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  1. Ok bud, if it's sold then fair do's! If not, a link, or pics, and I'm really interested! Like you say, I just paid £3.6k for one!
  2. Is it the blue fascia? I've literally just bought a black one!
  3. Oh no, you bringing my old car I may actually shed a tear!
  4. eGay and Paypal just seem to look after the buyer. It's always the seller that can get screwed by an ungenuine buyer. Out of interest, what are you selling. I've recently picked up a it of a fetish for watches
  5. Somewhere cheap you mean We all met at Stake of the Art last year, that was decent enough. The room out back wasn't big enough for the amount of people we had though. So I don't know if more turned up, than had committed previously?? We are only staying until Saturday this year. The last 2 years, there has only been a couple of us left on the Saturday night, last year was just me, Roo & Nick! So we'll be heading home on the Saturday this year. Is the Chinese opposite the IBIS open now? I know it was closed for refurbishment last year. That would be my favourite option for the Friday night. If not I'll roll with Stake of the Art or whatever, I'm easy. On Thursday night, I'll probably just go in the Slug & Lettuce opposite the IBIS for a bite to eat and a pint, before getting an early night
  6. Just because you're a skinny mini now, doesn't mean you can be fatist!
  7. yeah, 10th - 14th ish
  8. I'm eyeing up the first week of October at the moment.
  9. Scott's first lap in the M6!
  10. Don't forget to look out for the E63 AMG flying round at 16mph 😂😂
  11. I'm ready!
  12. Absolutely. Make it so.
  13. What you've said there has convinced me Irf. Your right, this may be the only chance I get to take the Merc. On your head be it. 😁
  14. I haven't even thought about packing yet. I haven't even decided which car to take! I flipped a coin earlier, the Accord won. I wasn't happy, so I flipped a coin again and the Merc won. I wasn't happy. I'm no further forward.
  15. Sweet. Any ideas for dinner yet? This C30 better be frikkin ready!!
  16. I won't be up early enough for breakfast!!
  17. Take a Volvo? Don't be silly.
  18. How can this decision be so fucking hard??????!!!!!!!