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Turbo problems

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My 1998 V70R auto has a 16T turbo, that has a damaged compressor where a previous owner has dropped something in to it when running. Or left a bolt or something fall in it then started the car.

It engine runs ok and does not smoke.

I also have a 18T that I got as part of my manual swap kit, but I was told that it smokes.

Can I take the compressor and housing off it and fit it to the 16T or is the centre part it fits to different as well?

Or do I need to get a full rebuild on the 18T?

I did ask on VPCUK but no one could answer.

Also I have read that fitting the cross bar from a tow bar can stiffen the back end up , or is this not really noticeable? The front end is having a C70 convertible subframe and under brace on it , and also has a Volvo strut brace.

I ask this as I have a spare tow bar , and the back end is stripped at the moment for replacement bumper bracelets.

Regards Roger.


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The exhaust housings will be compatible and the core will be the same with the exception of the compressor wheel, so you'll need the 18t compressor housing to use with the wheel.

They're easy to rebuild using a superback repair/rebuild kit but it's worthwhile getting it rebalanced.

Pete (dooby) did a good write up here:

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