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  1. UT Thanks for that. I recall the Snabb brand from years ago now you mention it. Just searched FCPEuro for my car and they do a Snabb pipe. Looks good and before placing an order, I'll see if a family member that's travelling to the USA in 3 weeks can pick it up for me there if possible as IIRC we get raped on importing car parts.
  2. Coolant wise : hope someone can identify what I mean. My S70R was loosing coolant, no leaks, no smoke, changed radiator and expansion tank to no avail. Turned out that there is a coolant pipe going to the turbo which was the culprit and a bit of a pig to find/trace.
  3. If I wasn't having the Comet's refurb'd I'd have bought yours too At least this offers a decent round set to anyone else who may be interested.
  4. FFSK.... your timing is dreadful! I just bought a set of Comets and sold my Propus
  5. I personally always only buy lemforder ones as one knows the quality is top notch. Never had any issues with fit or longevity on any of my cars and even used to use them for overhauling the suspension on my BMWs. AllGermanParts seem to be very goof price wise on these.
  6. Thanks Ryan, I am going to be ordering a set of these, nice to know the old ones are bonded, as a result I'll ask Tim to change them
  7. Got myself a few more goodies; Egg Crate Grille (got it from the chap who bought my Propus wheels, sheer luck!) Set of 17" Comets have found their way to me after about 2 years of hunting, picked these up from a club member on the way back from MRG. Grill - clean & Install (next weekend) Comet Alloys - drop off at TWS and have them refurb'd in TWS1 (bright silver with added larger metallic flec) despite the decent condition they are in. I will have these are my summer wheels and the Canisto's are my winter wheels. WORK TO DATE SERVICE / STAGE 0 Full Service using OEM Volvo parts Stage 0 parts ordered in, (Waiting for Tim Williams to fit) ATF Fluid Replacement (waiting for Tim Williams or MRG Volvo) Gates Boost & Vacuum hoses BRAKES New ATE brake calipers (the old ones just looked a bit rusty for liking) OEM Volvo Discs - Ferodo D2500 pads (front) Pagid discs & pads (rear) Motul RBF600 fluid WHEELS TYRES 4 x 17" OEM Canisto's sourced. (I feel the Canisto's alloys suit and complement the lines of the C70 perfectly) The above refurbished (shot blasted/powder coated in Sparkle Silver) by Total Wheel Works in Nottingham (excellent small company that's been going a long time) 4 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 22/45/17 XL 94 Y ordered in (to be fitted Saturday) Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment CHASSIS OEM Volvo Strut Brace Fitted Bilstein B6 Front & Rear Shock Absorbers H&R Lowering springs (confirmed to be suitable with the B6 dampers by Bilstein) Bilstein Bump Stops/Covers Lemforder Front Top Mounts Febi/Bilstein Rear Top Mounts Lemforder Control Arms Genuine Volvo Track Rod Ends Another Hunter Hawkeye Alignment ICE Pioneer AVXH-550BT double din, Bluetooth, dvd system fitted (its sounds excellent and is upto date) COSMETICS T5 rear panel badge fitted (don't want people confusing this beasty for a slower engine) Defi Racer 52mm Boost Gauge (awaiting fitment by Tim William) LIGHTING HIDS Direct H7R 6000K Terminator kit fitted Philips LED 360 T10 side light bulbs Osram Cool Blue Fog Light Bulbs TO DO Clean and fit Egg Crate Grill (this weekend) Refurbish Comets with TWS1 finish (this weekend) MTE Stage 2 Remap Do88 or Custom MAF > Turbo pipe Lightly smoked rear 1/4 window tints Crystal Jewel Headlight kit 3M clear wrap bumper, bonnet & front wings to protect against stone chips
  8. I'll be shopping around this year but seems like you have to change every year to get a competitive quote. Green light don't cater for high mileage drivers. Chris Knotts increased the premium last year for my second year with them by quite an amount despite no claims etc [emoji107] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Kings volvo independent specialist is where a few are now. I used MRG 2 weeks ago for a new ETM. 4 techs including Laurence still there and work on car was spot on. Haydn the service manager is decent enough but it's not the same vibe as the old days. Labour rate for forum members is £100. To be fair I was quoted £200 for 2 hours but Laurence did an ace job and some additional work I requested within less than 2 hours and I only paid £120 for labour [emoji106] MRG is not the same but I will not discount using them as Laurence and a few other good techs are there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Is it using coolant as well as oil? What's your coolant level like? Just thinking if it's low it may be triggering the sensor when you give it some beans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks Tingy I was confused by the but where it mentions the aftermarket filter attachment so wasn't clear if not fitting OEM was in reference to the pipe or the attachment. I was thinking of seeing if I could get the car mapped at castle Combe in which case I'd get the pipe at the same time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I want to buy a DO88 MAF > Turbo intake pipe. PFV sell this : D088 MAF > Turbo pipe I want it to fit the original OEM air box but, reading the description I am confused whether or not it fits the OEM air box. Does anyone know if it will fit the OEM airbox or if other stuff is needed to make it fit?
  13. Loving the videos of your in car laps!! very impressive stuff and well driven. I have to admit whilst watching the ring video on the weekend, I ended up seeing if there's any cheap 850 T5's manual's for sale. Looks like a great trip and good hear all of you got back in one piece.
  14. I have reluctantly decided to sell my 17" Propus (BBS X spoke split rim) alloy wheels to clear some space. (alloys only, no tyres) The wheels were originally fitted to my C70 which I bought with 70,000 miles on the clock and that's what the wheels have done. The only reason I took them off is that I personally didn't prefer them to the Canisto, despite it being a sought after wheel. Threads showing the wheels upon purchase; Purchase & Enhancements These wheels have never been repaired or painted and are true and round. There is the odd most minor odd mark (look closely at the pictures) but, for a used set of wheels, they are very good and highly presentable! Not the usual kerbed, marked and pitted/peeling wheels which are common to see. Pictures before they were removed from vehicle; (notice the minor bubble by the valve below on this one) (one more minor bubble by the valve on this one) (minor subtle paint chip under the 225.45.17 print on the one below) Taking into the account the highly presentable condition without the need of a costly refurbishment, £280 Collection/Delivery Only From : : Nottingham / Slough / Windsor