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  1. As above please I'm in need of one. Thank you
  2. Tim did the dwarfs 4.4 and is doing our 4.4 when I can find some free time I carnt wait the dwarfs s70r was awesome when mapped. I'm currently running a Rica on the other halfs and the difference really is night and day
  3. And fitted top job on the packaging and tbh nice and quiet on tick over so well impressed
  4. Two choices then really either them above or the later c70 style lights
  5. Yes it was the cat which had collapsed not had too much time this morning but fitted new Cv joint New cv boot New abs rings Front brakes striped and cleaned Replaced passanger wheel bearing New turbo return seals Fitted new cat [/url
  6. I haven't read the write up but if it's sagging on the rear it could well be fitted with self leveling suspension which pumps it's self up when moving at this age if there original they will most likely be tired ypu car either replace them with new one or as most do opt for standard shocks and new springs don't bother changing the top mounts unless they need doing.
  7. Humperty bumperty any news, the s70 certainly needs one.
  8. I've had a 2wd v70r as well and personally it was boring it didn't have the feel of the 850 the rough and readyness,for a every day car to and from work ide go for the V70 much more smoother. And yes try not to buy a dog I've just got a s70r for the misses really cheap but it's going to cost me at least 1k to put it right and that's with me all ready having most of the parts.
  9. Both are as good as each other as long as they are mechanically sound personal ide got for the one with the best body work
  10. As above please I'm in need of 1 17x7j comet alloy wheel please. Thank you
  11. Hello I will be needing the exhaust please.
  12. Went to meet Jamsey today to collect the s70r as usual it was great to catch up again. Onto the car Tbh I really feel sorry for James as this certainly isn't true to its original description and he bought it in good faith. To start off its needs a fair bit of cosmetic work doing with both front and rear bumpers needing a lick of paint the passenger side wing need re fixing at the bottom and it also needs a new spoiler as it hasn't got one. I also noticed the bulbs are either out or have been taken out for the abs system and tracs system also the service light aswell And here's a quick list of what needs doing up to now The car is currently in limp mode as it will not rev past 3k and with no turbo response what so ever (very long drive home). The braking system needs a major over haul along with the abs sorting. one wheel is badly damaged. the passenger seat electric's do not work and is currently in the most awaked laid back position. Front suspension needs inspection. Door Check straps broken. both front door speakers and dash top speaker not working. Both front door window motors very weak. Front passenger wheel bearing is shot. Bad knocking from front end. New power steering pump needed. need to try and repair remote fobs currently broken. New bulbs for speedo warnings. Tracking needs aligning. one new wheel. new rear spoiler. And that's with out giving it a look over in the garage I may have time on sunday to get it on the lift and give it a good going over. One thing I must say James has been fantastic he was extremely honest and has been a true gent. Also if any one has a s70 rear spoiler and a v/s70r ecu can you let me know please .
  13. In my experience painting them never works out looking at that product that's going to be extremely messy with it in situ. Best way to do them is remove the cover take it to the powder coaters and let them do their job the finish on mine is excellent and very durable unlike paint is
  14. That's good news when I pick the car up tomorrow I'll check the original exhaust and will let you know Friday night. Thank you