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  1. That's the car away to it's new owner It's staying within the forum and this thread may well be used to chart his progress, that way the car's history is all in one place. It's been a great car and I hope it continues to provide great service for years to come.
  2. That's the car off to its new owner I hope very much that it gives good service and I'm sure it'll be looked after properly.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate it 👍 I've been over that incident with quite a few people today, experienced instructors and racers, and they all agree. It's racing, the move might have worked for him but it didn't. I shouldn't have allowed myself to have been distracted by it, that won't have helped my focus, but I guess that's down to experience.
  4. It's a plausible excuse so I'm going to use it
  5. Yes, I'm the blue car in front. He came alongside, I was at the extreme left hand side of the track, his course was to the left effectively squeezing me off. We were approaching a right hander, he had no need to move left, if he'd stayed in the middle or the right he'd have made the pass. Forcing other cars off isn't allowed, despite what Jason Plato does, and I held position. We touched, he span. In his defence, as the video shows, his left hand mirror is folded forward and he had no vision down that side. He's said himself that he didn't realise I was there. I feel sorry for him, we sat our Ards course on the same day and it was his first meeting too. I don't feel guilty though, I'd do it exactly the same again.
  6. I'll post up this video without giving my take on what happens, I'm curious to see how it looks to others. This guy is chasing me, I get the chicane wrong and that gives him the chance to try to pass. The drama is at around the 2:30 mark.
  7. Thanks Gary. I've been talking to the guy who looks after the car today and he confirms that - although it's had a pretty big shunt - it is repairable and is off to the bodyshop tomorrow, we're aiming to have it ready for the next meeting in just over 3 weeks He made an interesting observation about my accident; he was curious that I've got enough experience of the circuit and I've never made an error like that at that corner so why did it happen? He reckons that it's possible when I had a coming together with another car 2 laps earlier that the steering was knocked out of alignment or damaged and that the car was behaving differently in the turns. It's a theory, and one that makes me look slightly better, so I'll buy it!
  8. Sad to say I'm definitely out for this trip. The R is going to its new owner next Monday and I have some big bills to look forward to for the repairs to the race car. Have fun, take care.
  9. As a drunk scotsman once said; fuck the fuck off!
  10. I don't think so Chris, this one should be able to be rebuilt. A mate who was there yesterday had a good look over it when I was with the medics and he reckons it wasn't that bad. He's been rallying for years and has binned a few cars in his time. After looking more closely at the pics I'm tending to agree. There's definitely panel work to do but, for example, neither of the front chassis legs are damaged. If the suspension is damaged that could be expensive, ast coilovers don't come cheap apparently. Anyway, the expert says it's definitely fixable so I'll take his word for it. I might nip over to his unit tomorrow to have a look after he's started to strip it. If needs be I'll rent a different car for the next meeting, assuming anyone will trust me with their car.......
  11. What, that I've got enough of your stickers? 😁
  12. I think you're stickers are fine Chris, I have some spares anyway - maybe I will stick them on the floorpan.... I've had a brief message from the guy who runs the car and he says it'll repair no problem, he's starting the strip down tomorrow. By hook or by crook I'll be out at the next meeting, I'm not ready to give up yet.
  13. Yesterday was my first race meeting, here's how things panned out.. The weather was good, dry but quite cool. Testing on Saturday had been a bit warmer and the tyres were going off really quickly - probably also in part due to me not being smooth enough and overworking them. Qualifying on Sunday morning was really frustrating. I made the mistake of thinking I had time to pass a couple of slower cars when I really should have backed right off and got some clear space. The result of that was my qualifying time was at least a second off what it should have been, that might have seen me 2 places up the grid. As it was I qualified 7th (8 in the ST class) so that wasn't great. Race 1 was also a bit frustrating. I got a great start but didn't capitalise on it. I needed to be more robust/forceful with my positioning and I could have been up a couple of places in 1 lap I think. Anyway, I kept at it and held my position. Any chance of moving up disappeared after losing time running a bit wide through gravel on the exit of McIntyre - somewhere I'd visit later on too.... I was determined in race 2 to make up at least one place. I made up that one place on the third corner of the first lap, I'd learned I needed to be a bit more forceful and I was. As the race progressed I was holding on to those in front and slowly but surely opportunities came my way. A couple of guys had a tussle, I passed them. One caught and passed me back, but he then retired. Another guy tried to pass me then turn in on me a bit early, I held my line, kept my foot in, and off he went into the tyres. I did get called in to the stewards for that but it was judged to be a racing incident - which it was. I think I was in 3rd or maybe 4th place and willing the last lap board to come out whilst trying to hold off a car behind me when I made my mistake. The thread title say "what could go wrong?" - I have an answer for that now. I took too much kerb on the apex at McIntyre (right hander 90 degrees) and got the car on two wheels. I realised that I had got so far up that it wasn't coming back down so I had no alternative but to go with it, steering left to try to ride it out. i ran out of tarmac and entered the gravel trap on the outside of the corner on two wheels. I think the car rolled twice but I don't know. Hopefully pictures and video footage will emerge, I imagine it'll make the TV highlights. It was bad enough that the race was red flagged and I got a nice ambulance ride to the medical centre where I had to remain for observation for a while. So, I now have the full motorsport experience Right now I'm more pissed off that I threw away the chance of such a good finish than I am about destroying the car, although that balance might change. I don't know what'll happen next, but I'm not giving up just yet. The car is probably not as bad as it looks and will be repairable. That work will start this week I hope.
  14. There shouldn't be any issues with the windscreen like that, it looks like a large number of saloons in different classes have cracked screens. Par for the course it seems. As long as it passes scrutineering I'll be ok.... Qualifying is Sunday morning, first race about midday, second race about 5.