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  1. Unfortunately these don't fit totally wrong pin connectors on the rear.
  2. Received this morning....thankyou. In PERFECT condition and well packaged....very chuffed. Cheers
  3. Thanks.....tokens sent
  4. I'll take them.....Paypal ?
  5. Are these still available?
  6. I've been following this thread and watching the videos with envy.....thought I'd contribute a little:
  7. I've been looking at getting some Gtechniq C5 Wheel Sealant....quite expensive but supposed to be excellent stuff.
  8. Fitted mine today, took about 40 minutes - no issues whatsoever. Used copper grease and a trolley jack to press them in slowly, loctite to the bolts and then re-torqued them as posted earlier. Very pleased to say that there is absolutely no increase in vibration or noise apart from the usual D5 trundle. A short trip after fitting revealed no obvious improvements as yet although I've not had the opportunity to take the car on a good speedy run . Just very happy that they've not turned my D5 into a noisy agricultural lump....oh wait Thanks again Lee !!
  9. Just received mine....cheers Sponge. Hopefully get em fitted tomorrow...if it's not too wet!
  10. The thread is locked until you reach 20 posts Lee....No such thing as Rape - just Surprise Sex !!
  11. Vet lube will have to do then.
  12. Looking forward to getting mine fitted. Can I ask what grease is best used - I know not to use anything petroleum based, will copper grease or silicon grease do the job?
  13. Been looking at the ipd inserts - Nice little video on there too for JimBob Steve
  14. Looks Exocet caught a UFO on image....
  15. It's also listed on eBay with no reserve..... eBay Clicky