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D4 5cly in Mebourne - No PoleStar tune :-(

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Hi Guys,

New to the forum and looking for some advice, have recently purchased a V60 D4 Luxury here in Oz, its the 5 cly 2.0 engine with 120kw(163bhp) auto box - it goes ok and love the sound but looking for just that bit more.

Very limited on tuning options here (not like the UK) have found a company called VP tuning who offer MTE ECU upgrades and another company Swedish Prestige who offer BSR(but have to send my ECU away for unlocking?)confirmed with PoleStar directly there is no tune from them for a "88" code engine?

Any advice would be of great assistance - understand the final choice is mine just looking for good feedback on both BSR and MTE.


Daz - (Ex pom from Leicester)



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MTE every time.

You can do a search on this forum (I did for about 6 months trawling the net) to see what people have to say.  Overall MTE has a strong reputation on this forums for the quality of its maps not breaking the car but just enhancing it.

FWIW, I also went for the MTE remap on the S70R automatic.  It's torque limited in 1st gear, which is nice as its bloody fast enough there but, then once its in 2nd there's a lovely build up of added performance (not like an on/off switch), that still allows the S70R to be driven with accuracy through and out of corners with the enhanced performance being delivered how it should be. Also I understand that the MTE maps don't stress your existing components.

My S70R had about 117,000 miles when the map was done and now its on around 140,000 miles and no issues.

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Im not sure you will find a recomendation for BSR on here tbh


my V70 D5 has been on its MTE map for years now and i love it, it made the car drive the way it should have from volvo particularly with the auto gearbox on the moterway it used to kick down every time you accelerated and rev its head off which was pointless on a derv but woth the map it just uses the extra umph to get you going rather then kicking down

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