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  1. Cheers Aidan
  2. As above, good condition+, please.cheers
  5. I'll take the titans, assuming they're straight etc
  6. Did you get the throttle body to go with it, or will existing fit?
  7. On the whole the show was enjoyable, just a couple of bits they could have edited out. But seeing Carol Vorderman on her back, legs akimbo was fine by me. Not sure about the eboladrome (RAF Wroughton), not very tricky, bit point and squirt. Overall damn good, looking forward to the rest of the series.
  8. Great lap, but never seen so many RO80's in one go lol
  9. Did they fix it in time?
  10. See you guys in the morning.
  11. next time eh yeah, still on
  12. Is it still running then? Weather is looking good, so no excuses. Priorities lol.