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  1. I actually had to press him quite hard to sell me the car, it wasn't really his plan at all. I had another car lined up, cheaper, but probably not as good. After a bit of thought it was going to work out better paying a little more for this one and not having to pay for another full on body repair right now. The repairs are already done for me going to Oulton next week. I can get it tarted up later in the year if required. As for the crash, I actually took less kerb than normal and wasn't pushing as hard as I could. I wasn't cruising, but I wasn't flat out either. I think it's been cold tyres on a cold track followed by an over correction. I've had way worse slides down there at higher speeds and driven out of them no problem. I think the one word explanation is inexperience.
  2. Ok, here's the onboard. There's no sound, I think I inadvertently set the camera to mute. I didn't lift off, the rev counter backs me up even if there's no sound. Also, I've just agreed a deal to buy the car I've been racing (and rolling). I'll be back out racing it next weekend at Oulton Park.
  3. Time for another update... The car came back from the bodyshop the Tuesday before race weekend (last weekend) so there was not much time to get it back up and race ready. That said, it was ready for testing on the Friday. Chris, the car's owner, was available that day so it seemed like a good idea for him to take it out for a shakedown first. Over the course of the three sessions we were battling multiple abs issues and also a problem with the cooling fan, but by the end of the day it was pretty much sorted. The Friday sessions were just mixed saloon car groups so I have now had the dubious pleasure of being out on track at the same time as John Cleland in his Vectra touring car. The wee Fiesta is quite quick, but the Vectra passed me like I was going backwards.... Saturday morning had one test session available, so I took that too. Just as well that I did, more abs issues, more fan issues.. Sunday. Race day. We were the first group of the day to be on track, qualifying started at 0830. By 0835 the session had been red flagged because of, wait for it, me upside down in a gravel trap.. I lost the back end going down Duffus Dip, probably over corrected, then slid round the lefthander sideways and onto the grass. By this point I'm a complete passenger, looking out of the drivers side window knowing full well that if I make it to the gravel the car will likely roll. Which it did. Why I lost it I don't know. Cold tyres? Damp track? Fluid on the track? All of the above? Either way, I lost it and failed to catch it. I was unlucky that it rolled, but that seems to be my thing. I don't really know what the damage is - I just went back to the garage, got my bag, and left. The pub was calling and I answered. It doesn't help that the marshals rolled it back onto it's wheels via the pasenger side, that side wasn't damaged until then. No point in arguing the toss about that though. So, like the title says - what could go wrong? Rolling the car seems to be the most common answer so far. I spent the next few days pretty much pissed off and in the huff, not knowing what to do next and whether I should just call it a day. By midweek I'd made a decision, there was only one thing I could really do...... Yes, that's right, I'm going to buy a car instead of renting one and just dig as far into this hole as I can get! News on the car will follow, it's not clear what car I'm going to buy, I have a couple of options. Hopefully I'll get that all agreed today in time to get ready for Oulton Park next Saturday!! I think I may have actually lost the plot. None of these decisions are remotely sensible I'll post the onboard of the crash shortly, I'm waiting on youtube to update an edit.
  4. I know what you mean, I've been on track nights here in the Volvo and been irritated by the racers using it as testing. I did have to make a conscious effort to remember that I wasn't on a test session last week, but it's hard not to just go all out. I wouldn't choose to do it again, but it is a lot cheaper than designated test days..
  5. Joking apart, the mental aspects of racing are something I need to work on as much as the technique. I've done some reading on race specific mind training as well as more general positive thinking and mindset kind of stuff. It sort of sounds like a load of tosh, but to be doing this properly you really need to be fully relaxed and not really thinking about it. It almost needs to be a subconscious act. I'm a long way from there, and may not get there in the time I'll have racing, but I do find it quite interesting.
  6. Doesn't time fly..... Next race meeting is this weekend and I haven't even posted an update about the last one. The last meeting was uneventful, which I guess is good, qualifying starting & finishing in sixth (last of the st class). The crash was actually a little more on my mind than I expected it to be, so getting back in a car (and not crashing it) was probably an important step. Unfortunately the car I was in was not as fast as my other car so there was no way I was going to get anywhere. A race weekend without rolling a car was another worthwhile first so I was happy to take that. Fast forward to last week.... I've been nagging the boss at work to try to arrange some driver coaching for me. With nothing arranged, and with time running out, I managed to get him to sign me on to a track night last week and we took out the car I raced at the last meeting (with a passenger seat) for a little one to one tuition. We didn't have much time, and it was a busy track, but I can definitely see I'm not fast enough. I'm braking too hard and too early, killing the speed of the car. I need to learn to make braking and cornering one transitional action rather than two discrete actions. I also need to man up and just carry more speed, primarily through turn one. That said, it was interesting to see that I was a lot faster through the corners than a lot of track day drivers in faster cars. I see the difference between racers and track day guys now Back to the present day.. The crashed car got back back from the bodyshop yesterday and will be ready for this weekend. It's a really busy meeting which includes old 90s super tourers (volvo s40 anyone?) so testing is limited. I'm hoping to get out on Friday for an initial shakedown and then out again Saturday to get back into it. Qualifying and racing is Sunday. In other news, my entry for Oulton Park on Saturday 17th June is in and confirmed!
  7. Buckle my shoe
  8. Thanks for pointing that out about his YouTube comment thing. I'm clear on this, it was his fault. If I fancied an argument I'd say that by him hitting me he damaged my steering and contributed to my big off. However, I just need to concentrate on going faster - that's what this is all about.
  9. I won't buy you lunch though, that can be your treat to me
  10. Alternatively, anyone from the forum who would like tickets please ask. I have a competitors allowance of tickets
  11. Cheers Chris. I've got to learn not to be so harsh on myself, I see missed opportunities and lack of pace but I guess for my first ever race weekend it was pretty good - apart from binning the car.... I'm peeved there's no footage of the crash. That cost me a lot of money and I'm not going to do a retake in a hurry. Anyway, testing Saturday afternoon in my replacement car then racing Sunday, let's see what that brings! Thanks again for your support and encouragement 👍🏁
  12. Channel 545 on Virgin Yes, I guess finishing is the objective - I particularly don't want to destroy someone else's car, I'll soon run out of people to rent from! Just to add to the mix, another staff member at Knockhill is renting a fiesta for Sunday's meeting so all I'm hearing about is this big showdown between us. The pressure is on....
  13. Well, doesn't time fly.... The next race is a week away and I've had word today that the car won't be ready  - however..... I'm still racing We're going to get another car prepped for race weekend so I'll definitely be out, my entry is in already. I'm not sure what'll be in this coverage, but for those who have motorsport TV (used to be motors TV) the first races are due to be shown on Monday. If they don't have footage of the crash I'll be so pissed off, I ain't doing that again for nowt!
  14. Don't be sorry, you've done nothing wrong. I'm the fool who thought he was doing the right thing by including all the spares with the car, plainly I was wrong. It's a courtesy I'll think long and hard about extending to anyone in future.
  15. Awesome. I should have sold these to Chris when he asked. Silly me.