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1 seat, 2 wings, 3 exhausts, 4 glasses, 5 people and 6 doors!

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A few years ago Foggyjames recieved a message from on of the senior members of the German DAF Owners Club asking about importing a right hand drive DAF as he didn't have one in his collection. This set the stage for several trips to Ze Fatherland to deliver (so far) 3 cars, lots of parts and a few social visits. thus in the latter part of 2010 when the question was asked "Isn't it about time we did another Euro trip?" it was decided that we'd pay another visit to Germany. Benny was contacted and he mentioned a DAF Club meet in his village on the 28th of December - we had the basis of a plan! Over the next few weeks it was also mentioned that Chris had a car seat to be sold to some European Volvo nut in Belgium and it was worked out that we could most likely deliver this en-route. Benny also wanted a stainless steel exhaust for his Volvo 240 and the cheapest he could find was in the Uk so could we please bring that with us? I decided to jump on the parts bandwagon having found out that new front wings for my Mercedes were £80 a pair cheaper from German Dealerships so I had Benny order me a pair for me to bring back.

We now had an itinerary planned, the only question remaining was what vehicles to take. There were 6 of us planning to go (Foggy, Me, Steve Painter, Chris Cardwell, Pete Farrell and Andy Petterson) so we needed 2 cars. I wanted to take my Merc so it could have a trip back home (and a blast on the Autobahn!!) and we needed an estate to carry the parts so Foggy's V70R was chosen. However, Andy dropped out leaving us with a conundrum - 2 cars became a litle expensive, but one car wasn't quite big enough to carry 5 adults and all the luggage. We sat humming and hahing over the options when one of us had a brainwave! Why not ask Ben Mckie if he wants to come and pinch his strecth 740 funeral car?? This would fit 6 of us easily and leave a large boot and a spare seat to pile all the luggage in/on. Ben was sent a cheeky text asking if we could pinch his car and to our suprise replied in the affirmative! Having spoken to him the following day to make sure that he was serious about it and not just drunk when he sent the text we arranged insurance cover for it and duly booked it on the 14.50 Eurotunnel crossing on the 27th. Ben was unable to join us due to commitments but was still happy to allow us to borrow it - top man!

We all met up at Ben's house at 11am on the moring of the 27th and loaded up the car. This process was somewhat complicated by the fact that Foggy now had extra parts in the shape of 2 extra exhaust systems to take to Benny AND had also brought along a young lady of his acquaintance who we were supposed to drop off in Maidstone on our way past!!

Loading the car;



Driving to Folkestone;


Arrival in Folkestone was at 14.50, just as our train was meant to be leaving. Various delays on the M25 and M20 cost us the vital time needed to make check-in so we resigned ourselves to a long wait for the next available train. However Eurotunnel were running 2.5hrs late so we managed to get on our booked train, but we were still running late! We caused a few raised eyebrows when boarding due to the size of the car and it was quickly and expertly realised we wouldn't fit on the top deck due to the ramp angles so we were pulled out of our queue and put on the bottom deck, which was handy as we got to follow this gorgeous Citroen DS Decapotable;


James took over from me as the driver when we reached France which meant that the rest of us were able to relax in the back over a nice lead crystal glass of Isle of Jura single malt each! James wasn't privy to this plan and called our parentage into question........


Our overnight stop was in Leuven, Belgium where we met up with Aymat, the founder of who joined us for a few beers and a meal.

The Limo outside the Motel;


Leuven in the snow;



Chris, Rupert, Steve, Aymat, Pete;


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Packing the car the following morn;


Whilst re-packing the car it stalled. We should have taken note of this, but foolishly put it down to K-Jetronic injection not liking the cold. With cries of "It'll be fine!" and "It'll cure itself when it warms up!" we duly set off for our assignment in Born with Mark to drop off his seat. However, it soon became apparent that all was not well with the old girl - she kept miss-firing and the rev counter was dropping out every time. With hard shoulder being 5" deep in snow we decided we didn't want to fail on the motorway and felt it was best to leave the motorway ASAP and find somewhere safe to stop. We duly exited at Lummen and found a handy car park just a few 100 yards away and stopped to examine our charge. A quick check of the FPR to rule out fuel found it was ok and we decided to concentrate on the ignition side of things. Unfortunately no-one had thought to bring anything in the way of a tool-kit so armed with the Mk1 eyeball and a piece of wire we tried to test everything we could think of. This (naturally) didn't reveal anything amiss but by pooling our extensive knowledge of 740's (!) we came to the conclusion it was either the coil, the ign power stage or the Hall Sensor in the distributor.

Checking the car (and Steve watering Belgium!);



The next question was where to find such things or how to find somewhere that might diagnose the car properly. No-one had thought to take out breakdown cover ("It's a normally aspirated 740 - what can go wrong?!") so we were somewhat in a pickle being as it was a Bank Holiday. Aymat was at work and couldn't do anything, but promised to text over a list of nearby parts places so we could get a taxi to one if needed, Mark said his dad owned a garage and if we could limp the car to him (an hour away) it could be sorted, but we felt that wasn't an option as the car was nearly dead by now. Benny was informed of our plight and asked if he had any ideas, but he couldn't suggest anything other than what we'd already thought of. Just then Foggy had a brainwave (took his time!!). He'd been contacted by a Belgian chap on about another matter and had exchanged phone numbers - perhaps he could help! Joris was duly phoned and informed of our predicament. "No problem." came the reply, "My mate has a recovery truck and a garage and there are 2 700's parked out back so I'll see you in 40 minutes!"

