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  1. Hello, My name is Mike and I previously had a bad oil leak (in late December). I discovered that it was coming from the front camshaft, and so I bought it and replaced it. The main problem I am having is that I didn't understand that the camshafts are not marked in any way or only a one-way fit... so I didn't mark them at all when I was taking them off. I've tried to adjust them, spin them (and by now it's about the 4th time I've tried to rotate them), and I think there are only about 9 different ways that they can actually fit onto the car (3 holes in each of the two pulleys- 3x3=9). A few questions that I have are is this a one-person job (can it be done alone), is there any quick and easy way to do this (since I am beginning to get really frustrated trying this), and is there any more information that I need to finish this job? I feel like I'm getting nowhere. Thanks in advance for all of your help. :-)
  2. Whilst browsing the ads over festive break (as any petrol head does) , I noticed that 90% of all S60R and V70R models listed (and likely to be listed) are by a company called Locate A Car Ltd (ebay name : locateacaruk) with the following address; Locate A Car Limited Viewing By Appointment Only Lichfield Staffordshire WS14 9QX A couple of the adverts are listed below; 2003 Volvo S60R £5950 2004 S60R £7950 2003 Volvo S60R £6450 Does anyone have any dealings with this lot or know if its anything linked to that Dana Miah fella in some way?
  3. Need an s60r front bumper, if you have one, I would also need if possible, the headlight washers, the plastic support beam behind the bumper and also the plastic side mounts what sit underneath the headlights, Please message me on here or text me on 07943207885, I will pick the bumper up May need a few other parts if you are breaking an s60r, but ill speak to you more in depth about that if you are breaking one, thanks.
  4. Also have rear seat leather covers in beige in good condition see eBay auction for more detail and pictures 162207995958 And s60 rear mats eBay number 162208013692 Thanks
  5. Hi, this is my first post on this forum, Im working on my volvo s 60 2.0t and found this problem with aftermarket intercooler which im going to put on my volvo, old intercooler have intergrated IAT ( Intake Air Temperature) which is flat and square and cant be fitted into new pipes, New intercooler doesnt have this mounting for IAT, does universal types of IAT work good with volvos?? where should I install it ? does anyone have AIRTEC intercooler behind bumper? I found 2 pictures of universal IAT's any advice will be appreciated
  6. I'm after a mte map for my car. Does anyone know where I can take it to get it done. I don't have enough confidence to do it myself purchasing the files. Please help.
  7. ​ S60R on an 03 plate, in Cosmos Blue and Gobi Leather Interior (light sand colour) 4WD Spec: Full SE pack with all the toys, built in phone, sat nav , TV, heated seats, sunroof, tinted windows, 6speed manual. Turbo Dynamics Hybrid Turbo - about 20 miles done all paperwork included MTE stage 2 remap 3" custom cat back exhaust ITG filter Aquamist HFS3-v3 progressive system with gauge in custom pod Toyo sport FMIC (rated to 450BHP) Evolve springs (now elevate) custom 3" CAI (cold air induction) Greddy Info touch obd2 gauge Blitz DC2 60mm Blue Boost Gauge in blue to match the R dials, also mounted in the custom pod QBM frontStrut brace conversion EST front grooved discs Powerflex - top engine mount, gearbox torque mount, front wishbones, subframe inserts, SuperBlue brake fluid 2008 rear light conversion-tinted IMIV iPod 18" genuine Pegasus wheels S60R personal number plate Also had new clutch, flywheel, angle gear sleeve only done 1k miles since 4x new tyres. New battery Front and rear hole-less parking sensors Mileage 136903 Regularly serviced, just been done Currently SORN No MOT - (a full MOT can be arranged on deposit of £500 being paid or full amount paid Cash or cleared funds before the car is taken. ) I am open to sensible offers message me with questions and offers. £5500
