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  1. Hi guys, I have a V50 with 300mm brakes, I have noticed the 320mm brakes are quite expensive, but what I have read on here is members fitting 330mm R discs with 320mm calipers and 336 xc90 carriers, why not just fit the complete caliper and carrier from the XC90 T6 T8? Or am I missing something, are there any other calipers that will fit like the D5 Xc90 ? many thanks Gary.
  2. I actually bought a spare key from Mcguard in Germany It wasn't that expensive, but you do have to send them a copy of your reg doc and pics of your existing wheel nut/bolt.
  3. Well to my amazement my car has DRLs already turned off. Just now need to find the time to install the xenons with the earth tweak.
  4. Thanks Tingy, yes it definitely needs a software update I have been told, now MRG are no longer who they were, I was just wondering who you guys use now ?
  5. Hi people, longtime no see, I have a V50 2.0d and was wondering other than the stealers does anyone know where I can get the DRLs turned off for my HID upgrade, also mine is poverty spec and I want to fit a trip computer it can be done and I know VT are doing it for £60 but would rather crawl over broken glass, than go to Brum. Gary. Ps I have bought a DICE unit if anyone is in the London or surrounding areas and want to use it,
  6. I had the same problem on my mates V40,but on them the use McGuard wheel nuts,we couldn;t get the nut off at all,in the end,we took the wheel and complete hub off with strut and drilled the back of the stud off.
  7. I have a pair of almost mint meteors here in bright silver, never been.used on the road, make us a offer..
  8. HI I am not sure mate, i just know about the p2's... my braces will be arriving this week, so i can do a template for you on the front and rear mounts..
  9. HI mate, go look on ebay the 4,5,6 evo front lower and upper braces fit the p2 cars and the evo 1,2,3, braces fit the rears on our cars. The front upper brace you can get for £30, you will have to remove your fuse box and secure it a little bit lower. Gary.
  10. Was given another Akita yesterday, because the owner said she wasn't viscous enough, so he was going to take her too the pound, wanker.

    1. Raj


      Theres some right knob heads out there... i have a japanese akita

    2. jimbobsimmonds
    3. HEZI


      There's on round the corner she like a Teddy bear,both in looks and temperament,lovely dogs!

  11. Hi Kerry could you get Mark too pm me please about his car.

  12. What is it with the Police getting info and doing fuck all about it.

    1. Cassis R

      Cassis R

      while i am at it, on duty and fucking off duty.

    2. rachelbelmont2005


      Because they don't give a s@"t! and can't be arsed with the paperwork

    3. S60-MBS


      its gonna get worse after plod lose qaurter of their numbers due to cuts.

  13. Same here mate, i am clinging onto the R with the skin of my teeth, another 6months maybe for me.
  14. Symmonds cider and a rock gig.

  15. I want my R back, 60ps is torture.

    1. Keyser Soze

      Keyser Soze

      Torture is a VX Meriva 1.4 weighing in at a shade under two tonnes with only 100bhp. ARRRGH! :(

    2. Keyser Soze

      Keyser Soze

      Foot firmly planted on the go pedal and it doesnt go!

    3. jimbobsimmonds


      Worse than a pig 308 SW 1.9hdi with 4 men living out of it for 1300 miles?