40 Minutes later this came to the recue;




Due to it only having 3 seats in the cab Pete, Steve and Foggy were forced to ride in the car, a tad illegal but there was no other viable option;



Back at the garage the car was unloaded;



The 700's round the back were raided firstly for the coil and power stage. A few minutes later the dulcit tones of a fully working coil were heard and we were back in business - hurrah!! After a quick look at Joris' project car, a lovely 242 turbo and loo visit we were on our way again. Joris had refused to accept anything for his time and trouble (and fuel for the truck and the purchase of a coil) but we forced some Euros into his hand and departed for Born. A quick stop to see Mark and deliver his seat and we were off to Germany;


We finally made it to Westenfeld (in Sauerland) where Benny has his storage unit and the location of the DAF meet at about 6.30pm, just as the meet was finishing! Luckily though most people there were heading off for a meal in a nearby pub so after saying 'hello' and a brief relax we headed off to our B&B at the delightfull Pension Pott in Endorferhutte to dump our bags, book in and freshen up. Having eaten very little during the day the meal of Chicken broth, roulade und schnitzel went down a treat along with a few local beers to wash it down. Foggy took the opportunity to show the car off to the DAF fans as they were very interested in it;



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Day 3

The next day revealed the splendour of Pension Pott's location in all its winter glory, along with a very iced up 740;





We headed off to meet Benny for Kafe und Kuchen at 11 and to discuss the plan for the day. Benny mentioned that there was winter sports resort nearby which got Chris all excited so we agreed to meet up there at 2.30 for the pruposes of throwing ourselves down a mountain in one form or another. In the meantinme as neither Chris nor Steve had seen much of the local area before we headed off for a local tour including a visit to the Sorpe Dam, a local beauty spot and famous (to Brits) as one of the Dambusters targets.

After parking the car in the nearby car park we headed off to the dam, but got distracted by various childrens playthings on the way, slides, see-saws, springy things etc;













There was also this bizzarre but fun exercise affair which had to be played with too, much to the amusement of the local ducks;





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Day 3 continued

During our stroll along the dam a snowball fight broke out revealing that Steve has the accuracy of a US Bomber, Pete doesn't like his camera getting covered in snow and Foggy has a secret evil streak;









We then headed off to the winter sports resort where we had a late lunch and discussed who was doing what. Chris was all in favour of strapping two planks of wood to his feet and hurtling down a mountain so he duly set off with the aim of hiring the neccessary equipment. He came back bubbling over with excitement as it had only cost €27 to hire skis, poles, boots and a lift pass for the afternoon. The rest of us left him to it as we'd decided that breaking a leg (or worse) was not in our plans for the day so we hired woodedn sledges for €5 each and threw ourselves down the mountain that way instead. Benny and his wife and daughter joined us for an afternoon of merriment interspersed with breaks for restorative Gluhwein and when Chris had finished attempting to injure himself in a myriad of ways we retired for a hot chocolate. Unfortunately due to the nature of the afternoon most of the cameras were left in the car so all we have is a few camera phone pics of the proceedings;




Somewhere in here is a Chris;


We then headed back to the B&B to freshen up before joining Benny and his family for dinner. Post dinner relaxation comprised a trip over to Benny's unit with the aim of staring at DAFs and their component parts and handing over the exhausts and collecting the new wings for my Merc;





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Day 4

The following day saw a leisurely breakfast and then it was time to bade farewell to Germany, load up with crates of local beer and head for home. An uneventful trip saw us back at Sangatte in time for our train and we made it back to Ben Mckies house at about 7pm. Foggy and Chris headed off to Lincoln and Southampton respectively and I dropped Pete off near Thame and Steve in Birmingham before finally arriving home at about 11pm.

All in all a superb trip and one of the best so far.

Thanks are due especially to Ben Mckie for the loan of the Limo and to Joris for his incredible help in fixing it!!

That's all folks!

Apparently I've added too many pics to allow for day 4, but to be honest there's nothing that stunning pic wise!

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Superb write up!!! Looks like you had a great trip!!!

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That looks like a nuts road trip, not to mention the classic breakdown :)

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Excellent write up, looks like great fun was had by all!!! :D

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Thanks for the write up. Had to chuckle at the breakdown and is nice to know there are so many helpful people out there.

Great trip. :D.

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Christ we were lucky...that was nearly a job for a hire car and a rescue trip a couple of weeks later when equipped with a box of parts!

Epic trip. Thanks for sharing it, guys :)



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So Rupert you will have no excuse for not having the wings fitted next time I see the panzerwagon.

Well done on the trip , almost done in TB fashon ,if the car was not so good.

Glad you all had fun.

Regards Rogerb

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