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Found 39 results

  1. Hi guys I'm after a good condition m56 manual gearbox from a p1 classic v70 petrol. Failing that an 850 would also do. Thanks!
  2. Hello. First oil Change and PCV Service 1996 Volvo 850 T5 Auto. 200,000 miles. 18T Turbo. What would be the most suitable and recommended Engine Oil please? I seem to think Semi Synthetic as I have no history of the vehicle but what grade? Semi 10W-40 seems popular. Some Data is pointing to Semi 15W-40 To be honest, I dont know which way to go. Any help would be very welcome. Thanking you all in advance
  3. Wanted as the above please! Also looking for any cat back bits in 3" thanks!
  4. Afternoon All, A while ago i swapped out the old london underground half leathers for full grey leather from what i was told was a P80 V70. (seats were not in the car when i bought them, so could have been from an 855) Drivers is electric memory, passenger is manually adjustable. All fitted nicely, made up the wiring to make the electric seat adjuster work, and all is hunkey dory. Aside from drivers heated seat wont heat. when i looked, i found the live coming from the car, into a plug which plugged into a plug on the seat, but the live didnt match up to a wire. just an empty port on the seat plug. So, my question is, does anyone know where the wire from the seat pads goes? or its colour? on seats from a v70? the passenger seat has red and yellow wires which match perfectly to the seat plug with wires of the same colour and they work fine. just the drivers seat i am struggling with. Any and all help greatly appreciated. Dave
  5. Hi guys Selling the engine removed from my fully working T5 as been replaced with a forged unit For sale Volvo 850 T5 engine removed from 1996 850 estate. Fully working was removed as had built a donor forged engine so this is now surplus. Been stored briefly covered and with oil in bores and sump to prevent corrosion. No leaks when running or removed but I have also oiled areas such as rear main seal/crank to prevent rust etc. No turbo Will possibly require a small paper gasket for where water pipe enters head as I undid this to check a bolt so it may have lost its seal. Available from Volvo for around 3 pounds and 5 minute fit if you do decide to be safe and change it. I don't live near a dealer now but if I do get a chance il pick the part up. No ancillaries or turbo but has most of turbo pipework if not all, distributor, spark plugs, oil cooler lines and top engine mount Collection only as very heavy! If you want to arrange a courier and package engine more than welcome to do so (already on pallet) Thanks for looking
  6. Got a full set of connecting rods and pistons from a 1996 Volvo 850 T5 to sell Removed from a 850 T5 hpt b5234t donor engine which was a project for forged internals Fully working no bends but will require new piston rings and check gudgeon pins for clips as cannot remember if are all there now! Easily interchangeable with ones that come out of old engine if needed Looking for around £40 Thanks for looking
  7. Hi everyone just thought I'd introduce myself. Recently brought a 2002 c70 2.5t that I'll be using as a track day toy Why a 2.5 not a t5 I hear you say, well it came up very cheap at only £200 and will be replacing my mk1 focus I'm after any help you can provide with modifications and tips on what upgrades can be used from other models Thanks in advance
  8. Hey guys, Just got the new purchase home. I am now the very proud owner of a scruffy 1994 850 Turbo. Yay!!!!! Pics tomorrow as i forgot to take some in my excitement.
  9. Hi guys, I'm completely stumped. I've just fitted a kinugawa waste gate to my stock 1996 850 T5 as I've been having trouble with boost dropping. The waste gate has come with a variety of springs, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 bar but I have no idea which ones I'm supposed to be using for a stock car. I currently have 0.5 bar fitted which boosts fine to start with but will not go above about 0.4 bar according to my gauge Are the springs the upper limit boost I.e a 0.5 bar spring will only allow up to 0.5 bar of boost or have I got it set up wrong? I had a feeling the old Volvo ones were set with about 4 psi of preload pressure which is about 0.3 bar however my new one is set with barely any pressure at all as I figured the weighting of the springs took care of that? Please help! Thanks
  10. Also have rear seat leather covers in beige in good condition see eBay auction for more detail and pictures 162207995958 And s60 rear mats eBay number 162208013692 Thanks
  11. Hello all, I've spent the summer working on my "new" 855 platinum. For those who don't know the platinum or "tla" was an anniversary trim option volvo offered in 1996 for the US market. Something like 500 of the wagons (estate) were made and they are distinguishable by the 3 tone metallic pearl paint, persus rims and fully loaded interior. So far I have done a major suspension overhaul, in the midst of completing stage 0, and planning for a transmission swap in the next year or two. The goal for this car is to find a balance between speed and comfort, practicality and fun, while maintaining a clean yet subdued look. Build Thread: DSC04533.jpg DSC04608.jpg New tires The biggest issue I have right now is the way my tires and suspension have worked out. I am happy with the Eibach + FSD route - comfortable stability that looks pretty good. I bought 215/55 16"s as I was told there is minimal interference with the body. My experience has been different as the tires will rub on big bumps where the front bumper meets the metal wheel arch. This has been a giant pain that may end up costing me a bunch of extra money. It's possible the FSD's are too soft... oh well. Happy to be a part of the community!
  12. Hi guys Quick one, what is normal or acceptable oil pressure for a 96 850 t5 engine? After many angers getting my mechanical gauge in I'm getting around 85-95psi cold idle, once warmed up doing 10-20 miles on motorway I get idle 25-30 psi and at 4K rpm around 75-80 psi and the average seems to be around 60 psi during normal gentle driving. Engine is newly rebuilt including bored, clean and running absolutely fine with no consumption or lifter noises etc. Oil is 5w40 fully synth Cheers!
