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**YOUR VIEWING OF THIS DOCUMENT, AND COMPLETION OF REGISTRATION IS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE.** This document may be adjusted by the administrator or webmaster at any time for any reason whatsoever, and is perpetually available for review. It is the end-user's responsibility to keep current on whatever adjustments are made to the list. Volvo & Ford Motor Company is not involved and/or associated with Volvo in any way, shape or form. The name Volvo appears on our web site for clarification purposes only. No affiliation, approval, endorsement or sponsorship by Volvo Car Corporation in any country, anywhere in the world is intended or implied, and is not in any way associated with them, or sanctioned by Volvo Car Corporation or any other company or web site. Forum Rules t5d5 aims to be a friendly community without many rules & regulations restricting members, however to maintain the friendly atmosphere we have several simple rules which we ask you abide by. 1) Cross posting Please only post the same topic in one forum, posting the same topic across multiple forums will not help increase the visibility of your post 2) Copyrighted material Copyrighted material is ineligible for inclusion on our forum unless the source is clearly stated and verified, preferably with a corresponding link to the original work. 3) Multiple Accounts You may only have one account on T5D5, unless authorised by an administrator for your wife/partner for example. If you require your log in name to be changed then please contact a forum administrator. Any member(s) who assist or attempt to assist any other "Banned Members" by setting up another account(s) for them will also have their accounts banned, also any "Banned Members" who manage to obtain a duplicate account will have their access removed immediately. 4)Accounts Once you Join the forum you are a member unless banned. All posts will remain unless breaching forum rules, If you wish to leave/stop participation in this forum Just stop posting, Under no circumstances will accounts be deleted on request as this causes problems in both management of the forums and also a member who demands their posts/accounts are deleted will "break" multiple threads that they have participated in and they shall no longer make any sense to reasonable people. Basically once an account is live it stays live. Posting Guidelines 1) Spam We have a zero tolerance policy towards spamming (Posting a link to a website for the sole purpose of driving traffic). Fly-by spamming will result in a permanent IP ban. 2) Swearing T5D5 does not operate a heavy swear filter. As such swearing should be kept to an absolute minimum and not used as personal attacks against members or staff 3) Personal Attacks Please do not attack another member personally; disputes should be sorted out privately. 4) Staff authority Staff members should be respected and a staff member's word is final. They are giving up their free time to make your experience more enjoyable. If you have a particular issue with a staff member then please contact an administrator. 5) No posting of untruths intended to damage the reputation or business of others, any such posts are the responsibility of the poster and not t5d5. All posters should only post direct provable facts as far as possible, any such poster accepts all responsibility for publishing said material or text and agrees to be the ;egal publisher. 6) No posts intended to mislead others to ones personal advantage. 7) No posting of material that WILL cause serious offence to others, the moderation teams view is final in this matter. 8) No posting links to sites plying a trade, or the viewing of, illegal material 9) No posting of personal information of others Including revealing the identity of others against their wishes, however attempting to mislead others for your own monetary or other advantage by any means will become a matter for the administration and moderation team, this may include the account being disabled and members being informed of your true identity amongst other consequences. 10) Be up front and honest. The Real "Small Print" Content Material is posted to this forum by individuals who are entirely independent of . We have no independent means of verifying that material is accurate or complete and we can therefore take no responsibility for its content. If you post material you are entirely responsible for its content, including its accuracy. You agree that you will ensure that the material you post is legal in your jurisdiction, the UK and the USA, and that it is not defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented, invasive of a person's privacy or in any other regard violates any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions, as is common practice with internet forums. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators so designated of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit. While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators, webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence they will not be held liable. will remove material if we are advised that it is illegal or defamatory; please notify by e-mail if you find any such content in these forums. Any person who feels that a posted message is objectionable or otherwisebreachesthe terms of this agreement is encouraged to contact us immediately by e-mail to You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by or you have the explicit agreement of the copyright owner. Persons or companies identified as traders, and who wish to be listed as traders agree that in return for having their own subforum and attendant advertising attached to their subforum and/or their signatures must ensure that they are capable of receiving PM messages on the board, and they are expected to be active members of the board (as such logging in at least weekly **unless there have been special arrangements made**. Such special arrangements may include such as permanently offering discounts or services to the board members (in the case of main dealers) or contributing in another way. Normal members who wish to assist other members by way of having their own subforum where those members do not directly profit from that activity (ie are employees of a firm) can apply to the administrator for permission for a section to be added. If there are clearly identified issues with a trader in terms of customer complaints or similar issues and that trader has a subforum then that subforum will be reviewed and possibly removed. Also if the trader is seen to be non active and the subforum adds little benefit or advantage for the members (and is primarily being taken advantage of as free advertising by a trader) then that subforum will be reviewed and possibly removed as will any other advertisements such as signatures. The decision of the moderators and administrators is final. Traders must accept that goods and/ or services together with the customer service experience provided to members may be subject to fair comment by the membership, be that comment positive or negative. Whilst it is the posting member's responsibility to ensure that comment is their honestly held belief it is the memberships right to freely express their views and traders are expected to use their 'right-of-reply' to address such issues as they see fit. Any trader or person who attempts to stifle free speach by threatening or taking legal action against this forum or any member thereof for publishing factual material or honestly held opinions may put themselves at risk of action by the moderation team and/ or wider membership both in terms of appropriate legal remedies, 'direct action' protest (by strictly legal means) and comment upon their actions on this forum. T5D5 promote freedom of speech on the internet and will resist any attempt to attack member's rights to such. Privacy As a user you agree to any information you have entered in connection with your use of the forums being stored in a database. While this information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for actions of other persons that may lead to the data being compromised. This forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered; they serve only to improve your viewing pleasure. Registration You may register one account for your exclusive personal use. You agree to keep your login username and password secret and not to divulge them to anyone else other than the forum administrators. You may not register an account unless you are a natural person; if you are not you must obtain explicit agreement from the webmaster before you register. Should you require more than one login per computer (for example a wife/partner who wishes to be a seperate member you should inform the administrator as soon as you have registered) E-mail The contact e-mail address you provide is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one), and for informing you of significant announcements and developments concerning the website. You may select an option to request that we do not send you e-mail; while we will normally respect that request we reserve the right to send you e-mail if we consider it necessary for the effective operation of the forums. You agree that the e-mail address you provide is controlled by you and is able to receive e-mail from us, and that you will update the e-mail address as necessary to ensure that it remains so at all times. Disclaimer, Limits of Liability The information that is provided on the web site & forum has been compiled to the best of our users abilities. However, the authors, webmaster, administrator, moderators or other contributors to these documents make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, and will not be held responsible or liable for errors or omissions resulting in any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly, or indirectly, by information contained in any publication posted by . Instruction leaflets, manuals, guides and other such associated articles where available, are provided as a guide only, and are not to be regarded as a definitive statement of how to repair, diagnose or fit any given item or system and articles are not specifically endorsed by and it does not accept responsibility for the products advertised or any information therein. Copyright Our documents may not be associated with anything which is illegal, unethical or immoral. Our documents may only be used for information purposes. Absolutely none of the artwork, pictures, board postings, and/or informational text may be used, whether in standard or modified format, by any forum, individual(s) and/or company engaged in the business of selling, repairing or tuning cars or accessories - WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE WEBMASTER. **YOUR USE OF THIS FORUM AS GUEST OR MEMBER, SPECIFIC VIEWING OF THIS DOCUMENT OR REGISTRATION, IS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS.**