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  1. Any chance of contacting said friend with lights would be much appreciated ?

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    2. siggi


      Always limited - especially as Tim Williams is about to do a head gasket for me - Dunno what to offer really - Would love it to only cost £100 but imagine it will be more. If you could ask for me ...


    3. T5ABC


      He wanted £350, but one of the lenses had gone so I said no! To be brutally honest id buy them in bits from volvo to spread the cost. They're all getting tired now so unless theyre a bargain it's not worth it. £60 indicators and £180 headlamps from FRF with discount. Each.. 


    4. siggi


      Ok thanks for asking ...I will keep looking


  2. Sounds promising - Any help appreciated
  3. Wanted set from C70 to fit to my S70 in the hope that I can actually see something ahead of me at night ...........