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XC90 D5 Exec / V70 2.4 S / V70 2.5T SE AWD

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I thought I'd put up some pics of my fairly vanilla recent Volvo history. If anyone has a passion for the slightly ordinary then you're in the right place.

First up, my XC90. Leased new in June 2014 and one of the last RHD built.




Then the cheap '03 V70 2.4 S I got as a family wagon. Not very quick, low spec, velour seats, good 10 yard car. Something clicked, fell in love with it and pinched it off my wife as often as possible.




Now the '05 2.5T This was bought for no other reason than I liked the look of it and managed to convince my wife it would be good to have such a family orientated second car. Actually, I'm saying I convinced her but I think really we all know that they're not really listening and if it keeps me out of trouble it's a price worth paying.






Couldn't find a picture of the phone on a curly wire but it's got one of those too :D

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