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  1. Got to thin the fleet out again so the Volvo is up for sale. Here are the key points. 165k miles 9 months MOT BSR tuned. Goes very well. Box fine, no crunches etc, clutch doesn't slip, engine purrs and is mechanically sound. It won't let you down. Lots and lots of history, both Keys present , cambbelt, water pump etc all been done. Interior is in very good condition. No rips etc and everything works. Has fancy wheels, roof bars, spoiler and tow bar (never been used) In my ownership it has had Aux belt, tensioner and pulleys done along with new Intercooler and a full service. No rust on the car anywhere. Bad Points There is a small dent on the rear door (body shop quoted £40 to have pulled). There is an occasional rumble/knocking when driving along. It doesn't affect handling etc but you can definitely hear something. I asked my tester to investigate at the time of MOT and he was convinced it was the rear ARB drop links and passenger side ball joint (both of which were changed) but the noise remained after. I'm at a loss to what it could be and honestly haven't a clue. It could be as simple as an exhaust rubber that's gone and is knocking. The drivers side wing mirror casing is missing due to a crazy pensioner deciding he'd had enough of driving on his side of the road. The glass is still intact but the cowling is missing. The fuel gauge only reads up to half way. It is accurate below this but it won't read over it. It's been a great work horse and is very reliable and economic but can also be great fun and achieve 140MPH if you desire. Asking price is £600 and the car is based in Walsall in the West Midlands. Any questions please feel free to DM me.
  2. ​Hi All, ​Tried to find a pretty clean, low mileage 850T5R a few years back as wanted to take myself back to the days of BTCC when Racing Volvo estate's rocked my known world. ​Surprisingly, I did the next best thing and bought a low mileage (83,000miles) 1998 Saffron Pearl V70R AWD from a guy down in Luton for £3,450. This meant flying all the way down to Luton, from Aberdeen, with my 8yr old son, at the time, to go see it, and of course, buy it. As we arrived late at night, there was no real test drive. Paperwork, cash handover, then Premier Inn, before heading back up the road...No probs...for the 1st year that is. Then it started. It was one thing after another. Change this, change that, then the biggie . . . White smoke!!! New cylinder head gasket here we go. So...Engine out, down to Glasgow, re-furb, back again, into car. All that pallava took 1 year. Then there was the turbo re-furb etc. etc. etc. Now if I was a sane individual, which I'm afraid I'm not, I should've called up the knackers yard and had them come tow her away as soon as I heard how much it was going to cost to fix. I tried to find a replacement engine, but afraid, rare as rocking horse sh1t. The engine gig alone cost £2,000, never mind turbo's and heater matrix's and all. ​Anywhoose, finally got her back on the road April this year, only to find she was smoking just as much as before, except this time, the colour isn't white :0 ( ​So this is where we are...Mate who own Caledonia Autotech in Turriff has just called to tell me the bad news. Engine re-build. Re-bore, New pistons etc. etc. The price? Well thinking not much change out of £2,000, if not more. So what to do? ​I love the car (Reason why I still have her, and why I've spent so much cash) so trying to keep her as original as possible. Having hemorrhaged sooo much cash so far, which of the following is the best option : Go for a proper re-furb and get her lighting up the tarmac again, whilst having to re-mortgage my house (Keeping it quiet from her indoors) to do so. ​Try to find a replacement engine...Do u guys know what to replace it with, where to find it, so keeping the Beast as original as possible. ​Sell it as is (Car is in pretty good nick for its age, and reason why I didn't want to scrap it in the 1st place. ​Or lastly... ​Send it to Volvo Scrap Heaven!!?! ​So gentlemen, your thoughts and expert advice if you'd be so kind. All Help and Assistance with the above would be very much appreciated. ​Doogie Broon ​p.s. I don't really have room outside the house for her anywhoose (So), Got laid off from my Oil & Gas job last December (Again . . . So), and the wife thinks she looks like a hearse . . . But hey, V70 R Saffy01.bmpV70 R Saffy01.bmp what does she know!!?!
  3. Also have rear seat leather covers in beige in good condition see eBay auction for more detail and pictures 162207995958 And s60 rear mats eBay number 162208013692 Thanks
  4. For sale is my beloved Volvo V70 R FWD Manual 7 seater in Saffron. 187003 miles with lot of receipts and history New discs and pads on the back , new cv boots , new front bottom arms, new battery ,new wipers and will have a fresh 12 months mot on by next week. Has forge dump valve ,forge silicone pipes with huge filter piped into the bumper , hardpipe install intercooler kit. Bodywork is in great condition, has a tiny dint in the n/s/r door and a scrape on the front n/s bumper and rear o/s bumper and a mark on the bonnet. The usual wear and tear on the front end form stone chips but nothing major. The interior is in fantastic condition and has the diamond stitching on the half leather electric heated seats. I installed the Volvo 7 seat conversion In the boot which is ideal for smaller children. It has 18" alloys on with low profile tyres on that still have a decent bit of tread left on them. Only bad bits is the abs and traction control don't work but this is my 3 red Volvo that didn't have that working. It's usually the abs sensor on the wheel. Also not sure about the cruise control will have to check. This is a quick car, standard power is 250 bhp 350 nm on these cars and with the mods its poss pushing 260+ The last owner claimed it had a Ricca 310 bhp ecu fitted but I have no proof of this and I have had a 310 bhp T5 and it felt quicker than this although that had an electronic boost controller fitted. Anyway this is a well looked after classic car that is getting harder to find. I am located in Denton m34 postcode Manchester viewing is welcome May px for sports bike either straight swap or cash my way such as gsxr 750 R1 or open to offers or Dj equipment WHY but no cars
  5. Ok guys, I bought this car just over a year ago and literally only used it for a few months. I havent used it since June/July time. Ive got loads of paperwork with the vast majority of receipts being from the volvo dealer. It runs petfectly and drives great. No knocks, bangs or play in anything. The a/c works fine as does everything. The only reason I stopped using it was because the ignition key or barrel is faulty and kills the engine after about 1 second. Once running however, its fine. Its in good condition for its age. The interior is pretty immaculate other than a melted steering wheel. It has the typical bumper grazes seen on the front corner of most v/s70's and there is a little bit of laquer peel on the bonnet. There is no rust anywhere though. The tyres arent too bad but could probably do with a front. Unfortunatly the car has no MOT but I have no doubt it would pass with very little fuss. I bought it for £1200 but which its worth alday long. Im realistic though and with no mot and the key problem I'm only after £300 or a good offer. Will try snd get some pictures up later.
  6. Owned the vehicle for about two months, have done approx 1500 miles in it without issue, Cant afford to run it sadly, hitting me hard in the pocket, so offered for sale. Would like what i paid for it £1100. Brilliant motor, goes like the preverbial off a shovel and loves a drink, (20mpg round the doors and a whopping 34 on the motorway !! ) Everything works, Cruise, RCL, Windows, Mirrors, Sunroof, CD Player, Heaters etc.. Plenty of Tax & Test left. Vehicle is ready to drive away. Good tread all round 5-6mm. Suede and Leather interior, Dark walnut trim. (All standard) 226K Brand new genuine Volvo discs and pads all round fitted shortly after purchase, Full brake fluid flush. Plugs cleaned and gapped, Vacuum hoses replaced. Starts first time everytime and runs and drives as a T-5R should. Viewings welcome. Car in daily use so mileage will increase.