Non-UK V70 D5 joined your fleet

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Hi to all!

I am another proud owner of Volvo V70 D5 of 2002 that serves me well. Like most of you here I am too in search of some answers.

Recently had a successful re-map at local chip tuning workshop. We hit 160kW and 442Nm on purely stock car. And now it is time to upgrade DMF and clutch kit (for obvious reasons).

Hope you guys have more knowledge about it and will be able to enlighten me.

P.s. in case some one will be interested in not lowering this type of wagon, but making it more off-road usable I will share my experience with drawings, pics and explanations :)

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Welcome along to T5D5. Have a read of the previous topics. You are not alone, I was one of many others who went down that route.

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