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  1. Happy Christmas All Enviado do meu LG-H815 através de Tapatalk
  2. 23mm?
  3. But Where can we get a Miltek catback system? I can´t find them anymore for my Volvo 850
  4. Welcome! (Bem Vindo!)
  5. Great video and good review of the V60 Polestar.
  6. Not very impressed, specialy at high rpm. Engineer: 155mph with standard tyres and 4.00 FD comes at around 6000rpm
  7. I really like Chris Harris and his youtube channel , I have great expectations for this season of Top Gear
  8. Merry Christmas!
  9. What parts are still available? Thanks.
  10. What is the added weight of this setup compared to standard?
  11. Maybe this can be the solution.
  12. Thanks for the effort!
  13. Great Work!
  14. Great rear! Just don´t like the tailpipe. Try to get a square one,and it would be perfect.
  15. Ben: What differences have you noticed ? Only Throttle response? What about intake sound?