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  1. 62 reg Business edition, Passion red, usual refinements. sat nav, voice activated blue tooth, DAB,CD,USB port, city safety, beige/cream leather in excellent condition, DAB, FVSH, Just serviced by City Motors Bristol, MOT 23/6/2018, new rear pads and discs using Volvo parts, etc etc. 71K miles 2 owners from new inc me, Gloss black AZE alloys tyres 4mm front 6mm rear. Polestar upgrade to 230bhp. £9995 no offers sorry Please PM for more pics questions?? All mine are to big happy to email Thanks.
  2. I could have made a few quid here I live 10 min from Bristol 3 bed house with parking provide shuttle run into Bristol sorted
  3. OK thanks I'll keep you posted
  4. yes it is with the date at the half past position it's a beautiful watch and it guts me to sell it but needs must at the mo The person interested is happy to get the cash out of the local bank which is good. Ebay would not allow Pay Pal not to be offered !!! and would not allow me to send a message with my mobile number in it !!
  5. Thanks for the replies I changed my listing to cash only and ebay forces you to offer Pay Pal so the law according to chadders is cash on collection drawn from the local bank or Pay Pal signed for on delivery the problem with that is it still doesn't stop some W****r from saying it's not genuine or it was damaged!!! it's a Breitling Superocean Heritage still in warranty until March 2018 I've got everything to prove it's legit + boxes etc. Asking £1995 it's still for sale new at £3590 and in excellent condition.
  6. That's a good shout, although I've said I accept Pay Pal.
  7. Hi can someone help. I'm selling an expensive watch on ebay £2000 worth of expensive watch. I've had buyer interested and ask if I'd accept cash on collection. I've said no I've seen to many fraudulent notes for that. I've stated I'd accept pay pal or CHAPS BACS transfer and the buyer can collect the item and ensure it's genuine. I'd like to know how safe the pay pal transaction is against being accused at a later date of selling something that's not genuine. I ask because I sold an item on ebay accepted pay pal all fine. The buyer then collected it about 2 weeks later this was agreed and a week or so later falsely claimed the item was faulty! and wanted a refund Pay pal / ebay would not release my funds for ages until the dispute was resolved which took forever because the buyer was a complete idiot. Messages went back and forth back and forth!! In the end I was proved to be in the right but I really don't want to be put in that situation again. Anyone help with my query?? what's your experience of this??
  8. Planning to change my discs and pads which I can do myself. Please can anyone tell me the correct EPB procedure for resetting the EPB after they've been changed Thanks
  9. welcome along
  10. Thanks for that I'll try it. I've checked them with the torque wrench and it's not that they aren't on tight enough
  11. Had my lovely new alloys put on the car yesterday kept the original tyres on as they were in such good condition and a good make. All good and really pleased with the look. However I think they are noisy!! I say think because I'm hearing a rumbling, and getting a very slight vibration sensation through the steering wheel. They are 17" 75J the originals FOR SALE by the way were 17" 8J. Could they alloys be causing wind noise and the rumbling? I hope not. or could they need rebalancing again? I noticed it straight away on the motorway going home from the tyre fitters. Thanks
  13. I'm trying to add pictures but quite frankly I'm shit at it & I'm hot and grumpy now !!! they're on ebay from 22.00 with pictures I'll post a link to them when listed thanks
  14. Thanks DSK it's to new to do it myself but the info regarding the bulbs is helpful thanks
  15. Just bought some new philips extreme vision bulbs and don't want them on all the time, due to the fact they might not last as long. Can anyone turn my DRL off. There's a bottle of wine in it!!!