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Found 4 results

  1. I was hoping to see if anyone might now where I might be able to get a set of brackets to upgrade to 320 discs and Volvo v40 / Ford st calipers? I see that DVS in the states do them but they seem very expensive also factoring in delivery. With that in mind I was keen to see if I can get some locally? can anyone also confirm that this upgrade will be ok with 17inch comets? Any help is much appreciated. Paul.
  2. I am after some technical advice... I am in need of replacing my standard rear pads on 1998 v70r, im changing them to Ferodo but I am having difficulties matching the pads.. Im in contact with Circuit Supplies who are a main supplier and they have ben in contact with Ferodo techical, the pads they have are very close but springs are slightly different etc. Ive have been given FDB676 as being the closest that they have. Can anyone advise what will fit or if these are the ones? Ive given the original parts number 272291, now 31261186 Thank you in advance Paul.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for carriers for 302mm brakes. Thanks
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a brake set up for a '96 850R running 17' Volan alloys. Im looking at doing discs, pads and calipers in one hit. Also if anyone knows of a good specialist in the south near Guildford to do the work?! Thanks, Milhouse