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  1. Well dash cams are an eye witness for when incidents happen, hit and runs etc. In such cases they are invaluable! If one is deliberately going to drive like an arse then they should expect such devices to possibly used for self incrimination. I personally have some fun when conditions allow but in general day to day traffic I just tootle along and go with flow and my cams on cars and motorbike are always on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. sweet, hopefully I can see MR T W during Feb and take a sneak peak.
  3. When's it likely to be finished?
  4. One of my T5's has about 250,000 miles on it. Despite this, it doesn't burn oil. As a result I'd say the burning of oil needs a closer look. No offence but the garage may be used to seeing high mileage tat that generally needs to be worked hard and/or stuff that hasn't been maintained well and therefore putting it down to mileage in light of such experience.
  5. Welcome along. I like those in Silver. As long as the mechanical's are good its sounds like stuff that can be sorted with a some time and hopefully not silly costs, These cars, even with high miles are strong and still go exceptionally well in this day and age. Also a set of OEM wheels or Pegasus wheels will finish it off nicely.
  6. Welcome and tje C30 D5 is a nice rounded choice of car. I remember my test drive of one, I'd also add that you should ensure you have good quality tyres and not any economy brands.
  7. Has anyone else noticed how vehicles generally seem to have gone a little absurd price wise both private and trade? wtf is going on? Generally looking through the ads, for some time, for anything a bit special to a daily driver prices seem to have shot up somewhat compared to what they used to be. Seeing some cars with over 200,000 miles being priced about the same as vehicles with almost half that over Christmas just made me laugh. Also individuals and and traders seem to be trying their luck/seriously taking the piss......here's a very random example (Think I may advertise mine for £15K). Whilst I never make any sudden decisions, I was thinking of something like perhaps an older Merc S320 CDI, MR2, CL55K, Audi A8 4.0/4.2 TDI, Jag XF 3.0D, saw a few ads for E39 M5''s/XJR's and S60/V70R's etc. Even some normal stuff just made me think wft. So rather than buy something, I may take another look at leasing through an independent company as they tend to have good rates compared to dealers and you get a full warranty and brand new motor.
  8. Looking good and thanks for sharing the contact. I will pay them a visit in a few months.
  9. KWAZAR ORION & KWAZAR VENUS – Alternative to traditional Foam Lance? I bought Kwazar Orion and Venus pump style sprayers a few months ago, intending to use them for pre-cleaning/snow foaming without having to mess around with the pressure washer and being able to clean my cars early on a Sunday morning without annoying the neighbours (I’m considerate like that). [ Firstly both sprayers are seriously well made in every respect and can foam. I used a slightly more concentrated snow foam/dilution ratio than recommended, using Valet Pro PH neutral snow foam. Upon washing the car, it was clear that this pump sprayer method was suitable for pre-cleaning, loosening and ridding the dirt. Passing the mitt over the surfaces felt the same had I used the foam lance. Please note that my vehicles are religiously maintained and well protected which no doubt contirbutes to the good cleaning performance. The best video for comparisons and reviews I found (not in English) was : video Venus 2.0L This is a good sprayer but, in no way can I advise anyone to do a whole car with it. It doesn’t hold enough product to cover the car (probably 1 side at a push with a light covering). So to do a car means repeated fills and additional time, compared to a snow foam lance. Also the pump pressure duration isn’t very long. I found myself pumping after every panel to ensure optimum spray performance. The pressure at which the product is sprayed is lacking and to make up for it, you have to hold the sprayer close to the target, I thought about returning it but, then I realised..... it will work a treat for the motorcycle! Some general YouTube video's I referred to prior to purchase are below. Good Mix But Thin Layer Average Incorrect Mix & Application Orion Pro Super This is very expensive and I was seriously beating myself up as to why I'm even considering this. However, I found that DVS supplies sell this for about £55 ish (average saving of £25+) so decided, what the hell, lets give it whirl. Again I used a stronger mix than the usual recommendation on the back of the instructions for Valet Pro Neutral Snow Foam. I wasn't sure how much I'd need so made up 6ltrs. This sprayer is great as the pressure dial states how much pressure you have which, is always visible when in use, the duration of spray really does last. I was able to satisfactorily do 1 entire side with some pressure to spare. So its effective and doesn't take ages. I can't recall how much I used to do 1 car, but had loads left so went over the car generously 3 times over before getting bored with about 1 ltr to spare. Its a good alternative should one not wish to use a pressure. In the time it takes me to do a whole car with the AB foam lance and pressure washer, I covered 1 side with this. The pre-cleaning performance was spot on as it applied well due to the sprayer's performance which also helped it to be left longer to dwell. Upon running my finger along the panel prior to rinsing and post rinsing the snow foam, it was clear the job intended was being done. Again moving onto the 2 bucket wash the mitt, glided beautifully, just the way it does had I used the AB foam lance. Orion Typical Performance Conclusion I prefer the traditional snow foam lance application as its far quicker, gives a great coating of water and product first time round and in my opinion, uses less product. This is always the favoured option. The Orion Pro is a great effective sprayer and can be used for snow foams and other chemical such as TFR etc. It will take a you a few experiments to work out your desired solution mix but after that you'll get it right every time. I've used mine a few times when I've needed I've needed to make an early Sunday morning start washing the cars without making any noise. Very happy with its pre-cleaning performance on a maintained vehicle. The smaller ones really are a gimmick that's not suited to car applications. They are most likely used in other trades but some clever cloggs decided to stick a foam head onto it.
  10. MTE every time. You can do a search on this forum (I did for about 6 months trawling the net) to see what people have to say. Overall MTE has a strong reputation on this forums for the quality of its maps not breaking the car but just enhancing it. FWIW, I also went for the MTE remap on the S70R automatic. It's torque limited in 1st gear, which is nice as its bloody fast enough there but, then once its in 2nd there's a lovely build up of added performance (not like an on/off switch), that still allows the S70R to be driven with accuracy through and out of corners with the enhanced performance being delivered how it should be. Also I understand that the MTE maps don't stress your existing components. My S70R had about 117,000 miles when the map was done and now its on around 140,000 miles and no issues.
  11. Thanks Tingy. I see they do a rear anti roll bar. I'll speak to Tim as I need to arrange some work so will see if he can do this at the same time as getting an IPD rear will be like me trying to source a set of 17" comets.
  12. Are rear strut braces available for the C70? (Or even 850/S70 if its the same fitment). If so can you please provide a link? A front brace on these models makes a huge difference and if the same is possible for the rear, I'd like to try a rear strut brace until someone decides to sell and IPD rear anti roll bar.
  13. The original thread is here (crank seal leaking on a 5spd auto T5) I haven't replied as I wouldn't know if the job isn't right under what conditions and time an issue would be seen (obviously if its not immediately apparent).
  14. How is the boost lost? From the little information it sounds like like electronics intervening for some reason. What remap do you have? Do you have a scan-tool? Does it tail off? Does it stay at what ever level it's at that point? Does it all get dropped? Are that any other noises at the point your issue happens? Some basic things could be; TCV Boost hose leaking under pressure (upgrade is to replace all the boost hoses for fuel hose pipe as its stronger) Check all intercooler hoses and pipe work for condition and secure fitment.
  15. What? seriously! I was just about to ask what may be in store for this after seeing your uber fast blue V70 many years ago at Bruntingthorpe.