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  1. Buckle my shoe
  2. Thanks for pointing that out about his YouTube comment thing. I'm clear on this, it was his fault. If I fancied an argument I'd say that by him hitting me he damaged my steering and contributed to my big off. However, I just need to concentrate on going faster - that's what this is all about.
  3. I won't buy you lunch though, that can be your treat to me
  4. Alternatively, anyone from the forum who would like tickets please ask. I have a competitors allowance of tickets
  5. Cheers Chris. I've got to learn not to be so harsh on myself, I see missed opportunities and lack of pace but I guess for my first ever race weekend it was pretty good - apart from binning the car.... I'm peeved there's no footage of the crash. That cost me a lot of money and I'm not going to do a retake in a hurry. Anyway, testing Saturday afternoon in my replacement car then racing Sunday, let's see what that brings! Thanks again for your support and encouragement 👍🏁
  6. Channel 545 on Virgin Yes, I guess finishing is the objective - I particularly don't want to destroy someone else's car, I'll soon run out of people to rent from! Just to add to the mix, another staff member at Knockhill is renting a fiesta for Sunday's meeting so all I'm hearing about is this big showdown between us. The pressure is on....
  7. Well, doesn't time fly.... The next race is a week away and I've had word today that the car won't be ready  - however..... I'm still racing We're going to get another car prepped for race weekend so I'll definitely be out, my entry is in already. I'm not sure what'll be in this coverage, but for those who have motorsport TV (used to be motors TV) the first races are due to be shown on Monday. If they don't have footage of the crash I'll be so pissed off, I ain't doing that again for nowt!
  8. Don't be sorry, you've done nothing wrong. I'm the fool who thought he was doing the right thing by including all the spares with the car, plainly I was wrong. It's a courtesy I'll think long and hard about extending to anyone in future.
  9. Awesome. I should have sold these to Chris when he asked. Silly me.
  10. First off, sorry to see you having an issue of any sort Did I not put two hose clips on that small hose, or was that another hose? I recall that when the water pump failed at Combe we initially suspected a small hose, hence the extra clip as a precaution. I never replaced it as it never leaked, plus the problem turned out to be the pump. The pump might still be under warranty....
  11. That's the car away to it's new owner It's staying within the forum and this thread may well be used to chart his progress, that way the car's history is all in one place. It's been a great car and I hope it continues to provide great service for years to come.
  12. That's the car off to its new owner I hope very much that it gives good service and I'm sure it'll be looked after properly.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it 👍 I've been over that incident with quite a few people today, experienced instructors and racers, and they all agree. It's racing, the move might have worked for him but it didn't. I shouldn't have allowed myself to have been distracted by it, that won't have helped my focus, but I guess that's down to experience.
  14. It's a plausible excuse so I'm going to use it
  15. Yes, I'm the blue car in front. He came alongside, I was at the extreme left hand side of the track, his course was to the left effectively squeezing me off. We were approaching a right hander, he had no need to move left, if he'd stayed in the middle or the right he'd have made the pass. Forcing other cars off isn't allowed, despite what Jason Plato does, and I held position. We touched, he span. In his defence, as the video shows, his left hand mirror is folded forward and he had no vision down that side. He's said himself that he didn't realise I was there. I feel sorry for him, we sat our Ards course on the same day and it was his first meeting too. I don't feel guilty though, I'd do it exactly the same again.