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Farecla G3 Clay Mitt

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The Silver C70 hasn't been used much and over several months of just giving it a routine wash, was bloody hard work and the body definitely needed claying.  I really couldn't be bothered with the time and effort needed with a clay bar unless I'm doing to a full detail so pondered over a clay mitt for a few months seeing online reviews etc. and then decided to give the Farecla G3 Mitt a go, with a being a branded reputable product.





Got mine from Amazon, no issues.  Everyone does it their own way and mine is below;

1. Wash car (2 buckets, Meguairs Gold Class)

2. Rinse

3. Refill wash bucket with fresh water and Gold Class

4. Go over the car with the G3 Clay Mitt (working it in straight lines and no pressure)

5. Rinse

6. Quick final wash using 2 bucket method and a lambs wool mitt.


The silver car needed claying quite badly and thus required about 4 - 5 passes on the worst/common areas until I could hear smoothness.  Despite this, I probably averaged about 1 panel every 1 min 30 seconds whilst still taking it easy.  The mitt allows for longer strokes and greater surface area being covered with each pass, so it is a quick and effective way of claying and great for routine maintenance.  Also as you slip your hand inside it, there's no risk of it dropping on the floor (unless your a clumsy so and so).  The end result was that I was happy the body was baby butt smooth, allowing for effortlessly applying a quick layer of wax.  (Its not a detail, just thorough wash and some protection).  A finish that I've not seen on the silver C70 for quite some time with good clarity on the reflections and impressively smooth on the touch.


If doing a full on detail, then I'd still prefer to use the clay bar (or even mix the 2 using the Mitt first), especially for the tricky areas but, this clay mitt is great for routinely maintaining good paint work offering a fast and effective way to clay your car.  9/10!

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