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  1. For what it's worth, I think there's possibly 2 different issues here which are being conflated - namely the "unlock" and the other being a "reload". The former, which is what I've previously posted on, is a test procedure for Volvo dealers to use, and the TIE report goes on to mention the procedure to "re-code" the ECU to the car once tests are complete, so I do not believe that a dealer will necessarily want to release the ECU in an "unlocked" state. The ECM re-load is a totally separate matter, but I know of several instances where ECMs have crashed during the download, one of my very own spares nearly did a few weeks back. I can, therefore, perhaps understand the reluctance of any dealership which is aware of the risks, to carry that procedure out if ViDA does not identify that there is an existing ECM update for the car.
  2. Thanks all - the driver list is now complete!
  3. Combe 2017 - Pls remember to get drivers place payments to me by this Sunday.  Thnx!

  4. Payment Deadline - 26th March Just a quick reminder please that the deadline for payments to be received for Drivers places is this coming Sunday so please do get your payments to me as soon as you can. Cheers!
  5. Well, don't forget he needs to find ways of funding his department's Christmas dinners after all.......
  6. Thanks all and everyone who's requested up to this point is on the list. Only 1 space left!!
  7. No worries, I'll put you both down for now so please let me know as soon as possible.
  8. Don't worry Chris - Irf will have his customary dedicated 5 min session during the Drivers briefing for us to say a few things about him.......
  9. I am pleased to once again open the participant / drivers list for the 2017 track day, which has been booked and confirmed for Friday 30th June. Please take note of the following information which relates to the event: • City Motors Volvo in Bristol have again very kindly agreed to sponsor the event so that we can keep prices as low as possible, and we will have a total of 30 places available for forum members. • The format for the day will be open-pitlane and we will be running the day from 9am straight through to 4pm without any stoppage for a lunch break. • The cost for a drivers place is £180; second driver places are available for an extra £100 for each participant (max 2 drivers per car) but please contact me separately to discuss this. All monies paid for second drivers will go straight into this years’ charity pot. Please note that we will not be able to accept any requests to add anyone on as a second driver after Sunday 26th March 2017. • Once you have signed up, please arrange to send payment across as soon as possible – places cannot be confirmed until payment is received and will be on a first-come-first-served basis. The deadline for receiving payments is Sunday 26th March 2017. As with previous years you can send payment via Paypal or bank transfer, but please do make sure that all transaction fees are covered in doing so, and make it clear whose place the payment is for. If any clarification is required, please do not hesitate to drop me a PM. • This payment is non-refundable but I will do my best to help with a change of circumstances, wherever possible. The event remains entirely non-profit so my primary responsibility is to make sure that I can cover the costs relating to hiring the circuit for the day, to ensure the event can go ahead. All extra fund raising at both the track and open days are being done for a good cause. • We should once again have the pleasure of hosting contingents from both Chippenham Fire Station and Mission Motorsport, as well as a group from Volvo UK, so I will be very grateful if you could please offer all guests who attend as many passenger laps as possible. Please post replies in this thread or send me a PM, indicating your interest and the number of places required, and I will update the list accordingly. Thank you all very much for supporting the event! Driver List Peacey - 2016 Raffle Prize Winner mitchyboy01 shinsplintz 101 irf Lord B thunderace s70t5chris Roo s60t5 (Emma as 2nd driver) dmg210 Tim Williams AdamB Mat (Neil as 2nd Driver for Peacey) Dusty AndyC tingy Mark Elliot shortbloke pgm adieu pyaap Cornclose foggyjames Hedley mrboost Barnsley Bill s40rch Scott (Ryan's friend) Ben (Ryan's friend) jimka (David as 2nd driver) saxomatt (Ryan's friend)
  10. Reminder that the Combe Drivers' List is going up at 8pm tonight!! :party:

  11. Driver List for Combe going up next Fri folks!!:D

  12. DRIVER LIST Just a heads-up that the Driver List for this years Track Day will be going up around 8pm on Friday 10th February so please keep an eye our for it!!
  13. Ah, my mistake, I'll check just in case they are planning on releasing some 18" tyres soon then. I have 26 Pegasus Alloy wheels in total so having separate summer, winter and track tyres isn't a problem..... I've heard that preliminary tests for the PS4S is that they offered better performance and longevity over the PSS, so if true will make them quite spectacular!
  14. Yup, heard about these a couple of months back and they're supposed to be quite a bit better than the SS - only unfortunate thing is they're only being launched in a 20" and larger size so seeing as I need 18" tyres, I will probably have to get Sport Cup 2s and see how those are!