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Volvo C30 T5 remap

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So I own a 2008 c30 t5 (b5254t7 I believe) and have been slowly adding bits to it to get it ready for a map over the last year or so. The time has finally come to get it mapped but I am struggling as to where to take it. I've seen plenty of places offering generic maps but I really want to avoid this route and get a custom rolling road map as the car is modified and I want to safely get as much power out of the engine. The only decent option I have seen so far is dreamscience. Has anyone had any experience with these? I see they do a lot with the st's and they seem to know their stuff but I live in a stoke so they are a few hours away and I'm just weighing up my options at the moment.

Current mods I have at the moment:
K&N typhoon induction with hardpipe kit
AS performance alloy inlet plenum
AS ported and polished inlet manifold
Forge recirc valve
Forge wastegate actuator
Elevate tcv
Do88 intercooler with hardpipe kit
Jetex cat back
AP coilovers
Elevate torque mount
(currently running about.8 bar of boost)

If anyone has experience with mapping this engine what other mods would you recommend? I.e. Focus RS injectors, uprated fuel pump etc.

Also when I get the car mapped I will be fitting a 3" downpipe and a 2.75" decat, however, the cat back is 2.5". Does anyone know if this will cause flow problems or anything? (I cant find any smaller diameter downpipes)

Any information or help anyone can provided will be greatly appreciated!

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The usual recommendation is Shark Performance, waiting list was 6 weeks when I last checked but would be worth a phone call

I assume you have had the 'block mod'?


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hello Ryan thanks for the response.

I have heard plenty of good things about shark but do they do rolling road custom maps where i can visit them and have them done or are they just all plug and play style generic ones?

I've not had the block mod done from the research I've done on this the general view seems to be around 300hp is safe as it is the later version of the block and anything around 320 and above is dangerous territory. Would you agree with this?



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I do keep in stock Ferrita's Swedish made d'pipe with 100cel cat.

You can find that here on my website:  the prices shown include VAT and overnight delivery by TNT,

I can also offer you MTE's well received, Swedish written software calibrations which will give you outputs of 280bhp with 430nm of torque in stage 3 form.. Their calibrations have been resolved through extensive work on their Rototest hub dyno and much road work. MTE's stage 3 software requires a full change of the exhaust system and a good quality intercooler.... nothing else. The intercooler does not increase engine output, more  it really acts to prevent the very clever ECU invoking its component protection protocols by pulling back on output targets when it senses increasing temperatures and pressures.

You certainly do not need to change the standard injectors unless you later fit the turbo from a Focus RS, then you will also need a different in tank fuel pump as .  The standard turbo can be reworked by a good outfit like Owen Developments and will give a shade over 300bhp  with standard injectors and software calibrations to suit. You do not need to change the TCV, waste gate actuator or recirc. valve for good software to work properly, in fact you would need to remove these items to ensure getting the full beans with MTE's calibrations.  These items in the main fulfil only one purpose.... to remove money from your wallet, they do not work as well as the standard items... even if you were to have the standard turbo reworked.  With an RS turbocharger  you get the appropriate TCV and wastegate actuator included, you can aim for 350bhp plus with that RS/KKK turbo.

You should be safe without the 'block mod' up to 300bhp or so.... BUT well written software is the key, the history of splitting blocks with these engines is most often down to poor software calibrations.

Volvo never, ever changed the block in their smaller 'T5' engines and the identical old 5 pot STs. That further modification was only ever incorporated in the 5 pot RS engine.

The MTE software presently costs £355 and you install it yourself in a process involving firstly taking an initial read out that you send to me for onward transmission to MTE in Stockholm, You do this  by using MTE;s  unique Softloader device as an interface between your car's OBD port and an XP equipped or compatible laptop: you use that set-up to subsequently flash in MTE's fresh  vehicle specific calibrations whne I send them on to you.


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