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  1. Provisionally sold
  2. I should also add that I have a spare R space saver that can go with the car - as well as the one in the car. The dashboard phone cradle is a Brodit item for an HTC one M8. I can leave this in the car or remove it, it doesn't matter to me either way. I think it would be possible to adapt a Brodit cradle for another device to use the existing power supply - that was certainly my plan come upgrade time. It might also be worth leaving the power supply in there if a 5V supply was needed for, say, a dashcam.
  3. I've taken some pictures of the car today, I'll post them up below. It cleans up well but it's not without the odd blemish - expected of a car of this age & mileage. The wheels and tyres that are on the car in the pictures are my winter set. I intend to keep these in case I end up with a V70D5 that I can use them on. The wheels that will be on the car are pictured separately below. They're in good overall condition, one has minor kerb rash. The tyres are Yokohama AD08R and have between 5 and 8mm tread. The left hand tyres are probably a bit more worn due to the car seeing some action on clockwise circuits. I have been asked how much power the car has. It's never been on a dyno so I don't know, but the estimate from the TW bum dyno is 340 - 350 hp. As always, please ask any questions and I'll answer as quickly and honestly as I can. Thanks.
  4. Tim has been kind enough to say he's happy to confirm all work he's done on the car. I don't expect him to offer any warranty or guarantee but I do expect him to be honest about me and the car. As said already, I have nothing to hide. I'll entertain offers, but I'll also feel free to let you know if it's an insulting offer
  5. Today was the last pre season test day, weather was typical knockhill - pish. The first couple of sessions saw me lacking confidence in the rain, and not really knowing how much grip I had available. That and my inexperience led me to have a couple of spins, nothing major but I did spin through the infield grass with enough style to actually get mud on the inside of the windows.... The afternoon sessions were better for me. I think the penny has dropped a little and I'm relaxing more, that's meaning that I'm driving more instinctively rather than thinking about it. I think the key is going to be being able to get the car round quickly without needing to think about it too much, that leaves mental capacity free to deal with racing. Although there are no more test days before the season starts, I'm hoping to get a passenger seat fitted and go out in the car at a track day with Chris (the cars owner) giving me some guidance. I think that would help me a lot. In other news, there's an exciting sponsorship deal in the offing. More details to follow, I just hope they realise their logos are unlikely to be seen due to all the mud I'm likely to be carrying........ 😁
  6. Ad08's are great, but they aren't all year round. Like most sticky tyres they're a liability in cold weather.
  7. Thanks Greg, not sure if I'll make it down there but I appreciate your offer
  8. Is it just me or do the notifications for subscribed threads not work any more??
  9. Not quite sure about a vlog, but in car cameras are compulsory. I've just bought a Chinese gopro copy off Amazon so I'll give that a try at the weekend, the problem is that my laptop is so bloody old that I can't get smooth playback. There's money to spend at every turn.....
  10. All the racing is at Knockhill with the exception of an away round At Oulton Park on the 17th June - I hope to make the away round. http://www.scottishmotorracingclub.co.uk/2013-championships-fiesta.html
  11. As some of you know I've jumped in with both feet and decided to go proper car racing this year . As a couple of folk have asked how things are going etc I'll keep this thread updated with progress, if it all goes horribly wrong then maybe I won't! Like a lot of you, car racing is something I've always fancied having a pop at. It's never really been the right time, and/or I've never had the right chances, but that changes now. I'm not getting any younger and, frankly, I've been to too many funerals of people my age and less. I figure if I don't do it now I never will. Saloon car racing is really where my interest is and earlier this year I got wind of a Fiesta ST which was going to be available to hire this season. It's owned by a guy I know called Chris Milford and he's off to race for Team Hard in the VAG Trophy this season. His car is a good one and he got some decent results last year, including a win. We came to a pretty relaxed and easy arrangement, including him coaching me as and when he can, and I'm going to try to race the whole season in the car. To get a race licence you need to get a 'go racing' pack from the MSA. Once you've digested the basics it's time for a rudimentary medical and then the ARDS test at the circuit. The test was no problem, our examiner on the day spent a lot of time going over all the relevant things we needed to know and answering questions. A short driving assesment and a written test later and you're a racing driver in waiting! Next step was to buy all the gear. I went to Turner Autosport who are not that far away from me. I wanted to try things on rather than buy mail order. They had everything I needed and gave me a good deal on the whole package, the prices were just as good as buying online. All the gear and no idea I needed to get some seat time pronto. There was a test day organised for Friday 10th March, one week after getting my licence, so I booked that. It was just for a couple of classes of racers and was afternoon only. Nice and quiet on track, 6 x 20 minute sessions with about 20 minutes between. Actually driving the car was pretty intense. I'd never driven it before so was starting from nothing. I think I made a reasonable progression and by the end of the day was lapping about 2 seconds off a winning pace. I did spin a couple of times, purely down to my own mistakes, but I'm glad I did in a way. One less first for me to have. The car has fantastic grip and awesome brakes. I know I'm not braking hard or late enough, that's something for me to work on. I need to concentrate on getting my lines right and developing some consistency and confidence before I actually have to mix it in a race situation. On that note, testing is booked for this Saturday (18th) so I'll be looking to get some improvements then if I can. It'll be a busier session with more cars from more classes, so with a bit of luck I might be able to learn something from others on track as well as from reviewing the in car footage between sessions. Until then.....
  12. errr, maybe not 🙁