  8. Hello all, I'm currently researching the differences between the installations of the petrol fuel tanks, diesel tanks, LPG and CNG fuel systems in the P2 S60. I have an S60 D5 so can get the images and info I need from this car. However, I'd be very grateful if someone could post an equivalent picture of the underneath of a petrol and LPG S60 for comparison. Ideally I'm looking for something like the IPD images of the subframe but instead of the back of the car. Would anyone with a bifuel model have some photos of the LPG and petrol tank installation? Plus the pipework used for the LPG and routing along the chassis. A full underbody photo like the one below (not of a Volvo) would be super ideal too but I can't find any online yet. Thanks so much! Taken of an S60 motorshow exhibit (small steel tanks under the seats) V70 P2 . Nice pic of the Type 4 CNG tanks but the chap is in the way! Petrol tank standard size? Ahead of the rear axle? What's usually in the area where the CNG tank is here? Cargo floor area standard? I'm looking for equivalent pictures to these IPD ones but of the rear of the car in an S60 (ideally) or V70 petrol, LPG bi-fuel and CNG -> factory original version
  9. Hi guys Im sure this has been mentioned before but im after a bit of specific advice... I bought a s60r exhaust manifold ages ago for my 850 build and have just noticed 2 cracks inside the manifold So basically is this a problem or can I just use it as they arent showing in any way on the back side of the manifold. could they be welded? could I just port out my original t5 manifold for similar performance? Iv uploaded my 850 t5 manifold as well for reference Thanks all!
  10. Hi guys Okay so the story, my 2002 Volvo S 60 T5 has been burning a lot of oil for a number of years now, gets through probably a litre in 4 to 500 miles. Smokes after running down a long hill but also smokes sometimes when you put your foot down hard and I've been at a loss as to why this oil is going. Pcv is clear, Had the turbo rebuild (but I question whether it was done properly) about a year and half ago thinking it might be that but now I think it might also be the valvestem seals as the engine seems to be full of gunk and probably wasn't well looked after and its previous life. Engine has only done 95,000 miles. Anyway I came to compression test it today to see how things looked inside and the results were Not good. My technique may not be the best but I remove the fuel pump relay and remove the coil packs from the wires and took out the plugs, then turn the engine over five times per cylinder. First time round I forgot to keep the throttle wide open however didn't seem to make much difference when I did The results I got basically were cylinder one abd 5 were extremely low building up to a maximum of about 90, the other three werent are bad at about 150. Putting some oil in the low cylinders picked them up by about 20 but still not much better And doing it with throttle wide-open made no difference. Either way there is A big range in the cylinders The only thing that makes me wonder is that the car will start hot or cold within 3 to 5 cranks which is better than my 850 starts with compression of 150 all round, it Also pulls like a train and 0-60 time seems somewhere within the target value of about seven seconds. Is there anything other than piston rings that can cause low compression but halfway decent performance? I thought bad compression would lead to struggling to start and lose a lot of power? Thanks very much in advance Si
  11. Hi guys I have a 2002 Volvo S60 which has developed an annoying problem with the boot not being able to be opened with the handle switch, only the key fob or the key. At the moment when the engine is turned off the only way I can open the boot is either mechanically with the key or using the boot opening function of the key fob. The handle switch does absolutely nothing. When I turn the ignition on or off this triggers the boot to open and if I try and use the handle switch with the engine running it blows the fuse to the rear light clusters and the numberplate lights but does open the boot most times. Today I had a probe with a multimeter on the resistance setting testing it on the wires that lead from the handle, from the lock mechanism itself, and up from the wirejoint that runs behind the left light clusters out of the bodywork into the boot lid, to see if any of the wires were broken. All of the wires and connections showed resistance on the meter in the same way as a piece of new speaker wire does (so I assume are patent), except for a small brown and blue wire which runs from inside the boot of the car up to the first joint in the boot lid where the wire splits to the lock and the handle, which showed no resistance. Because of this I am assuming that maybe this wire has a break? However I bridged it with a piece of new speaker wire which then showed a resistance on the meter but did not solve the problem. I have changed the latch mechanism giving the same problem as before, and tested the switch in the handle using the meter which shows resistance when it is depressed and held. I don't know enough about car wiring to go any further and am at my wits end now so would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks very much!
