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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys I'm after a good condition m56 manual gearbox from a p1 classic v70 petrol. Failing that an 850 would also do. Thanks!
  2. J just been to the garage and talking to them the guys seem to think wheel bearings are diff? - they believe that the police spec T5 wheel bearings are different ? how, what , why ? which do i need from bullseye if poss for a 2008 reg T5 anybody? thanks Like this
  3. I was hoping to see if anyone might now where I might be able to get a set of brackets to upgrade to 320 discs and Volvo v40 / Ford st calipers? I see that DVS in the states do them but they seem very expensive also factoring in delivery. With that in mind I was keen to see if I can get some locally? can anyone also confirm that this upgrade will be ok with 17inch comets? Any help is much appreciated. Paul.
  4. jus bought 58reg v70 T5, 220k ex police couple things - its required 2 x 1ltr top ups, when i bought it i cheked water level before and after test drive and seemed fine, it feels a bit greasy when i dip my finger in it but not loads? 24mpg? really? after few k's on m'ways aswell! - is there a fault? shudders really bad and even had a loud knock under medium/ heavy braking? new discs and pads on the way hopefully sort it? tyre rub in the wheel arches with 225 45 17 (standard alloys )? after a short but "fun" drive the fan keeps running when i stop on the drive, the temp gauge points to 12o clock all the time I'm normally used to it being 10/11 o'clock ish an not moving at all tbh A pre emptive thanks to anyone helping me out
  5. I dont know if anyone can offer any advice on this as im spending lots of money and chasing my tail. 1998 V70R AWD 117k engine which ive had rebuilt with stronger rods, hybrid 18t turbo, bigger intercooler, s60r manifold, custom 3 inch downpipe, 3 inch exhaust all the way through with a fast flow cat. Green injectors and Tim helped me out and did the mapping for me, he didnt do the rebuild as I didnt know of him when I started the project.. There is more work ive had done but I would need to dig out paperwork. So thats the insight to the engine The issue im leaking oil from the oil cap and back cap as you can see from the image. So what I have done: The garage replaced all the PCV as it was smoking from dipstick etc and oil under the top cover etc so I thought this was the fix..... Sadly not the case. So next step was to replace the oil cap seal.... no joy Next step was to try and tighten the spring that holds the cap in place.... the issue got worse. Replaced the oil cap with genuine Volvo one and the issue seemed to stop for a while and a month on its leaking again. My plan was to try and put two seals on the cap but I cant get it back on so thats a no go. Ive also noticed that after the engine has been run and then you start it again shortly afterwards you get a puff of blue / white smoke then you rev it and again you get another puff and it clears. As mentioned this is a rebuilt engine, new turbo etc Oil wise im losing about half the dipstick in about 500 miles because of the oil cap as I lost no oil when the new cap went on and it didnt leak for that short period Any suggestions would be great Paul.
  6. Hello, I own a V70 D5 2006 model. I bought second hand from Volvo garage representative in Thailand, Chiang Mai with 134000Km in Feb 15. After 1 and 1/2 year and 60000 Km more I got a message that my soot filter was full. Reporting to the garage few times with them not being able to fix it, it turned out that I had to change the particulate filter and the pressure sensor. The amount I had to pay for those parts amounts to 10% of the total price I paid for the car. Cherry on the cake they don't want to restitute me the old particulate filter which I could sale for an uncertain amount of money. However this is not the point of money it is that I feel this old spare part belongs to me as I bought it with the car. Is this specific to Volvo Thailand or is this a worldwide Volvo Policy? I also found a bit odd that a particulate filter has to be changed after 200 000 km on this car. I have seen on some forums that it could be cleaned up but my garage claimed it could not be done. In brief, I have the feeling of being ripped off. Does anyone knows more about these problems with particulate filter? Sorry eventhough I am a scientist, I have no mechanical knowledge. Thanks in advance.
  7. hi, dads 2008 v70 has intermittent problem with front and rear windscreen washers. headlight washers work fine all the time, but the windows just wipe with no wash. there is water in the bottle. do they run a separate fuse, or separate pumps? are the pumps replaceable? Any and all thoughts, however seemingly obvious, greatly appreciated. Thanks Peeps.
