring trip i can see you ending up doing quite a few laps not that its a bad thing just be sure your happy to do that before you leave
  14. The transmission mounts fail every other week afaik also check your top engine mount every time my car has had the clunk on accelerating hard/letting off its been that - also if yours is an aftermarket yellow bush in it then its almost certainly that
  15. Hi welcome to the forum cant help with the volvos that are missing a cylinder but theres a fair bit of work been done to some T4's on here so you should be able to find some good ideas
  16. As i said before it will work (obviously) but i still think you will have more fun in the ATR if the C30 isnt ready for whatever reason shouldnt be too hard to blow the cob webs off the vtec yo and get it good to go?
  17. If you modify them enough its not too hard to ruin the refined comfy feel after a week at the ring in the 850 i always enjoy getting back into the D5
  18. Oh yea caught with "random" recordings of babestation and the like again hu?
  19. Tbh i cant really give you much advice but il take some wild stabs in the dark to maybe get the ball rolling - the properly trendy thing to do with the block is to shim it bore it out to a 2.5litre and run that afaik the stadard 2.5 pistons and rods will be more then up to any turbo you want to run I think the me7 head will flow better then an 850 one but an 850 head doesnt have vvt so potentially an 850 exhaust pully and NA 850 cams (slightly higher lift then standard T5 ones) will be what you want ive seen an 850 make 450hp on stock intake and exhaust manifolds so imo they are fine
  20. Yea do you lot have nothing better to do other then breaking your cars 4 weeks before a ring trip fs amatures, glad im not one of the 8
  21. Hater, its comments like that which make me want to keep them welcome to the forum Mark keep us updated on the build
  22. Yep you didnt do anything wrong then and even with his mirror folded where did he think you had gone? If you wernt in the rear view mirror you had to be beside him is that what you think altered the steering slightly (great raceing driver excuse btw :p)
  23. Are you the blue car in front? What did that look like from your car? but that seamed like a big shunt and he wasnt coming accross the track that quick and it seamed like you should still of had space so from that it looks like you punted him off if you were on the edge of the track and held your line and didnt turn in then fair play raceing incident he should have left you space imo but im not a receing driver so i dunno