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  1. I know the last two owners (over 4yrs) - the first did full servicing (and fitted exhaust) the 2nd did servicing and refreshing things like hoses, ignition components etc (KMB on vpcuk) and got a remapped ecu and injectors. I don't want more power as my focus will be brakes and handling (I'm in the process of rebushing it). But I don't want to be strangling it with a restrictive exhaust. If I wanted 2.75" is that a custom jobby?? Thanks Tim - much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I've just been going through the reciepts of my newly acquired 850 T5 (white injectors / Oblark M4.4) and noticed that the powerflow cat back is 2 1/4" diameter. Whilst the car goes well, I cant help but think it should be 2 1/2" minimum. The exhaust was on before the car was tuned but is there an argument to go bigger and are there any recommended solutions at this stage of tune. Thanks in advance. Mitch