  12. I know this is not exactly "Performance" related but I need a little assistance with the install of a hands free kit for my newly aquired 2004 S60 D5. I have been sold a SOT-043 lead to which I have connected to the head unit (HU 803) and the iOPlay2 kit. On the phone side the kit controls the hone and makes calls, but on the HU side I can't hear anything the phone is doing as it does not interupt the stereo at all. The kit came in a plastic bag with no instructions!, I am guessing that as I have only installed the green connector through port that I should be looking for the large grey connectors to the amplifier, or maybe not as I have no clue! Has anyone fitted the SOT-043 to the back of the HU 803 unit and had success, and could you let me know what goes where. So far I have read about 20 different articles and none of them tell me what to do with the grey connectors! Cheers PS loving the D5....
  13. Hi all, I'm new here and in search of some expert advise, I've been working on a car that is now driving me up the wall. I have a volvo s60 D5 which threw up various codes, have solved most of the issues but the only code that remains is P0108, this points to the MAF sensor, this has been changed but still have the same issue. The car has serious lose of power with excessive black smoke. The whole problem began when the cam belt had jumped about 6 tooth, replaced the cam belt and the car started up ok but noticed that there was a dhug dhug sound coming from the air box. I thought maybe the valves may have got slightly damaged, so did a compression test and all 5 cylinders are showing over 800psi. I carried out the following jobs: checked all vacuum lines checked engine mounts for leaks changed governor valve ( this wasnt working before, now the turbo ectuator works) cleaned out EGR valve cleaned MAP sensor replaced MAF sensor Checked cooler for splits checked all boost pipes The turbo itself seems to be working well, but just no power, the car barely reaches 60mph and slows down even more uphill as though it is stuck in limp mode. there are no lights on directing to any faults just p0108 through my code reader, I know this code has been covered here before but I cant seem to find any resolution that would fix the issue I seem to have. The whole problem seems to have stemmed from the timing belt jumping a few tooth, valve timing has been set correctly too. Any help would be much appreciated, I'm close to giving up with this car as I have now spent allot of time and money. Can any of you geniuses work this one out? look forward to your replies.
  14. Hi All, Completely new to this forum, was looking for some help and advice from more experienced and mechanically-minded Volvo owners. I bought a 2007 S60 D5 manual yesterday. It's got 130,000 on the clock, runs smooth and is very tidy in and out. Today a warning message came up: 'engine service required' - gutted as I was really happy with the car! Car went into limp mode every now and again, so I took it into a Volvo specialist. Guy spotted that the swirl flap linkage was broken and said he'd have it replaced in minutes. When he tried to replace it, he said the swirl flap itself has too much 'play' in it and will need replacing. This would involve taking rocker cover off, injectors out, amongst other things - total price would be around £225, but I think that's + VAT Does that sound reasonable? The guy seemed nice but I know nothing about engines! Assuming I'm not being ripped off, what else should I get checked/changed while it's in? The car has a part service history and I want to make sure it's in tip top shape when it comes out. Can anyone recommend what else I should get done? Thanks for your help in advance. Chris
  15. Hi, im new to this but I'm considering fitting an upgraded intercooler to my 163bhp s60 d5, has anybody done this and did it make much of a difference ? I've just seen a performance auto parts store selling quite a large intercooler that they'd had on display in their shop for £30, he said it would fit a d5 but I'm just wondering if it's worth it and how hard a job it would be ? Thanks.
  16. Hi all, new arrival here and not really after much advice - yet! I have an S60 D5 and an 850 T5, I also work for a Volvo independent up north so will hope to contribute as well as ask for info. Will be looking through posts etc in the near future.