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  1. I went with the Snabb one from the USA (www.fcpeuro.com), expensive but was a straight fit with no messing onto the standard airbox. In fact just looking now and the price has gone up a lot since I got mine and the exchange rate is not helpful! If you went with that you need to make sure you get the correct one with the right number of take offs and pipe diameters although you could easily get a different 90 deg silicone elbow over here if necessary. I'd also get a spare volvo intake pipe to rob the pcv valve out of as I seem to recall having to slightly modify it to fit it into the snabb pipe.
  2. Ordered one last night, principally for the mx5 for track days so I can easily see a rev counter and water temp as looking down at the dash is tricky due to my tallness and reduced visability with wearing a helmet. I don't think I'll fit it to the volvo, mainly because of where the obd11 socket is (I'd have to remove the armrest for a permanent fitting). I might be a while with feedback though as the mazda is now off the road for working on...
  3. Well Sherlock it rusts because the paint from the factory is crap and chips if you breathe on it. Once there is a break in the paint layer moisture gets in and once it starts rusting the metal it will continue fairly rapidly if left untreated. If that's your attitude to dealing with rust issues I stongly recommend you don't ever buy a japanese car... PS I sorted out my konis, which I bought secondhand, and they are still fine 6+ years after I fitted them.
  4. You do know it's only the paint that's crap. The shocks themselves are very good apart from the way the rears are adjusted (although the new ones might now be top adjustable?). The solution I did for the paint, or lack of I should say... was to get the loose rust off, paint with a few coats of smooth yellow hammerite (quite a close match to the original colour IMO) then a few coats of spray laquer = no more rusting .
  5. From reading on VOC it may be the ignition switch at fault - seems to be a common issue giving the fault you describe. One suggested method to get it going is (taken from VOC): Happened to me and there was an amazing technical solution from The AA. Place the key half in to the module on the dash as normal. The give it a little whack home. Hope this helps.
  6. I'd have a word with Noble, they managed to get a few more horses out of the engine on the M600. I imagine the limiting factor on an S80 would be lack of engine bay space to mount the turbos?
  7. Might be able to make it to this one and if the weather is nice I'll come in my recent acquisition which you can all take the piss out of (have a look at).
  8. Cambelt is 80k miles or 10 years - whichever comes first. Don't forget about the aux belt - it has a shorter change interval and if it fails it can wrap round the cambelt & destroy the engine. Your engine has VVT on the exhaust cam so make sure whoever does the work knows how to set it up correctly. You can get a T5 badge from a volvo dealer, I'd suggest the extra expense in this case is worth it as the ebay badges are usually much poorer quality.
  9. That's how I read your post...
  10. I don't know how you managed to pull the driveshaft out, you don't have to touch the wishbone/hub to remove the shock/spring strut apart from the obvious 2 nuts/bolts at the top. That's properly unlucky. Just try putting it back in. When we did the outer cv joint on mine on the near side the driveshaft came out the box while we were working and we just pushed it back in. I can't recall but you may have to do a slight twisting action when putting it back in... Give it a go, you can't make it any worse! If all else fails there's some driveshafts on ebay for £45 each plus p&p. I have a spare pair sat in the garage for just such an occasion although I appreciate that isn't particularly helpful to you.
  11. Hi I've relisted the spoiler on ebay for a reduced price of £25, collection only.
  12. Bump Stuff is all ending tomorrow. Sump guard is now sold. Any reasonable offers will be considered.
  13. Just to let people know I will be travelling up to Newcastle on Sunday afternoon so would be able to bring any items (except the interior) with me for delivery if you are in that neck of the woods if that would assist anyone. Items are located in Wakefield (West Yorkshire).
  14. As per the title I'm getting rid of stuff that is sat in the garage as I've an exciting (non-volvo) project that now requires space/parts. Available are: 16T turbo (straight flange) and matching downpipe, interior (seats & door cards in black leather), volvo fwd sump guard, msd ignition coil, genuine volvo twin tip exhaust tailpipe, anti roll bars, 1x spare only comet 7.5J alloy, S70 rear spoiler (in 426 silver metallic), xc70 front grille with s60/v70R badge, s/v/c70 automatic gearbox cooler. Everything is on ebay, here is the link to the tailpipe (which should work): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/volvo-850-...0AAOSwCnxXi8-s If the link doesn't work then it's item No: 252465129507 and from there you can get in and look at the other stuff. Feel free to make offers, if the stuff isn't gone in a week then the bigger stuff will be going in the tip.
  15. I imagine that the anger by the owner is amplified beyond average as it appears he may use the car for professional purposes, it says he's a chauffeur. On one side it wouldn't look good for his car being seen driven in an improper manner as any existing/potential clients who were out on the road at the time, thinking he would be behind the wheel, wouldn't be impressed. This does assume that he takes some pride in his job of carting people about in a safe manner. On another front there was also a risk that the source of his income would have been damaged from a collision and rendered out of action. We don't know but perhaps he has financial commitments and/or a family to support from using that car. The cynic in me also says that the publicity he has received would have cost more than £1500 if done on a commercial basis...