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  1. Price are strong and I think £4.5K is a very fair price for a nice, clean unmolested car. If you modify it - you'll loose the value of it so if you buy a T5R or R, be very careful what modifications it receives or best just leave it standard and look after it.
  2. I'm after a set of a Genuine Volvo C70 floor mats with the C70 logo. Must be in decent condition that a good clean would not put right in either Black, Grey or Beige.
  3. It does sound nice and looked after. In my book, a looked after car is worth a bit more compared to similar vehicles that are run on tight pockets or seen minimal servicing and TLC.
  4. I need a drivers side headlamp (clear/crystal) for a 2003-2005 model Volvo C70. Please drop me a PM if you have one.
  5. An idea of the tuning upgrades you have in mind would be helpful for those in the know to advise accordingly with regards to non standard parts. All I can add is, do not buy a cheap quality part. I've only ever bought SACHS and LUK kits in the past for high performance BMWs and Toyota's. Never had any issues post fitment from someone who can fit a clutch correctly. Only once in my early years used a a place that quoted me the cheapest to fit my supplied LUK kit and they didn't do something quite right so I still had release bearing noises along with a pedal feel I wasn't happy about.
  6. If you have any more questions just ask, plenty of great chaps here to help and advise as needed.
  7. Is this still available?
  8. I'd say avoid Koni for the following reasons : click here I have both H&R & Eibach along with B4 and B6 shocks. I would say go for the Eibach (they generally lower the car a touch less than H&R) and with OEM spec B4 shocks the ride is sublime. I think heavy duty springs are primarily designed to handle scenarios where the car is used as a proper load lugger and under normal conditions may not provide a better ride. A few shock & spring kits discussed here
  9. Never had it happen in a Volvo. Experienced a similar issue some 20 years ago in a 1985 VW Golf we owned. The oil pressure warning light would intermittently flicker and sound. No other noises ever. Oil pressure parts etc were replaced to no avail and many hundreds spent on dealer and independent specialists to try and pin point the issue to no avail. A a few years on, despite regular routine servicing the engine did become a bit louder but ran OK and we replaced it for a recon engine - no issues after that.
  10. This isn't a powerhouse or bodywork freak project. Its a C70 T5 receiving the 'DSK' treatment. Someone mentioned that as I do a fair bit I may as well put it in the project thread. So, the other moth, as some know, I bought another C70 2.3 T5 Coupe Automatic as its was genuinely in very straight healthy shape all round and a great spec, with 78K and FMDSH. It drives smooth and pulls like I used to in my younger days. It doesn't want for anything but I like to ensure everything is kept as fresh and sweet as possible. CAR UPON PURCHASE In very good clean order, even with its original alloys in excellent condition all shod with Michelin tyres all round. Certainly the previous owners did what they could to look after it as best they could. Work carried out to date; SERVICE / STAGE 0 Full Service using OEM Volvo parts Stage 0 parts ordered in, just need master Tim Williams to fit. BRAKES New ATE brake calipers (the old ones just looked a bit rusty for liking) OEM Volvo Discs - Ferodo D2500 pads (front) Pagid discs & pads (rear) Motul RBF600 fluid WHEELS TYRES 4 x 17" OEM Canisto's sourced. (I feel the Canisto's alloys suit and complement the lines of the C70 perfectly) The above refurbished (shot blasted/powder coated in Sparkle Silver) by Total Wheel Works in Nottingham (excellent small company that's been going a long time) 4 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 22/45/17 XL 94 Y ordered in (to be fitted Saturday) Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Alignment (to be carried out at the same time this Saturday) CHASSIS OEM Volvo Strut Brace Fitted (see below for upcoming suspension overhaul) ICE Pioneer AVXH-550BT double din, Bluetooth, dvd system fitted (its sounds excellent and is upto date) COSMETICS T5 rear panel badge fitted (don't want people confusing this beasty for a slower engine) Defi Racer 52mm Boost Gauge (awaiting fitment) LIGHTING HIDS Direct H7R 6000K Terminator kit fitted As soon as the wheels are on this weekend and I have detailed the paintwork, I will post up pictures in the showroom. TO DO LIST Fit new window regulator mlarky New Bilstein B4 or B6 shock absorbers with Eibach or H&R springs. New suspension top mounts New control arms New track rod ends Uprated anti roll bar bushes (if available) VXR fuel injectors ATF Fluid Change THANK YOU'S MRG Volvo - (parts supply) FRF Volvo - (parts supply) Total Wheel Works - Nottingham (alloy wheel refurbishment) Larkspeed - (performance braking supply & defi boost gauge) Tim Williams & T5D5 Members - support, heads up, help and parts offers
  11. As it was a dry day I thought I'd pop down to the tyre and do a days work with the guys and get my fresh fully refurbished Comet's on. I tried to get get pictures with both the Canisto's and Comet's as identical as I could picturing the car outside a relatives house.
