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850r news from Yorkshire

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Hi, this is my recently acquired 850r.

I bought it on my brothers recommendation after he told me it had been looked after.
Went to view at night and it was clear it hadn't been as well looked after as I'd hoped. Pink paint a plenty, grubby interior and didn't look like it had been washed in a while!
Anyway, I still bought it! Got it back home and gave it an initial wash. The car was pretty straight, with a few minor blemishes on the bumpers but not too bad. These wet shots help mask the pink paint!
So far, I've only managed to do the bonnet and the rear spoiler with the DA but the results have been encouraging.
Bonnet finished 
The real problem has been this;
I hate oil leaks! Checked all the usual leak spots and seems ok. Apparently this car has had a pcv 'mod' so going to in mod this and see if it makes a difference! Got the parts from parts for volvos all ready to go!
The car also came with a set of Volans which needed a refurb. Sent these into my local powder coaters to then wake upto this!
Three of the four Volans nicked and now probably smelted!
Couple of shots when gul owner Craig came around to try and help trace the oil leak.
Fitted the black grill too.
That's about it for now. Cambelt is getting swapped as well. If the oil leak can be found this will be a nice little motor! Just hope it can be traced and stopped!
Couple of my other volvos.....
Volvo 340 with 16v conversion on bike carbs;
Volvo 940 2.3 HPT
*****edit - I see after spending half my life uploading pictures to Photobucket that it appears this hadn't worked! My apologies and a mod please feel free to delete this thread. Thanks.*****
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Photo fuck up

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Hello and  Welcome

I think its img code you need to copy don't worry a few people do the same thing every now and again.

Thats quite a list of Volvo's there!

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Just copy the img straight to the reply box, dont insert link!

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