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  1. You know about the water ingress issue some cars had around the CEM?.
  2. So you have a Remap on the ECU ?, Why don't you get the Remap reloaded to see if it fixes your problem, who's map is it anyway? . If Volvo did wipe the ECU and then they couldn't reload the software who would be at fault, You could say to the dealer if they wipe it and can't reload the Volvo software then it's your problem and you will tow the car away ..Or get them t supply a new unit to fix it. Just how sure are you , you don't have a sensor fault or the likes.
  3. Just think of it as a type road tax. Lad at work got done 64 mph on a A road in a transporter van . But at the time he was overtaking hgv . Speed awareness course which I think cost him £80 and a day off work. I didn't know you can fail the course then get points if you don't take it seriously !. He also found out his insurance company likes to be told if you have attended such course can see a rise in his insurance. .
  4. Absolute credit to you. The time and effort put into it . True one off
  5. D5 not T5 ..
  6. Must say it looks ace, Very happy with my TME cat back.
  7. Perhaps he wants to listen to some music when it's broken down....
  8. As you say at the moment the car runs fine , But it's not happy with something. If you don't get it fixed there's a very good chance it will let you down at the very most inconvenient time possible, Sod's law.
  9. Smart move not
  10. Do all 3 have sunroofs fitted ?
  11. Would be good to see some proper photographs of them fitted .With measurements .
  12. That's not good news what's it doing , large water loss ? , Is the car stock or got a Remap.
  13. I do know a couple of people that have bought cars from them. Stribo on vpcuk did. I think they know the R range sells well to Volvo nuts
  14. When I looked at some sensors on the Bosch site they did recommend that they should be changed when you reach 175kms or around that sort of mileage. will have a look again. Then will they come out without picking up the thread ?, To be honest the first one is most important one.
  15. At the same time of fitting new pipe when I get it sorted out , It's a good idear to renew both O2 sensors due to both been on since the car was made. looking for Bosch part numbers of the one's Volvo fit please, have seen some that don't have the heat resistant tape on the leads.