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  1. Looking like I may be going in the Merc.
  2. What's the plan? Buy another st and swap bits over?
  3. Great news mate!
  4. Seriously, the main thing is... are my stickers ok?
  5. Radge.
  6. Good luck mate
  7. 100% Meth
  8. Just a little snap from a meet at the Ace Cafe today!
  9. Just booked the same hotel for the Wednesday night
  10. If you get on Swede Sport UK FB page, i'm sure you'll be able to get in to the car park, they need you reg number. It's full, but there will definitely be a load of drop outs.
  11. 10am-4pm
  12. Yeah
  13. C30 will be going to Combe, No track time for this baby! Taking it to the Ace Cafe on the 11th though if your about.
  14. Not long after I got it back from Tim, I noticed a small drip of fluid under the car, plus the air con had packed up again. I took it to my local specialist (Just Volvo, highly recommended), and he diagnosed that the air con compressor was shot and was fairly convinced that what I saw was the oil from the air con system (it had stopped leaving any fluid by this time). So I booked it in with him along with a couple of other bits. - New Air Con compressor, Volvo seals & regas (again!!) - I had new idler pulleys, which he recommended I did as mine were a bit noisy - A new style reverse light switch, as my reverse lights had stopped working - Also he put new seals on the oil cooler, as they were weeping slightly - Fresh oil It then went off to the valeters, which conveniently is next door! And these are some snaps I took yesterday evening: