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  1. Just thought I'd let members know that whilst trying to find a decent price for the oil I have always used, interestingly MyTyres.co.uk now sell oil. So I took a chance and despite selecting standard delivery, I got my oil in 3 days and saved over £14 over all other retailers including the very well known one with forum discount applied. Next time you need oil, take a look if it works out cheaper for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The grey C70 within 40,000 miles will have had 3 replacement ETMs. This week just normal driving along the motorways (M25/A3) has really been annoying at times with surging etc. Whilst I have a new ETM planned via Tim, I was thinking, has no one created a permanent fix for this yet as IIRC permanent fixes have been found for other marques (Masterati) and surely the technology is the essentialy the same. Googling returned this USA based company that claims to offer a permanent fix for Volvo ETM's : XEMMODEX Permanent ETM Fix. Has anyone any experience with the above or know of any UK based company's that have an permanent fix for the ETM problem? I'd be interested in keeping my failing ETM and sending it to this USA based firm or another known firm for a permanent fix, ready for installation when the next one fails.
  3. I emailed the German firm today asking if they have one ready to ship out on the off chance, alternatively will send mine to them once it's replaced. I don't think Tim will be able to help before the ring trip as Sturgees don't have software availability. Does anyone know if MRG still has any of the old Volvo mechanics working there? Hired a Corsa 1.2 until Saturday as I still need to commute but, will need to try and get the C70 running asap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Tingy Will look at these links this evening once I get back to the midlands. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I know someone from Estonia or somewhere posted some time ago on Volvo forums about offering a DIY kit. I'm not mechanic and would rather have a bolt off/on job. Well the inevitable happened on the M25. I popped my ETM cherry. (Last 2 ETMs were detected early and car was running ok). But today well... surging, throttle becomes an on/off hyperspace pedal in crawling traffic, not accelerating above 50mph (but reducing pace gradually) and then within a few yards dying out. Re-stated the car after a few attempts and it drove home with the ETS light on without being in limp mode. Tim's going to try and help but I'll be hammering Google tonight trying to find a UK based permanent fix. Failing this when it's repaired I'll keep my knackered ETM and send it to that USA firm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My car has been running sweet or several weeks after Tim worked his usual magic. However, in the last 2 weeks, I noticed that upon acceleration, part/full throttle, the car would be instantly responsive and do what my right foot instructed but, within a second or so it would then slightly hold back and stay there, almost like giving you 15% less than what you requested and it initially gave. Almost feeling like something intervening and cutting back some fuel or ignition but still being very smooth. Whereas it always felt like the accelerator had a bubbling volcano underneath it, always ready and eager to deliver, its does feel as though something is restricting the performance, having to press harder than I should. Initially the problem wasn't enough to bother me or Tim as I felt it may be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. However, today I noticed a little less smooth idle on the odd occasion and saw the boost gauge fluctuating when in neutral or park and the car is at idle. (VIDEO) This is how the gauge usually sits on idle http://vid669.photobucket.com/albums/vv60/dskandola/Volvo%20C70%20T5%20GT/DSCF0546_zpskfwq24m6.mp4 (VIDEO) Current fluctuation at idle http://vid669.photobucket.com/albums/vv60/dskandola/Volvo%20C70%20T5%20GT/A68E013D-037D-4AA8-B5C8-B83D4C72D9C9_zpstxh0juo1.mp4 Any ideas if its something any idiot can check before I can get a booking with our residential guru?
  7. I didn't realise the spec you were running! Very impressive. I just need to go back for a new ETM, will have to leave the pesky 2.0/3.0ltr diesel Germans alone until then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Ryan Tim fitted the gates hoses and after a service took it for a spin and worked his magic with diagnostics. Turns out the issue is with the ETM. Saw your car there too looks lovely!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I used ponder about this somewhat as just travelling on the road in a proper swift Volvo made me feel better off. You get to your destination without feeling you've actually been in a car suffering from stress and aches. When sat in traffic your reminded yet again of the comfy seats and overtakes or a brisk turn of pace are never any trouble. I do near enough 1,000 miles a week in mine and tbh I can't think of a car I'd rather do it in unless we start talking Mercedes S65/ Cls 55 territory. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. LOL @ the above! Apologies for seeing this quite late but, to answer your question, I used Meguiars Gold Class shampoo as i like the PH neutral qualities, cleaning performance and suds. I have used Autoglym body shampoo conditioner and a number of others including meguairs wash and wax and nxt etc, but the gold class is what I have found to be my personal preference. Also clean your car do have some good prices and I have personally bought the majority of my shizzle from them. If you do not protect your car with any wax/sealant etc and just only ever wash it, then I'd say go for a one of meguiars wash and wax shampoos or at least finish off with a dedicated spray wax like Meguiars synthetic spray wax or autoglym aqua wax which is cheap and cheerful when purchased in a 5Ltr tub and applied in seconds via a cheapo pump sprayer.