  8. quick question? I have just bought a 2006 XC70 D5 (ex police) apart from no main beam a well sorted car. because its an xc70 will get chucked out
  9. Hi folks New to this, and just bought 2009 Volvo v70 2.4 d 175bhp r design manual. I'm sure this has been asked before, but looking for advice on remaps. Seem to be able to find lots of info on earlier 163 and 185.... But not much about remapping this version. I'm not looking to go mad, as I want the car to really last. Currently 85k on the clock...... Would like to see 200k before it goes. Something between 195-225 bhp would be nice. What is the manual box like for strength.... Clutches etc too? Been reading about polestar...... But £800 sounds a lot for 195bhp which seems to be what this maps too.... Despite the 163 going to 205?!!! (Sorry if this isn't correct but seems to be what I have found) Heard about Mte, Rica and bsr.... I live in Warwickshire, and whilst it would be nice to have somebody local, more than happy to travel a fair distance to get the job fine right. Any help apreciated Thanks
  10. Have a 2011 v70 d5 and started getting tailgate open message coming up even though tailgate shut. It has got worse over the last month to on all of the time now. This means I have no rear wiper. Reverse lights or heat window. I have replaced the lock but no good. I then adjusted the bracket the lock goes onto as looked slightly off centre . this worked for 3 starts but now back to getting message again. Spent half hour with bracket in different positions but still getting message. Any help would be appreciated to sort this out Thanks
  11. For sale is my beloved Volvo V70 R FWD Manual 7 seater in Saffron. 187003 miles with lot of receipts and history New discs and pads on the back , new cv boots , new front bottom arms, new battery ,new wipers and will have a fresh 12 months mot on by next week. Has forge dump valve ,forge silicone pipes with huge filter piped into the bumper , hardpipe install intercooler kit. Bodywork is in great condition, has a tiny dint in the n/s/r door and a scrape on the front n/s bumper and rear o/s bumper and a mark on the bonnet. The usual wear and tear on the front end form stone chips but nothing major. The interior is in fantastic condition and has the diamond stitching on the half leather electric heated seats. I installed the Volvo 7 seat conversion In the boot which is ideal for smaller children. It has 18" alloys on with low profile tyres on that still have a decent bit of tread left on them. Only bad bits is the abs and traction control don't work but this is my 3 red Volvo that didn't have that working. It's usually the abs sensor on the wheel. Also not sure about the cruise control will have to check. This is a quick car, standard power is 250 bhp 350 nm on these cars and with the mods its poss pushing 260+ The last owner claimed it had a Ricca 310 bhp ecu fitted but I have no proof of this and I have had a 310 bhp T5 and it felt quicker than this although that had an electronic boost controller fitted. Anyway this is a well looked after classic car that is getting harder to find. I am located in Denton m34 postcode Manchester viewing is welcome May px for sports bike either straight swap or cash my way such as gsxr 750 R1 or open to offers or Dj equipment WHY but no cars
  12. Well not so much blew off rather broke off! Managed to nurture it off the road and turn the engine off as the needle was rapidly rising. Opened the bonnet and saw the pipe had come off - trouble is the outlet on the rad had sheared off leaving about half an inch to fit the pipe on. The jubilee clip on the pipe had rusted solid so couldn't re-use it (and it was still clamped to the part that had sheared off. Luckily my mate was following in the van so had my tool box at hand to try and remove the jubilee. Ended up going to a parts place in the van and buying some more clips. The existing outlet on the rad was enough to fasten a clip onto and luckily where I had stopped was able to fill a 5 litre container I keep in my car (which I'd just used to fill the washer bottle...).So far it's OK but I've not booted it and kept it under 2k revs. Never tell anyone you have never had any trouble with your car as it wil call you a liar! Trouble is I am now wary of the fact that my rad fix will break so it looks like a new/used rad is needed. Are these easy to fit? I don't fancy a whopping garage bill or is there a way of extending the outlet pipe. Oh the joys of motoring...
