2005 S60R for sale, sonic blue, nordkap, manual

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With regret, I've decided it might be time for me to sell the S60.

I have an expensive year ahead and a more economical car might be in order. Also, I'll be getting my track fix in abundance this year and it won't be in the Volvo - so I don't really need something like this right now.

I will sell this car for £6000. I *might* entertain a part exchange with a V70 D5 (manual or auto), 163, that has been well maintained.

I've tried to tell the story of the car below, but I have no doubt that I'll have missed something. If I remember anything I'll add it on later.

My 'project' thread tells the story of the car in my ownership, that thread is here :

I have nothing to hide as far as this car goes, and I'm happy to answer any questions.

So, off the top of my head.......

2006 model year S60R, first registered 14th November 2005

Sonic Blue, Nordkap leather, manual gearbox

MOT expiry 13th October 2017

Current mileage approximately 128k

Owned by me since December 2014. One previous owner. Full Volvo dealer history until my ownership.

Current registration for MOT/history check is 769WAE, will revert to SK55CDV.

I bought this car in December 2014 from a small independent trader who mainly deals in trade in vehicles from Murray Volvo in Edinburgh. It was in excellent condition with excellent history.

In my ownership I have had the odd issue, all well documented in my project thread, but the car has wanted for nothing maintenance wise. Every issue that has arisen has been dealt with properly. This isn’t one of those sad R’s that’s never been maintained properly once it’s made it into the hands of ‘enthusiasts’. All maintenance and repair work in my ownership has been carried out by me, Tim, or a Volvo dealer.

The car is in good overall condition but is just over 11 years old with nearly 130k miles. I haven’t taken pictures just now as 1) you all know what it looks like, and 2) its winter and the car is filthy and still on it’s winter wheels. I’ll have the car professionally detailed prior to sale and it will be on the summer wheels – 17” genuine pegs fitted with Yokohama AD08R sticky tyres.

Apart from maintenance the car has been modified as follows;

MTE Stage 2 remap

Block shimmed

D5 oil cooler

VXR injectors

Do88 intake pipe

Full custom exhaust from turbo back with sports cat

Powerflex top engine mount

Powerflex ‘strut brace’ bushes

Powerflex front wishbone forward bushes

Sponge subframe inserts

Motul RBF600 brake fluid

Carbotech XP10 front & XP8 rear pads

Genuine Volvo rear side window blinds & rear screen roller blind


I’ll try to list the work done in chronological order;


January 2015              Block shimmed, spark plugs, expansion bottle & cap, front & rear  discs, rear shoes, TCV, D5 oil cooler, top PCV hose, oil & filter change, wheel alignment


February 2015            Bosch S4 battery (D5 spec)


April 2015                   Wheels powder coated

                                    Air con recharged

                                    Haldex fluid & filter changed

                                    Rear diff fluid changed

                                    Angle gear fluid changed

                                    Fuel filter changed

                                    MTE map applied

June 2015                   2 VVT pulleys replaced along with cam seals & gaskets

November 2015          Oil & filter change

December 2015          Rear windscreen replaced

April 2016                   Do88 intake hose fitted

May 2016                    Upper engine mount replaced

                                   Non return valves changed in PCV

June 2016                   AD08R 235/45/17 tyres fitted @ 123,421 miles

                                   Water pump replaced with genuine parts @ City Motors

August 2016               Carbotech XP10 front pads fitted

                                   Brake fluid changed to RBF600

                                   Track rod end changed

                                   Gear oil changed

                                   Oil & filter change

September 2016         4 wheel alignment

                                   New angle gear & collar

                                   New angle gear oil

                                   New TCV

I have various spare parts which will go with the car;

Spare DMS cartridge and dock (digital jukebox)

Full set of new genuine brake discs

Fuel pressure sensor

Original green injectors – professionally refurbished

Original downpipe/cat

Various brake pad sets

MTE softloader

Genuine hard boot floor cover









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errrr ring trip????

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errr, maybe not 🙁

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Tim has been kind enough to say he's happy to confirm all work he's done on the car. I don't expect him to offer any warranty or guarantee but I do expect him to be honest about me and the car. As said already, I have nothing to hide. 

I'll entertain offers, but I'll also feel free to let you know if it's an insulting offer :D

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I don't usually comment on sale threads unless I feel they are dishonest, for this car I will make an exception. 


I first saw the car in Jan 2015 for a Block Shim, service and check over. I was very impressed with the condition of the car, mechanically it was A1 showing none of the normal signs of mileage related wear to the steering rack, driveshafts, engine mounts or even rear suspension. This translated to quite an odd drive for a standard S60R in that there was no suspension crashing at all, the precise steering made the rear of the car go where expected it to (rare for an R). I still remember driving Nick back to the Airport in it and running in the ruts in the first lane of the motorway to demonstrate that it goes exactly where you expect it to, I don't think he was as enthusiastic about that as I... I feel it drove more like a 40-50k car than one that had done over 100k.


After doing the Block Shim and other planned work (D5 oil cooler, discs and pads and spark plugs ect) the only other things I could find that it would benefit from changing were the coolant bottle as they look nice with a new one (sorry), TCV as the boost on part throttle when cold was slightly more aggressive than it should be and the rubber cap off the top of the main bolt for the top engine mount, these were changed, some to Nicks amusement. To give an idea of the difference between this car and most of the Rs I see this one I felt could benefit from about £100 of parts which it had, in most cases the parts list alone comes to about £3500-4000.


I feel Nick's painfully honest with his cars and doesn't ignore any issues or hope any thing that comes up might be a "one off". A good read through his thread about it will give the clearest, honest warts and all insight in to the car I think you could ever want. The car's never broke down, when it's had issues where it was no longer driven it was due to Nick asking my guidance on the matters, these being VVT hubs. One was changed in the car park at Castle Combe and another caused a slightly longer delay in that I didn't have any with me in Germany so he arranged recovery of the car back home for me to change it. After that there were no more VVT problems and once timed up they both ran less than 2 degrees adaption (3.5-6 is normal).


I feel this is a very good accident free car with no defects that's been cared for money no object. I will stand by all the work I have done on this car and would be very happy to see it again.  

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I've taken some pictures of the car today, I'll post them up below. It cleans up well but it's not without the odd blemish - expected of a car of this age & mileage.

The wheels and tyres that are on the car in the pictures are my winter set. I intend to keep these in case I end up with a V70D5 that I can use them on.

The wheels that will be on the car are pictured separately below. They're in good overall condition, one has minor kerb rash. The tyres are Yokohama AD08R and have between 5 and 8mm tread. The left hand tyres are probably a bit more worn due to the car seeing some action on clockwise circuits.

I have been asked how much power the car has. It's never been on a dyno so I don't know, but the estimate from the TW bum dyno is 340 - 350 hp.

As always, please ask any questions and I'll answer as quickly and honestly as I can.


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I should also add that I have a spare R space saver that can go with the car - as well as the one in the car.

The dashboard phone cradle is a Brodit item for an HTC one M8. I can leave this in the car or remove it, it doesn't matter to me either way. I think it would be possible to adapt a Brodit cradle for another device to use the existing power supply - that was certainly my plan come upgrade time. It might also be worth leaving the power supply in there if a 5V supply was needed for, say, a dashcam.

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Provisionally sold :(

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That's the car off to its new owner :(

I hope very much that it gives good service and I'm sure it'll be looked after properly. 


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