  11. KWAZAR ORION & KWAZAR VENUS – Alternative to traditional Foam Lance? I bought Kwazar Orion and Venus pump style sprayers a few months ago, intending to use them for pre-cleaning/snow foaming without having to mess around with the pressure washer and being able to clean my cars early on a Sunday morning without annoying the neighbours (I’m considerate like that). [ Firstly both sprayers are seriously well made in every respect and can foam. I used a slightly more concentrated snow foam/dilution ratio than recommended, using Valet Pro PH neutral snow foam. Upon washing the car, it was clear that this pump sprayer method was suitable for pre-cleaning, loosening and ridding the dirt. Passing the mitt over the surfaces felt the same had I used the foam lance. Please note that my vehicles are religiously maintained and well protected which no doubt contirbutes to the good cleaning performance. The best video for comparisons and reviews I found (not in English) was : video Venus 2.0L This is a good sprayer but, in no way can I advise anyone to do a whole car with it. It doesn’t hold enough product to cover the car (probably 1 side at a push with a light covering). So to do a car means repeated fills and additional time, compared to a snow foam lance. Also the pump pressure duration isn’t very long. I found myself pumping after every panel to ensure optimum spray performance. The pressure at which the product is sprayed is lacking and to make up for it, you have to hold the sprayer close to the target, I thought about returning it but, then I realised..... it will work a treat for the motorcycle! Some general YouTube video's I referred to prior to purchase are below. Good Mix But Thin Layer Average Incorrect Mix & Application Orion Pro Super This is very expensive and I was seriously beating myself up as to why I'm even considering this. However, I found that DVS supplies sell this for about £55 ish (average saving of £25+) so decided, what the hell, lets give it whirl. Again I used a stronger mix than the usual recommendation on the back of the instructions for Valet Pro Neutral Snow Foam. I wasn't sure how much I'd need so made up 6ltrs. This sprayer is great as the pressure dial states how much pressure you have which, is always visible when in use, the duration of spray really does last. I was able to satisfactorily do 1 entire side with some pressure to spare. So its effective and doesn't take ages. I can't recall how much I used to do 1 car, but had loads left so went over the car generously 3 times over before getting bored with about 1 ltr to spare. Its a good alternative should one not wish to use a pressure. In the time it takes me to do a whole car with the AB foam lance and pressure washer, I covered 1 side with this. The pre-cleaning performance was spot on as it applied well due to the sprayer's performance which also helped it to be left longer to dwell. Upon running my finger along the panel prior to rinsing and post rinsing the snow foam, it was clear the job intended was being done. Again moving onto the 2 bucket wash the mitt, glided beautifully, just the way it does had I used the AB foam lance. Orion Typical Performance Conclusion I prefer the traditional snow foam lance application as its far quicker, gives a great coating of water and product first time round and in my opinion, uses less product. This is always the favoured option. The Orion Pro is a great effective sprayer and can be used for snow foams and other chemical such as TFR etc. It will take a you a few experiments to work out your desired solution mix but after that you'll get it right every time. I've used mine a few times when I've needed I've needed to make an early Sunday morning start washing the cars without making any noise. Very happy with its pre-cleaning performance on a maintained vehicle. The smaller ones really are a gimmick that's not suited to car applications. They are most likely used in other trades but some clever cloggs decided to stick a foam head onto it.
  12. I like clean shiny cars and dark colours look nice when kept in good condition. It has scrubbed up well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Ryan If it runs like this until it's next visit to Tim as soon as he can fit me in, I'll let him do it but I'd like to change those hoses as a matter of course anyway. IIRC I thought the upgrade was 10mm reinforced fuel hose? I'm sure that's what was done on the S70R done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. STATUS : BETTER I popped the bonnet and had a look around. All hoses are connected and still appear to be in sound condition. The 3 hoses that come out of the TCV Solenoid, only 1 was in its place holder. So I clipped the other 2 into their plastic clip holder things just under the TCV. These still retain their shape and I saw no kinks or questionable bends in any of the hoses. The car is now much stronger on part throttle and MPG was showing 36mph rather than 29mpg for the routine identical motorway jaunt I do weekly. The car is also just cruising and accelerating on the very lightest of throttle inputs whereas before I was having to 'press on' to retain speed and making usual speed adjustments. I fail to see how just clipping the 2 hoses back into place could have such impact as their routing/shape/location wasn't changed. I can only guess if general dirivng conditions when pressured, caused them to move and thus was resulting in the impact but, they felt sturdy none the less. I will keep an eye on the idle this evening and try and get some diagnostics on Wednesday when I take a different route.