  13. Hi Everyone, I hope someone is able to help me with my Volvo V70 D5 as I am reaching my whit's end with what the problem could be. I've owned my Volvo for 5 years now and ownership has been a joy. Comfortable, Economical and Practical. In the past five years the only thing that I ever needed to do was to service it regularly and to change the starter motor. However, in the 3 months I have been experiencing a lot of problems with the car stalling for no reason whatsoever. The first time I noticed something wasn't quite right was during the mornings on a typically cold Scottish morning. I would start the car, select drive and set off. That initial set off from the drive was extremely hesitant. As if there was no power at all. But then in a matter of 20 meters the car would finally have power and that was the end of that. The fuel economy has dropped slightly too. The first time the car stalled happened one morning driving to work and the car's revs seemed unstable even though the accelerator pedal was at the same position. Then suddenly it stalled as if there was no fuel. I restarted the car and it was as if it was in limp mode. I managed to get the car to work in a low gear, mainly 3rd and I gave it to a mechanic nearby. He plugged a diagnostics machine and got the following readings: 2503 2501 6805 300A 2502 1300 2505 6800 The fault codes seemed to be a wide array of different sensors which I thought meant it might be the battery not holding its charge. So I decided to recharge the battery, but all seems to be fine with the battery. And because of the fuel pressure being too high and too low, I thought it was the intank fuel pump, so I had that changed and serviced the car with all the filters and fresh oil, but the problem still persisted. The final straw came as I was returning home on a dark country lane when I was with my wife and daughter. And the car decided to stall suddenly. The initial attempts to restart never worked so I gave the car a 60 second break and then tried again and it restarted but it was in limp mode and again I drove the car back in 2nd and 3rd gear. Thankful that I got home that night, I tried the next morning to restart the car and since then the car won't start now. I have cleaned out the EGR valve, but only had a small amount of deposit inside. However I am still stumped as to what it could be. Could anyone advise me as to what I should do next as I'm originally from Birmingham and have moved up to North Lanarkshire which is pretty much between Glasgow and Edinburgh and I do not know a good mechanic that I could take the car to, hence I am trying to recitfy the problem myself initially. My next point of call is possibly the injectors, MAP sensor or ECM. I would like to keep the car as long as possible, as it has been a great car. After researching online there are so many possibilities as to what it could likely be, so your experience and advice would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Adam
  14. I would describe the difference as ‘subtle but perceptible’. I would describe fitment as ‘a piece of piss’. Basically, it used to bog down a bit, smoulder and vibrate a fair bit pulling away. Now it doesn’t and (perhaps it is placebo) feels a touch pokier below 2krpm. Most interesting is that MPG seems to be creeping up slowly. Time will tell on this front. No engine warning lights came on so for 4 minutes work, far from having negative side effects, it may well have been positive.
  15. Kc51ecx 280k, secound engine at 225k 16t hybrid Water/meth, not on anymore, Green injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Limo black windows,
  16. Hi everyone. I would like to start a discussion about the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Having searched for 'MAF' there were no results. _________________ Topic:- A bit of wire missing. My Bosch MAF model is:- PBT-GF30 other numbers on the unit / 434183 / 782 08 3 A / F00C 2G2 065 So help would be appreciated around my 2005 V70 2401cc T5. There is a BSR stage 1 upgrade on her (the Snow Leopard; because she is Ice White, and I collected her in deep snow)!. Takes her from 260bhp to around 318bhp. A sports air filter; and a BSR Cat Back stainless exhaust, fitted this week. The DTCs for my vehicle are:- 0x120D Air Mass 0x121B Mass Air Flow Sensor Also:- 0x216D Long-term fuel trim, bank 1 0x212D Long-term fuel trim, bank 1 Last month I removed the MAF complete unit and cleaned it with proper MAF cleaner. Ok for a while, then the problems eased back in. i.e. On cold startup, keeps stalling; and when it does run, the revs jump up and down. Today (having sourced and bought security 5 point torx sockets), I removed just the sensor from the housing. Then noticed that there are 2 little copper looking terminals sticking up. Now on the internet I have found photos of the same unit showing a little wire running from one terminal around a post and back to the other terminal. In the middle of this wire is a very small electronics gadget, like a resistor or similar. So, on my unit that little wire and thingy was not there. Has it got sucked into the engine or what. Can I buy this little bit of wire? After cleaning I refitted it and tested it. Same problems. Then I disconnected the unit, and drove the car to ASDA, but the problems persisted. Came out of ASDA, reconnected the MAF and she was still playing up a little: then when warmed up and travelling over 30mph she was OK. Then went onto a dual carriage way; zoomed up to the national speed limit ish! ; in 3rd gear. Working fine. Came back and the engine was running fine. On Slowing, it is erratic and unpredictable.. I am a RoSPA advanced driver so safe driving aware. Help Please Smuchly appreciated. Thankyou for listening to my problems.
  17. Hello everyone, im just curious, what is the original ride height of V70 D5, measured from center to the fender ? Right now, my car is 36cm at front and 38.5(there is just 4cm space between front wheel and fender) at rear and i guess front is too low(im going to change springs and shocks soon) because compared to another V70, it was higher. I have default suspension, no nivomats or lowered springs, what are your dimensions ?
  18. I´m preparing a new suspension setup for my 850R and I noticed that the only company ofering a Adjustable top mount is Kaplhenke Racing. Any experience with them? What do you think about theirs products? Are they efective or is it just "bling"?