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  1. Anyone on here? Seen in Windsor a black V70 P1 estate with yellow roof / highlights and black wheels. Black is some sort of wrap I guess as it has a "camo-type" pattern on the sides. Only seen it recently so wondering if it's been someone's project? Can't make up my mind if I like it or not - passing at 06:30 in the morning I'm not in fit condition to make any judgement
  2. I've heard of using toothpaste but don't understand why. The description of it including some abrasive material seems to be a match for a "normal" polish -- so why not use a normal polish? Apart obviously from the minty fresh smell from your lights
  3. British Gas Homecare here. It's a bit more expensive but they do claim to keep the boilers / systems running for as long as they can get parts. I don't know how long that is - they started sending warning letters about my last boiler but it was about 30 years old at that stage - probably the newer ones don't last so long anyway. Tony
  4. Volvo's own recovery service has changed from RAC recently. It's now being organised through Mondial. I only know this because I got a renewal notice direct from RAC for much more than I'd being paying. I phoned up Volvo to find out why the scheme / price had changed so much to discover that it was now with Mondial (and was the same price). Seems there'd been a cock up on my account and the renewal details weren't sent on to Mondial. Can't fault service when it was RAC, alternator went on the car in September, they came out quickly and got me to a Volvo specialist. Used Mondial once years ago (Volkswagen used them) and they were fine - but have no recent experience (touch wood). Tony
  5. So what sort of petrol are you running it on? Last time I took mine across I couldn't find V-Power which is what it prefers post remap. Going back this week and expecting to have to take it easy on a tank or two of normal unleaded. Tony
  6. Hi Jeff, how are you keeping? That'll be a whole different technique required to get the rear to step out of line then! My brother has one of them and had to buy a Corolla Versa to take the hoist and chair in the back. Are you going to be able to fit it in the Volvo then? Tony (PS Sara and I are now engaged).
  7. Another vote for Bilberry, especially in bulk where you can dilute it to match how long you've left the dust on. However, it's not as easy as Meguiars Hot Rims (pick it up from Halfrauds) but you go through so much of that stuff it's very pricey per wheel. Have not seen it in bulk either. Tony
  8. On Thursday evening. Didn't catch the plate but looked like a pre-facelift S version. D5's are common but not seen one on the Pegs before. Tony
  9. I've done a few of these so here's my personal experience: IAM - starting point but nothing else. In my opinion the real driving test should be at this standard Couple of skid pan sessions (in knackered old cars on oil slicks) - great fun and mildly educational but wish I'd done one on a proper skid pan or one of these cradle cars HPC half day session - good, totally on-road though so can't explore the limits Ride-Drive - full day with an hour and a half on an airfield. Very good, has your Class 1 police driver in the seat explaining and teaching and then you can throw it around the airfield to get a feel for limits These were all years ago so only recently decided to get back in to it. Ferrari Fun Days "taster" experience - no learning benefit whatsoever IMHO, far too much money for what you got. Reckon less than 10 minutes driving time (ok, it was the cheapest one they did so YMMV) Cadence - half day session, trying to work out if I could / should do the full HPC course / see how much I had forgotten. The HPC "group" has changed a bit now and Cadence is one of what they call a "gate keeper" for it - you have to meet the standards before doing the HPC course. Seems like the full thing is going to be more cash than I can come up with at the moment unfortunately. The IAM shouldn't be disorganised, they've invested a lot of time in training and sorting out their observers but it's not a business like the professional outfits - it's run by volunteers. So, I'd give them *some* slack. They are very rules driven but then that's kind of what they say in their materials anyway. They do a couple of track days but I've not been on any of them. If you're looking for a learning / experience type of thing I'd definitely make sure it included road and track time. HTH Tony
  10. Congratulations, was just about to wish you both luck but seems like that's a bit superfluous now! Enjoy the sleep, last time for a while I expect Friends of mine had twins (also IVF) and they were born two months early, both were absolutely fine but must have been nerve wracking for you both. Tony
  11. Spotted on Saturday coming back from the MG Heritage Festival. Saw the R front bumper first and then saw the alloys didn't match and spotted the T5 badge at the back. Looked quite good (I've been thinking about changing the front of my S60 as well). Tony
  12. Full Ferrita, 3" downpipe and 2.5" cat-back exhaust. Fairly quiet for normal driving which suits me most of the time tbh. Tony
  13. Well there's a coincidence! I'm having the same problem. There's no distortion on the reservoir bottle but there's definite leaking / weeping, it looks like it's around the seam in the centre though. I've had the bottle replaced four times already. On the current one the cap looks like it should screw down further - exactly the same as yours by the sound of it. I thought this one was a new bottle design and it was supposed to cure it? I'm going to buy some fluid from the stealers tomorrow and keep it topped up until I can it replaced again. As the car has Eibachs and Koni FSD I wonder if that would increase the workload (as well as Tim's suggestion of driving hard doing the same thing)? Tony
  14. Hmmm, that weekend (3 - 5) is the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I've missed all the MRG meets so far so I'm a bit torn about missing another one. Must start work on the girlfriend.... Tony
  15. The mirrors were changed for "skinnies" separately, earlier, to the other revisions. Apparently the original design had problems with some wind noise (shut the windows I say!). So the mirror change wasn't part of the facelift. I thought the way to tell the facelift from the outside was by colour coded side strips and the new lights / slightly extended nose - (that might have just been on the S60's anyway). Tony