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New to Whiteblocks- a few questions, if you don't mind.

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Hi all.

I'm not new to Volvos or modifying, but this is my first venture into Whiteblock tuning, so thought this might be a better place to start than TB.

I've just bought a B5234T3 as the basis for my budget build (2001/2002, I think). It will eventually be going in my 1992 245.

Budget is tighter than a gnat's chuff, so things are going to be done bit by bit, as I can afford them. The engine will be getting aftermarket rods, but keeping stock pistons. I shall be making a header myself (fabricating stuff makes me happy), and using an HX35 or similar to provide boost. I already have one of those huge Ebay Evo intercoolers. Injectors will be sized accordingly, and MSII will take care of the engine management duties.

I want to get rid of the VVT, but am not sure on my options: is it possible to use a spare intake cam as an exhaust cam? If not, at what position do I lock the original exhaust cam in? Surely the cam as at it's maximum "variable" at highest rpm?

I also have a head from an early GLT (92-94), which I'm told is a "big port" head, but I can't any info out there in cyberspace on it, making me wonder if such a head exists at all. Would this head (with N/A cams) flow better than the later head, or not? I'll measure port volumes when I get the chance.

What are my boost limits on stock pistons?

Do I need to shim the block?

Is it worth going to the trouble of fabbing an intake manifold, or is the ME7 one okay? I don't currently have alloy welding facilities, so hopefully won't have to build one!

I appreciate that some (or possibly all) of these questions will have been asked before, but I've not been able to find them. I've also probably missed lots of more pertinent questions.

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Don't all rush to reply at once, will you? :(

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Tbh i cant really give you much advice but il take some wild stabs in the dark to maybe get the ball rolling - the properly trendy thing to do with the block is to shim it bore it out to a 2.5litre and run that afaik the stadard 2.5 pistons and rods will be more then up to any turbo you want to run


I think the me7 head will flow better then an 850 one but an 850 head doesnt have vvt so potentially an 850 exhaust pully and NA 850 cams (slightly higher lift then standard T5 ones) will be what you want 


ive seen an 850 make 450hp on stock intake and exhaust manifolds so imo they are fine

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