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v70r problems

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ok my p1 v70r awd


, propshaft rattling can i fit just any awd p1 propshaft


its on it secound power steering pump in 3 months the pump is very eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwerwwwwwwwer and heavy any ideas why it done a secound brand new pump they wont change it under warranty

cheers craig

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The props are different depending up on the VIN of the car.

Also on the pump did you fit it or a garage ,if you did did you flush the oil a few times?

If a garage did it go back and say "Fix it", on the other hand if you did the work and the oil is not nice and clean

a lot of suplyers state in there terms that you must the have system flushed before fitting the new pump , in case

any bits from the old one damage the new pump.

That said there are a lot of poor qulity replacment pumps about.

Try beeing a bit firmer, mention trading standards, but if the oil is black you probley will not get far.

Regards Rogerb

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