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  1. It does sound nice and looked after. In my book, a looked after car is worth a bit more compared to similar vehicles that are run on tight pockets or seen minimal servicing and TLC.
  2. I need a drivers side headlamp (clear/crystal) for a 2003-2005 model Volvo C70. Please drop me a PM if you have one.
  3. An idea of the tuning upgrades you have in mind would be helpful for those in the know to advise accordingly with regards to non standard parts. All I can add is, do not buy a cheap quality part. I've only ever bought SACHS and LUK kits in the past for high performance BMWs and Toyota's. Never had any issues post fitment from someone who can fit a clutch correctly. Only once in my early years used a a place that quoted me the cheapest to fit my supplied LUK kit and they didn't do something quite right so I still had release bearing noises along with a pedal feel I wasn't happy about.
  4. If you have any more questions just ask, plenty of great chaps here to help and advise as needed.
  5. Is this still available?
  6. I'd say avoid Koni for the following reasons : click here I have both H&R & Eibach along with B4 and B6 shocks. I would say go for the Eibach (they generally lower the car a touch less than H&R) and with OEM spec B4 shocks the ride is sublime. I think heavy duty springs are primarily designed to handle scenarios where the car is used as a proper load lugger and under normal conditions may not provide a better ride. A few shock & spring kits discussed here
  7. Never had it happen in a Volvo. Experienced a similar issue some 20 years ago in a 1985 VW Golf we owned. The oil pressure warning light would intermittently flicker and sound. No other noises ever. Oil pressure parts etc were replaced to no avail and many hundreds spent on dealer and independent specialists to try and pin point the issue to no avail. A a few years on, despite regular routine servicing the engine did become a bit louder but ran OK and we replaced it for a recon engine - no issues after that.
  8. As it was a dry day I thought I'd pop down to the tyre and do a days work with the guys and get my fresh fully refurbished Comet's on. I tried to get get pictures with both the Canisto's and Comet's as identical as I could picturing the car outside a relatives house.
  9. That looks very nice congrats on your purchase! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. pictures would help
  11. That was a nice easy to ready history lesson. I didn't realise they raced the S60 after the 850's and also puts some context behind what be seen recently.
  12. Welcome to a wonderful forum!
  13. Lemforder stuff (suspension wise) was OEM on Volvo's and I've always stuck with this brand and would not hesitate to use or recommend them for mounts as well as its most likely they may well be OEM to volvo for this also. I don't know what effect a poly trans mount will have but, when I fitted a poly engine mount, my wonderful quiet cruiser was transformed into a caterham (felt and sounded like a bag of spanners), so I immediately bought another genuine Volvo one.
  14. I do manage to get to use them hard on weekends but during the week and especially crawling almost all the way home on the brakes (m25/m4) it does get annoying lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks Tingy Just wanted to double check. Also just checked larkspeed and the rear pads are also a touch cheaper (assumed they'd be costly like the fronts) in comparison to EBC ones so I'll get DS2500 for the rear as well [emoji106] Just need to try and get the damn things to try and squeal less. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk