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  1. 100% Meth
  2. Just a little snap from a meet at the Ace Cafe today!
  3. Just booked the same hotel for the Wednesday night
  4. If you get on Swede Sport UK FB page, i'm sure you'll be able to get in to the car park, they need you reg number. It's full, but there will definitely be a load of drop outs.
  5. 10am-4pm
  6. Yeah
  7. C30 will be going to Combe, No track time for this baby! Taking it to the Ace Cafe on the 11th though if your about.
  8. Not long after I got it back from Tim, I noticed a small drip of fluid under the car, plus the air con had packed up again. I took it to my local specialist (Just Volvo, highly recommended), and he diagnosed that the air con compressor was shot and was fairly convinced that what I saw was the oil from the air con system (it had stopped leaving any fluid by this time). So I booked it in with him along with a couple of other bits. - New Air Con compressor, Volvo seals & regas (again!!) - I had new idler pulleys, which he recommended I did as mine were a bit noisy - A new style reverse light switch, as my reverse lights had stopped working - Also he put new seals on the oil cooler, as they were weeping slightly - Fresh oil It then went off to the valeters, which conveniently is next door! And these are some snaps I took yesterday evening:
  9. Around June '16 I bought the Kum Wagon from Dodgy Mo, as I was after a few interior bits for mine, and I knew the Kum had a nice interior. In September '16 both cars went up to Tims. I had collated a nice little list of stuff to sort out on the white one, plus steal a few interior bits from the grey one. - Fit another heater control panel, my bulb were still red from when Cherry had it! - The idle speed was a bit high, and the throttle peddle was initially a bit stiff if left for a while, both sorted with an adjustment of the cable - I had quite a bad water leak coming in through the rear drivers side door, turn out to be the sunroof drain doodar or summit or nuffin - New bonnet catches - Realign the bonnet so it sat better - Battery drain, which turned out to be one of the door switches - Rear heated screen stopped working, wiring was stretched from when the painter refitted the tailgate - Air con had stopped working by this point, so a regas - The blowers were woeful. So Tim stripped it all out, blew the flodger threw, and now the blowers are like a hurricane! - Replaced the door catches with shiny new ones! - Replace a load of interior bits, some from the Kum Wagon, some we had collected, dash top, door cards, glove box tray/lid, entire dash console(!), roof lining, entire sunroof assembly as mine was pretty rusty, various bits of trims, speaker grills, etc etc... - Fit a new alcantara geatsick gaitor I had made - Fit a new handbrake lever that I had trimmed with alcantara - Oil change, gearbox fluid, and any other little things Tim spotted along the way! Now, we're really getting anal;
  10. After that it needed a new starter motor, which I got my local Volvo specialist to do for me. In February '16 I took it along to a Swede Sport UK organised dyno day at Devil Developments in Littlehampton Couldn't have expected better really!
  11. Towards the end of 2015 she went for another stay at Mr Williams for more titivations and niggles. At this stage we're really starting to chase the nitty gritty bits and pieces to make the car as nice as possible. - Tim spent a lot of time correcting/tarting up a lot of irritating issues caused by the sprayer. To name a couple of the issues; he had just blown over the door handles including the plastic gasket that sits behind; he had gotten over spray on the rear bumper top; over spray on door rubbers/seals amongst other places!; done a real poor job of masking up the black triangle stickers on the rear doors (pics explain this better), etc.... Also (which wasn't his fault), the rear tailgate inner seal was destroyed when he removed it to paint it. - So new door handle gaskets, rear tailgate seal, a door seal, about £9,000,000 worth of trim and panel clips - New Volvo black rivets to replace the fucking crap the painter had fitted the wheel arch liners with! - Various factory stickers that are still available - New Volvo Wiper arms - New Volvo wiper bladed - New Volvo Battery - New Volvo mudflaps - New front bumper top - New complete rear bumper (top is not separate!!), paint obvioulsy - P1 V70 side skirts, much nice looking than 850's, painted - New wing mirror caps, painted - New tailgate badges - New power steering pump bracket and bolt - New rear bumper brackets and bolts - Replacement boot panel - Needed a new lambda sensor - I'm sure I've missed some stuff, and this lists doesn't even come close to portraying how much time Tim spent cleaning and making good so many odds and sods on the car
  12. More in a bit, dinners ready
  13. Shortly after this, around July, it went to the body shop. I had another tailgate to go on, as the old one had some minor rust, a new rear spoiler (the original had been repaired at some stage), and a new front drivers side wing, I managed to find a relatively new genuine Volvo wing that was sat on am 850 that had had a front end repair with genuine parts, and then been parked up with a knackered engine. Those, along with the new wheel arch liners went to the body shop. The bumpers and bonnet had previously been painted by someone else, so I had both complete sides painted. The paint job itself, I was happy with, but the guy painting it had not taken a great deal of care in masking up certain areas, so I (Tim) was left with quite a bit of cleaning up to do. After the bodywork was done, the car went to Pro Reflect for a 3 day detail, which included a 3 stage machine polish, and a glass ceramic coat (which amazingly is still as perfect now as it was then! Highly recommended!).
  14. OK, so this is well overdue an update A shit ton of stuff has happened in the last 2 years(!!!!) nearly. I'll try and pick up where I left off best I can! Pretty much when we left off in May '15, having had the car back from all the major work for a couple of months, the car was back at Tims for a few bits and bobs; - Slight fiddle with the remap - I had a judder from the rear brakes, IIRC this was resolved by skimming the rear discs, and re-bedding them in. - Air con drier & regass - I bought a DO88 RIP kit to replace the badly fitting GWE stuff. Had this powder coated black along with the maf housing, for a much more factory look. - New fuel rail cover, now that one would fit with a decent fitting RIP kit! - The drivers window mechanism had shit itself - New drivers door check strap - Towing eye cover - New door lights - Fit a brand spanking new front grill :-) - New master cylinder/resevoir (purely for cosmetics) - Paint the servo - Fit a new HID kit for high beam (cheap Chinese kit had failed already) - Supply me with new wheel arch liners, ready to go on after respray - Tim also supplied me some new trims that go under the headlights. You can still buy the blank trims with no wiper cutouts, ready for respraying. - Have a tinker with the front brakes, the squeal was doing my head in. We tried shims, anti rattle clips, different pads, all sorts. I can't actually remember what solved it in the end, but I'm still on the DS2500's. And the squeal/squeak appears on occasion, but it's well liveable!
  15. Welcome along mate! Be good to see the Kum Wagons progress!