  13. Hi guys....and the odd girl I hope. After many years of hankering after a gul yellow 850 T5-R I've just taken the plunge with an auto saloon. I'm completely new to Volvos but have wielded spanners before on Beemers and VWs. Although all the fluids look pretty fresh I plan to service and improve it over the summer. Does anyone have any tips on how I can make sensible improvements as I go. I'm thinking about recommendations for engine and auto transmission fluids, bushes, better air filters etc. I like to keep things pretty original looking but am happy to improve and enhance as I go. In addition my car started to get a sort of missfire/hesitancy, mainly on a trailing or part throttle. It made the lambda light come on the dash. I've squirted the MAF with some electrical connector cleaner today which seems to have cured it, although I've only driven 15 miles since. I should say I hadn't driven the Volvo for about two weeks prior. Has anyone had anything similar and if so should I expect the fault to come back? Finally for now my car is a Japanese import. Does anyone know if there is any difference in the quality of the rust proofing between Japanese and Euro spec cars? Look forward to any ideas and thoughts on the above. Cheers Peter
  14. Hi everyone! Just signed up to the forum tonight. I've had my gul yellow 850 T5-R saloon for about a month and would like to ask a few technical questions on the forum. How do I go about this? Also I'm based in Hampshire. Is there a local social scene? Cheers Peter
  15. Morning all, I have just aquired a load cover (broken, wont retract, but will deal with that later) but i cannot for the life of me figure out how it fits. Does anyone have any photos of the load cover in situ, the fitting recess in the car, or any pics at all so i could verify that i do indeed have the correct load cover, im not missing any pieces and the car has everything it needs to receive it? Thanks in advance.
  16. so, as part of the stage 0, thora is having her cracked expansion tank replaced, and a coolant flush. with the rad empty, i could remove it to get to the intercooler and give that a rinse. my question is, if thora is a 1994 850 turbo, she must have had the rip kit that she now has fitted from new? if the intercooler piping has been going top to bottom all her life, how much crap could possibly be in there? wouldnt it all have been sucked in, burned and blown out? is it worth taking it out and rinsing? discuss. (there are no pesky aircon pipes/rads to worry about)
  17. morning all, i know i am becoming a pain in the arse, but does anyone know if you can remove the interior boot trim panel to gain access to the boot release mechanism without actually opening the boot? the boot is shut, and wont open. outer and inner handles no longer connected to the lock catch. i have managed to pry the top part of the panel away and pull out what i assume is a lock system conecting rod, but cant seem to free the bottom of the panel to gain complete access. dont want to force it if the boot needs to be open to do it. any ideas/sugestions greatly received. Thanks guys.
  18. hi guys I am back on my engine rebuild project after a long break! (money...) but have an issue. due to bore wear I had to rebore so am now at 83mm not 81mm so the same as a 2.4l t5 or r i believe. However now my stock t5 850 head gasket slightly overhangs the top of the bore. I have heard that an s60r gasket can be used but the ?coolant holes seem different. Is this true can it be directly applied? Do i even need to if a little overhang isnt a problem? i compared the 2 at volvo today and the difference in diameter of each bore on the gaskets themselves is only 1mm between the 850 and the r strangely, i thought they would be like the bores and have a bigger difference.... thanks for your help! Si
  19. Anyone got a fan motor going spare? Going to replace the heater resistor switch, but the motor has just started squealing. Dont want to replace the resistor only to have a duff motor destroy it. I can pay via paypal, collect within reasonable distance of manchester area or willing to pay postage. Pm me if you can help. Thanks guys/girls.
  20. Morning all, Time to delve once again into your vast bank of knowledge. If you dont mind. :-) Heater fan blower motor thing in the 850 is only blowing on number 4. What would be the most likely culprit for this? Switch, relay, motor, is there a resistor pack? All info gratefully received. :-)
  21. I know i am probably hoping for too much, but is it possible to read live data from motronic 4.3 without an OBD2 port? i dont think my 1994 has one. I would like to be able to display the data on a neat lcd screen rather than a dozen 52mm gauges.
  22. Does anyone know if LHD 850's have different door mirrors to RHD? found these at parts for but it says for LHD only, and i am a little confused. i cant think of any reason why you would need LHD to have different mirrors, other that wide angle glass on the other side. anyone shed any light?
  23. Hello again guys. More opinions/advice required please. As part of my stage 0, i would like to replace the dirty horrible auto gearbox fluid. i am unsure tho about the best way to go about this. i cant see a drain plug, and with volvo's 'sealed for life' policy, i'm thinking there probably won't be one. i did find a small 12v oil pump on ebay and was wondering, if i warm the fluid up, stop the engine, pump all the fluid out into a graduated container and replace with the same amount of fresh fluid, would this be a good idea? i get that i wont get all the fluid this way, but if i repeat the process once a week for a few weeks, i think i may end up with clean, fresh fluid and a well flushed box. am i nuts, or am i thinking in the right direction?
  24. Morning all. So i have the volvo, the guy kindly threw in the spoiler, but due to some 'orrible toerag kids, the spoiler is lo longer attached to the car. I need brackets to refit it, but according to my local volvo stealership, fitting kits are no longer available. Does anyone have a fitting kit lying around that begs to be used?
  25. Does anyone have any idea why a 1994 850 would be half heartedly trying to sound its alarm/horn? (Two horns in front of radiator, but only trying to sound one of them)