  15. Can someone please recommend me an OBDII bluetooth scanner thingy thats compatible with iOS (and sold by Amazon)? Ideally it should allow you to see usual parameters when running for things like; temp, 02 values, maf values, fuel trim, fuel pressure etc
  16. It works. I'm using the iOBD2 app by XTOOL (free). Using bluetooth to connect, First time I couldn't get it to connect, probably due to user error but following the quick start guide it worked.. Good thing is, unlike some other iOS based items and apps, you have to pay extra to get features outside of basic code reading/clearing. This is returning 02, intake temps, fuel trims and all the other good stuff. You can see it all whilst driving in a table format or view each parameter individually if you want graphing. Here's some general screen shots I took whilst just testing what works and what doesn't. Sample MAF at light rev and idle One of O2 options Another 02 Option (not sure what the stf is) Will get it plugged in on the drive back from work on Friday evening and get some values logged over 30 minutes and different conditions.
  17. Just had a quick look last night and decided to try this for £21, hopefully if its decent I'll just leave it in the car for emergencies, otherwise return it for a refund. Someone else review
  18. The Silver C70 hasn't been used much and over several months of just giving it a routine wash, was bloody hard work and the body definitely needed claying. I really couldn't be bothered with the time and effort needed with a clay bar unless I'm doing to a full detail so pondered over a clay mitt for a few months seeing online reviews etc. and then decided to give the Farecla G3 Mitt a go, with a being a branded reputable product. USAGE Got mine from Amazon, no issues. Everyone does it their own way and mine is below; 1. Wash car (2 buckets, Meguairs Gold Class) 2. Rinse 3. Refill wash bucket with fresh water and Gold Class 4. Go over the car with the G3 Clay Mitt (working it in straight lines and no pressure) 5. Rinse 6. Quick final wash using 2 bucket method and a lambs wool mitt. EASE OF USE The silver car needed claying quite badly and thus required about 4 - 5 passes on the worst/common areas until I could hear smoothness. Despite this, I probably averaged about 1 panel every 1 min 30 seconds whilst still taking it easy. The mitt allows for longer strokes and greater surface area being covered with each pass, so it is a quick and effective way of claying and great for routine maintenance. Also as you slip your hand inside it, there's no risk of it dropping on the floor (unless your a clumsy so and so). The end result was that I was happy the body was baby butt smooth, allowing for effortlessly applying a quick layer of wax. (Its not a detail, just thorough wash and some protection). A finish that I've not seen on the silver C70 for quite some time with good clarity on the reflections and impressively smooth on the touch. CONCLUSION If doing a full on detail, then I'd still prefer to use the clay bar (or even mix the 2 using the Mitt first), especially for the tricky areas but, this clay mitt is great for routinely maintaining good paint work offering a fast and effective way to clay your car. 9/10!
  19. I like that! Love to see any older cars, especially special ones looking tip top and sticking it to the all the new new tat we see on the roads.
  20. S40RCH - thanks for the response. The car is a ME7, genuine 90,000 miles now, regularly serviced all its life with a recent clean bill of health from guru Tim Williams. (I have changed the VVT on my other ME7) but this feels more like a fuelling/vacuum leak issue. I will try to have a look tomorrow morning in day light at the hoses and try and work my way through them but, when there has been an issue with them, I've never noticed it, just felt it and Tim's magic hands instantly find the issue. But, I'll give it a go! Also ordered a phone app based OBD2 thingy to try and see if I can get some fuel trim/02 and maf values over the coming days which should help you guys tell me if I need to order any parts.
  21. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Over the past few weeks, the issue has been getting worse and more things I have noticed. 1. Fuel Consumption is down by approximately 10mpg under the same driving conditions. 2. Whilst crusing at a steady speed on the motorway 70/75mph with and without cruise control on, the car sometimes hestitates quite noticeably and is then OK again. Feels like a sudden momentary fuel shut off, rather than a misfire. Sometimes when it recovers it either feels like you have to press on a bit to retain the speed or it reverts to it's amazing self of feeling like you need the lightest of touch on the throttle to cruise effortlessly at whatever pace takes your fancy. The car has had a new genuine Bosch MAF fitted by Tim so can't be that surely. The car has not thrown an EML light at all. The fuel filter was replaced with an OEM item during routine servicing 20,000 miles ago. A new OEM fuel filter will be fitted at the next service when Tim can fit me in. I am suspecting vacuum/boost hose related issue or 02 sensor - does this sound like I'm along the right lines?
  22. Well dash cams are an eye witness for when incidents happen, hit and runs etc. In such cases they are invaluable! If one is deliberately going to drive like an arse then they should expect such devices to possibly used for self incrimination. I personally have some fun when conditions allow but in general day to day traffic I just tootle along and go with flow and my cams on cars and motorbike are always on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Are rear strut braces available for the C70? (Or even 850/S70 if its the same fitment). If so can you please provide a link? A front brace on these models makes a huge difference and if the same is possible for the rear, I'd like to try a rear strut brace until someone decides to sell and IPD rear anti roll bar.
  24. sweet, hopefully I can see MR T W during Feb and take a sneak peak.
  25. When's it likely to be finished?