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Tdo4hl 19T or gt2871r

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Ahoj.Mam question. me finally ran out forged connecting rods from ARD on my S70 T5. shortly before replacing it. I want to buy larger turbo. currently using tdo4hl 16T. I would use tdo4hl 19 tons, or Garret gt2871r. What better choice? What is everything in the assembly Garret gt2871r? In my car landscaping forged connecting rods ARD


Cam from 2.5 20v

The head gasket S60R

INJECTION green 465cc

Lightened crank pulley ARD

Walbro 265 fuel pump

Ignition Wire IPD

Spool IPD

Phenolic IPD

Intercooler Snaab

Snaab intake pipes

Reconducting Viva performance

Blow off HKS

JR opti flow

TCV AC Delco

S60R manifold

3 "downpipe

2.5 "BSR

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The MAF to turbo will need altering as the Garrett intake is larger.


An adaptor is required to mount the turbine housing the your exhaust manifold.


An actuator needs mounting to the turbo.


Your DP needs altering to fit on to your chosen discharge housing.


You will need a new turbo oil feed hose.


Both turbo water lines.


Drill the turbo oil return pipes flange bolt holes out to 8mm.


Changing the Garrett plastic bearing cages for metal ones is very wise as they tend to fail if you switch the car off when it's hot!


Some like to run an oil flow restrictor but these have been known to cause multiple turbo failures, I've ran without one for the last 7 years on my GT2871R.



Green injectors are not big enough to exploit the Garrett, I use Astra VXR injectors for cars with either a 19T or mine. You will NOT need bigger than VXR's for 400BHP. If I run about 420BHP with an AFR 11.8 I can still richen it up to be in the 10s.

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