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  1. Do you still have the 320mm calipers and carriers for S60?

    What is their price and is there some chance to post it to Bulgaria?

  2. Coilovers = SOLD!! Fuel pump = provisionally sold.
  3. I have for sale a brand new set of front and rear hel braided brake lines to fit Volvo S60 t5. Bought them but never fitted them to my t5. £60 + postage. Or collection Glastonbury somerset. Thanks
  4. as tim confirmed i believe they will only fit the phase 2 s60 and v70. thats what they are listed to fit and stamped on the units. thanks
  5. Water / meth injection kit and vxr injectors sold!!!
  6. Hi all, I am breaking my 2002 s60 t5 I have the following parts for sale. Aem water methanol kit, progressive v2 controller with the aem 4.5l plastic tank = £250 Ono. Bc racing coilovers, solid top mounts on the front with camber adjustment = £350 Ono. Forge actuator to fit the td04 style turbos = £100 Ono. Forge recircualtion valve to fit the td04 style turbos = £80 Ono. 5 x vxr injectors = £100 Ono. Walbro 255 lph in tank fuel pump with filter and fittings = £50 brand new. Calipers / carriers / bolts to do the 320mm brake conversion on the t5 fitted with the 305mm brakes = £100. 3" custom intake with pipercross open cone filter = £80 Ono. All these prices are plus postage and items are located in Glastonbury somerset. Most things I'm open to offers as I've stated Ono. All parts have been purchased within the last 2 years! Many thanks Harry.
  7. Looking more into it the clutch position sensor has caused the check engine light, and the abs / dstc light are from the fault, so yeah I will check online to try and find some abs rings. Thanks for the quick reply
  8. Here is a picture of the sensor
  9. Hi all my Volvo is really playing up, maybe you can advise me, after driving for 5 miles or so, the abs light and traction control light illuminate and also the engine management light does, then the car when turning thinks you are skidding and try's to apply the abs, I get error P0502 = Volvo code ECM 510F Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) ECM-510F (no signal) is stored if there is no communication between the ABS/brake control module (BCM) and the engine control module (ECM) or if the communication is distorted. Ive had a look today and I've noticed that the wheel speed sensor is scored very badly from the abs reluctor ring. How or why has the abs ring came in contact with the sensor? 13 of the the teeth are shiny on the ring. Thanks
  10. Hi all Looking for a td04 19t with the angled housing to upgrade from my td04 16t! Thanks Harry
  11. Okay Tim May pop up sometime soon to plug the car in and do a couple runs to see what's going on
  12. Was tested via obd port?!? Nope no codes.
  13. The car will drive fine until 4500 rpm then back the ignition advance right off to 1-2 degrees. Been told that this is due to fuel pump issue, like I said only does it a random times.
  14. Running vxrs and 16t and been diagnosed with a failing fuel pump at the top end of the Rev range occasionally... Could be wrong and maybe a trip to tims is needed for a health check.