  12. That looks very nice congrats on your purchase! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. pictures would help
  14. That was a nice easy to ready history lesson. I didn't realise they raced the S60 after the 850's and also puts some context behind what be seen recently.
  15. Welcome to a wonderful forum!
  16. Lemforder stuff (suspension wise) was OEM on Volvo's and I've always stuck with this brand and would not hesitate to use or recommend them for mounts as well as its most likely they may well be OEM to volvo for this also. I don't know what effect a poly trans mount will have but, when I fitted a poly engine mount, my wonderful quiet cruiser was transformed into a caterham (felt and sounded like a bag of spanners), so I immediately bought another genuine Volvo one.
  17. Just looking at brakes as the C70 will be due for new front pads soon so in typical DSK style, lets do the lot. Whilst I will be sticking to Ferodo DS2500 pads up front, I have usually run standard pads on the rear but, now need to change that and run either the same or close as on the rear possibly trying something like EBC Red Stuff // Yellow Stuff on the rear. I know most of us here use Ferodo and Carbo Tech but just asking on the off chance. Only had a very bad experience of EBC Red Stuff some 7 years ago when they were fitted to the S70R when I bought it. They didn't work from cold, didn't work when warm and were in my opinion useless and dangerous and therefore immediately removed and replaced. However, times change, and so has EBC's red and yellow stuff compound and claims. EBC RED STUFF overview EBC Yellow Stuff overview (Quite tempted to give these a whirl for the price if I don't hear anything of concern)
  18. I do manage to get to use them hard on weekends but during the week and especially crawling almost all the way home on the brakes (m25/m4) it does get annoying lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Thanks Tingy Just wanted to double check. Also just checked larkspeed and the rear pads are also a touch cheaper (assumed they'd be costly like the fronts) in comparison to EBC ones so I'll get DS2500 for the rear as well [emoji106] Just need to try and get the damn things to try and squeal less. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. 17" OEM Comet's freshly refurbished by TWS in TWS1 (bright silver with added coarse metallic flec). Couldn't help seeing what they will look like on the car (excuse the dirty car - this was washed after the pictures) Good job, excellent consistent finish, no minor bubbles or nicks usually seen on refurbishment jobs. Whilst this was an expensive refurbishment the quality of the finish is to my standard and not something that someone has knocked out quickly on a Friday afternoon so seems worth the cost from experience. Once home, the wheels were further pampered with a clay bar and healthy coat all round of Collinite 845. As my tyres are not even anywhere near replacement levels, I'll have the Comets fitted on my next ad-hoc visit to our tyre centre.
  21. Whilst stuff on this scale is out of my depths (custom making this, adapting that etc), its impressive to see the end results. Look forward to hearing when you have the gearbox finally ready and other progress plans are coming together.
  22. Despite the weather being poor and cloudy the car is shimmering well in the flesh with the collinite 845. Very easy to work with and buff off. Old grille when car was bought Egg Crate Grille fitted and routine wash topped off with collinite 845 (have to admit now I look at it, it does suit the dark colour better)
  23. With waxes and sealants, especially due to the miles I do weekly, durability performance for me is first and foremost. Ease of application is welcome as it ends up saving time and if it can give a nice wet finish then that's a bonus. With us going into summer and having no option but to work in direct sunlight I needed something that would be easy to work with. I agree with you through my experience that so called high end and hyped products, whilst usually offering a more wet look finish, do usually fall quite short on durability. I'll be giving Sonax PNS a go next once my 845 runs out but seems that will be like dodo juice future armour to work with.
  24. Welcome. Well done on finding car after so long. ABS/Tracs unit is common and plenty of advise on repair/replacement available on both the forum and youtube. FAded [paint you can try and mop out and then keep it well protected. The interior looks tidy and not abused. You are also missing the rear roof spoiler but that should be reasonably easier to source than the wheels. I love the list of classic Mercedes you have and am familiar with a number of the those models. Mercedes certainly don't build them anything like that today.
  25. Thanks guys. I've been using the Collinite 845 for a short while having heard good reviews and not having used a Collinite product before. Thought I'd give it a try after my Carlack nano sealant ran out and its was far cheaper than JetSeal 109 when bought on its own from Amazon. I did all 3 Volvo's yesterday and even the S70R is shimmering well with a distinct pop in the natuic blue paint. Collinite 845 is definitely easy to work with even in warm weathers and on warm surfaces. I just leave it in a tub of hot tap water whilst I wash the car and this is enough time to soften it from a solid state into a runny viscosity liquid. Applies easily with micro fibre wax applicator pad, a little goes a long way and definitely holds up well. It doesn't leave residue and can be applied to non painted plastics and rubbers without issue. Doing the miles I do in a week and despite the torrential downpours the other week, it does its job of protecting and beads well enough. I was surprised that it also leaves a satisfying sheen you'd typically expect from more costly detailing products. Excellent value and performance!