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S60 or XC90 sport sterring wheel

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Has anyone got a steering wheel from a 2007-8 S60 sport? Black, three spoke with the little silver inlay in the bottom. Preferably with airbag and must have satnav controls. Found on higher spec 2007-10 XC90s I think too, but I can't currently find one breaking. After a bit of poking around on the net I've found they're (99% sure) interchangeable with my '06 V70 which has the almost identical wheel to a 2005 volvo/scania bus. lol want rid of it for something nicer! Never liked the standard V70 steering wheels. 

Also after the two Black (not dark grey) steering column cover panels for S60/V70 if anyone has those.


And a pair of S60/V70R interior front door handles. Not sure about colour option on those tbh just let me know what you've got

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