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  1. Is that the P2 shape or the later one that has just been discontinued and replaced by the V90? Don.
  2. The Swedish written MTE software that I offer will give you outputs of 225bhp with a stonking 480nm of torque. The price is £395 including VAT. You install these calibrations yourself using MTE's Softloader device as in interface between your car's OBD port and an XP equipped laptop or a later one operating in XP compatible mode. I loan that interface against a fully refundable deposit of £155. Don.
  3. I do keep in stock Ferrita's Swedish made d'pipe with 100cel cat. You can find that here on my website: the prices shown include VAT and overnight delivery by TNT, I can also offer you MTE's well received, Swedish written software calibrations which will give you outputs of 280bhp with 430nm of torque in stage 3 form.. Their calibrations have been resolved through extensive work on their Rototest hub dyno and much road work. MTE's stage 3 software requires a full change of the exhaust system and a good quality intercooler.... nothing else. The intercooler does not increase engine output, more it really acts to prevent the very clever ECU invoking its component protection protocols by pulling back on output targets when it senses increasing temperatures and pressures. You certainly do not need to change the standard injectors unless you later fit the turbo from a Focus RS, then you will also need a different in tank fuel pump as . The standard turbo can be reworked by a good outfit like Owen Developments and will give a shade over 300bhp with standard injectors and software calibrations to suit. You do not need to change the TCV, waste gate actuator or recirc. valve for good software to work properly, in fact you would need to remove these items to ensure getting the full beans with MTE's calibrations. These items in the main fulfil only one purpose.... to remove money from your wallet, they do not work as well as the standard items... even if you were to have the standard turbo reworked. With an RS turbocharger you get the appropriate TCV and wastegate actuator included, you can aim for 350bhp plus with that RS/KKK turbo. You should be safe without the 'block mod' up to 300bhp or so.... BUT well written software is the key, the history of splitting blocks with these engines is most often down to poor software calibrations. Volvo never, ever changed the block in their smaller 'T5' engines and the identical old 5 pot STs. That further modification was only ever incorporated in the 5 pot RS engine. The MTE software presently costs £355 and you install it yourself in a process involving firstly taking an initial read out that you send to me for onward transmission to MTE in Stockholm, You do this by using MTE;s unique Softloader device as an interface between your car's OBD port and an XP equipped or compatible laptop: you use that set-up to subsequently flash in MTE's fresh vehicle specific calibrations whne I send them on to you. Don.
  4. Interesting development in a similar area to Volvo's gauging its customers by putting up pincode barriers to prevent owners from getting work done outside the dealer network or those independents held to ransom in having to pay the extortionate fees for access to the mainframe..... or performance modifications for that matter. it is contained information concerning this which has then prompted this from John Deere.... PS maybe the chinese gangster fraternity have bought an interest in John Deere, through nominees in the BVI naturally.
  5. Getting to Tim's for him to do the block mod would indicate that you are maybe contemplating some performance modifications..... I can offer you MTE's Swedish written, well received software calibrations for your car that I still have on offer at my xmas offer price of £355 in either stage 1 or 2 . You install this software yourself using MTE's Softloader device as an interface between an XP or XP compatible laptop and your car's OBD port. I loan that Softloader against a fully refundable deposit of £155. Stage 1 gives you 260bhp with 420nm of torque, stage 2: 280bhp and 430nm, but for stage 2 you do need to replace the complete exhaust system, both original d'pipe with cat and the cat back to get the full beans. You can find the exhausts and order here on my website: , the first and fourth items. Prices include VAT and mainland overnight delivery by TNT. PS I also have a new Bell intercooler (US made, not chinese) in stock on ebay for a very realistic price indeed Don.
  6. Focus around £7,500. Should fetch £5700 unmodified on a private sale. The car has £7,200 worth of parts fitted without accounting for any fitting costs. XC90 £8,500, all near new tyres, 108,000 service carried out on monday by City Motors, Bristol including fitting new power steering pump. Don.
  7. Just a bump......
  8. I am none too sure which one impresses Tim so much, the sports cat back or the high flow alternative...... I am only stocking the sports system at present.The high flow system is more expensive, although it is only the first section after the cat that changes, the rear part being common to both. The high flow system is twin pipe throughout, after the cat, It really only comes into its own with very high outputs Don.
  9. Best if you could tell us for which specific vehicle? Don/
  10. Finger up nose and mind in neutral. Should be Marco's MTE maps..... thank you for correcting me. Getting confused what with now stocking some TME exhausts from Uncle Thomas. Don. Hello Greg, Could you call me please? 01494 785508. Don.
  11. Finger up nose and mind in neutral. Should be Marco's MTE maps..... thank you for correcting me Andy. Getting confused what with now stocking some TME exhausts from Uncle Thomas. Don.
  12. I will be visiting Tim in a few days for him to do some remedial work on my ST. Whilst I am there we are going to see if he can help me sort out the MTE kit that has given me problems for a while now.... MTE did sort out the software but I have needed to sort out for some time now whether there is a problem with the hardware. If we can sort this out I will be back on song wih TME's well received calibrations for the older pre ME7 cars.... Anyone up for it could call at Tim's that day and see if he has helped me out on this.... There is some good stuff in there somewhere, stages 1, 2 and 3 for cars with Motronic 4.3 and 4.4 Don.
  13. If your car has the later Bosch ME7 ECU, fly by wire throttle etc., then I can offer you MTE's well received, Swedish written software calibrations which I have on offer presently at £355 including VAT. You install this yourself using MTE's Softloader as an interface between an XP laptop or one operating in XP compatible mode and your car's OBD port. I loan that against a fully returnable deposit of £155. This software will give you enhanced outputs of 275bhp with 420nm of torque. If you have the earlier model with Bosch Motronic 4.4 ECU then I cannot offer anything and would strongly agree with others that you should buy an alternative from Tim Williams. Don.
  14. I have a brand new washer bottle.... Don.
  15. I am intending to sell one or both of my running road cars: A 55 plate Focus ST3, RS turbo, bigger injectors, HD fuel pump, Quaife, full Ferrita exhaust, big intercooler, water injection, proper AP big brake kit, Rimstock wheels, near new tyres, stronger, shorter rods, Tim Williams shimmed block, MTE software running about 350bhp, the wick could be turned up a bit... I bought this car from the original owner in Jan '07 with 17.700 miles recorded and full Ford service to that date, since then it has been meticulously serviced and modified by Melvyn Johnson who prepared by S60 Britcar racer and latterly by Tim, I however have scant records of this history but would be prepared to commit to paper an extensive history from memory on which I would intend that a new owner could rely. And an O9 plate XC90 D5, new tyres, newish front Bilstein dampers, MTE software that can be removed, new steering pump. 108,000 miles, I am the second owner, full Volvo dealer service history to date Any one having an interest in either please contact me..... sensible offers only, this is no fire sale. Don.