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  1. Hi all first time posting today, long time reader but this time ive hit a brick wall. Came home last night and noticed i had left a trail of oil from leaving previously, too late last night ive since been out and had a look today. Removed the cambelt cover didnt seem to be too much oil but then started the engine to determine where it was coming from. By god all of a sudden there was oil everywhere ( even on the back of my van parked 5 foot away ) i did however notice the rear camshaft pulley moving in and out on start up, is that normal? My car is a 2005 v70 2.4 t5 Happy Easter all
  2. I dont know if anyone can offer any advice on this as im spending lots of money and chasing my tail. 1998 V70R AWD 117k engine which ive had rebuilt with stronger rods, hybrid 18t turbo, bigger intercooler, s60r manifold, custom 3 inch downpipe, 3 inch exhaust all the way through with a fast flow cat. Green injectors and Tim helped me out and did the mapping for me, he didnt do the rebuild as I didnt know of him when I started the project.. There is more work ive had done but I would need to dig out paperwork. So thats the insight to the engine The issue im leaking oil from the oil cap and back cap as you can see from the image. So what I have done: The garage replaced all the PCV as it was smoking from dipstick etc and oil under the top cover etc so I thought this was the fix..... Sadly not the case. So next step was to replace the oil cap seal.... no joy Next step was to try and tighten the spring that holds the cap in place.... the issue got worse. Replaced the oil cap with genuine Volvo one and the issue seemed to stop for a while and a month on its leaking again. My plan was to try and put two seals on the cap but I cant get it back on so thats a no go. Ive also noticed that after the engine has been run and then you start it again shortly afterwards you get a puff of blue / white smoke then you rev it and again you get another puff and it clears. As mentioned this is a rebuilt engine, new turbo etc Oil wise im losing about half the dipstick in about 500 miles because of the oil cap as I lost no oil when the new cap went on and it didnt leak for that short period Any suggestions would be great Paul.
  3. Hello, I happily strolled out to my 1998 p1 V70r the other day ready for work to find my drivers footwell with a good 2 inches of water in it! It had been raining hard so my initial thoughts were the sunroof drains.. Anyways I sponged the water from the foot well and ive since been driving round with the heater on and the windows down to get rid of the wet dog smell. I removed the a pillar cover thinking I would find a pipe and a connector, as per the various youtube videos I have watched mainly on the newer models as there was nothing on the p1. However I didnt find the pipe or the connector. So I pushed down into the drain a soft wire and then poured water into the sunroof tray and it seems to drain fine. Anyways thinking it was fixed I was happy. This morning after a good rain storm I have come out to a spongy carpet with water underneath, so a squelchy sound.... glad it was not the pond I had before but now thinking where are you coming from??? Can anyone offer any advice on where the drain pipe is as I couldnt find it in the a pillar? also is that the problem? Door seals seem find, drains under the bonnet all seem clear... Im thinking that I managed to reduce the water by tinkering the the sunroof drains so is it still that... Any help would be much appreciated. Paul.
  4. Well not so much blew off rather broke off! Managed to nurture it off the road and turn the engine off as the needle was rapidly rising. Opened the bonnet and saw the pipe had come off - trouble is the outlet on the rad had sheared off leaving about half an inch to fit the pipe on. The jubilee clip on the pipe had rusted solid so couldn't re-use it (and it was still clamped to the part that had sheared off. Luckily my mate was following in the van so had my tool box at hand to try and remove the jubilee. Ended up going to a parts place in the van and buying some more clips. The existing outlet on the rad was enough to fasten a clip onto and luckily where I had stopped was able to fill a 5 litre container I keep in my car (which I'd just used to fill the washer bottle...).So far it's OK but I've not booted it and kept it under 2k revs. Never tell anyone you have never had any trouble with your car as it wil call you a liar! Trouble is I am now wary of the fact that my rad fix will break so it looks like a new/used rad is needed. Are these easy to fit? I don't fancy a whopping garage bill or is there a way of extending the outlet pipe. Oh the joys of motoring...