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New North Yorks member's 850R

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Having been a lurking member since 2011 it's probably polite to say hello, right? :D 

I've had a few 850s over the years, but badly missed an R that I sold in 2014. At the time, 700 miles a week made it very difficult to justify (and fuel!). However, times change and I've been looking for another for a little while. A couple of months after initial negotiations begun I received an email from the seller and ended up buying this for a knockdown price that I couldn't refuse. Now trying to see how far I can get titivating while keeping the total low(ish)...
Obligatory 'fill up' pic before the 260-mile dash from Suffolk to my in-law's birthday in North Yorkshire last year.
I had to make time so can confirm it pulls really well, better than my old R, and drove really nicely with the exception of what felt like slightly iffy tracking (suspicions have since been proved correct; 4-wheel alignment is always a £25 well spent!). It’s come with a great pile of history and mechanically it’s been really well kept, but my GOD was it dirty on the outside!
Still, I’d much rather buy a well-kept but grubby car than a glittery turd, and polishing is much less likely to lead to sweary blood-soaked afternoons than oily enforced maintenance, rounded nuts and rusty bolts.
A good wash and scrub made a world of difference, and a 5 minute polish of the bonnet has also shown signs of encouragement.
Since then I've covered a good few thousand (mostly high speed) miles with absolutely no problems. Little things like new headlight wiper arms have been fitted, the rattly rear hatch cured and remote central locking fixed. Being an 850, obviously the odomoter gears had failed so that I was a fun, fiddly fix. 
Then I had a real score, picking up a remapped ECU for an auto R, again for a bargain price. The mid-range is comical now, mountains of torque and boosts hard all the way through the rev range.
Poor tracking meant the Contis were unfortunately shot, so it's also been treated to new tyres. I had a good poke around while it was up on the lift and was delighted to find that the nivomats have lost their newness. Great justification for ordering coilovers...
Matching tyres means matching wheels (and North York Moors road dirt...).


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Welcome along


looks like youve got things well in hand with that motor keep us updated

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Welcome! I do love a good build thread. Fantastic work. But do tell us, what is next?





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